Cosmetic massage

Cosmetic massage is used to restore the status and functions of the skin, remove the surface of the defective areas. It comprises on the preventive and therapeutic massage. Classical massage at home Kiev
Cosmetic massage service:
full session 1 hour 1400 hryvnia.


Objective examination using cosmetic procedures massage at home Kiev I start directly with the general examination. Sometimes a glance is enough already to assumptions about the nature of the disease and some vegetable raw materials for cosmetic procedures massage Kiev best fit. Also you can choose one of the procedures: facial, decollete or general.

Cosmetic massage in Kiev is used for:

  •  enhance the mood of vitality;
  •  amplification, and energizing power of the endocrine glands;
  •  restore the body's defenses;
  •  reflex effect on the internal organs of the body and brings relief;
  •  weight loss, reduced waist;
  •  recovery of locomotor system;
  •  normalizes biologically important areas of the body;
  •  by toning the digestive system, reduces the amount of subcutaneous fat;
  •  activates the whole nervous system;
  •  thanks to the energetic recovery of blood circulation, improves the appearance and restores youthful person;
  • good effect on the human condition, activates the processes of rejuvenation.

Cosmetic massage is a set of smooth and gentle (unlike sports massage) methods and means of mechanical action on certain areas of the body. It not only helps to restore the functions of the various organs and systems, but also affects the whole body, strengthens its protective response.
Physiological characteristics of the impact of this type of massage on the body manifold. Primarily due to the mechanical action on the venous and lymphatic vessels it improves blood and lymph circulation, which helps normalize the metabolism and has a positive effect on the trophic affected muscles. In addition, this procedure has the neuro-reflex action. Irritation of nerve endings in the muscles during this massage has not only a direct effect on the muscle, but also transmitted to the brain, causing the excitation or inhibition of certain areas of the cortex of the brain. No less profound influence facial massage at home and Kiev has the peripheral nervous system, especially in its neuro-muscular system. It improves nerve conduction, muscle reduces fatigue, reduces or eliminates pain.
Depending on the method of massage beauticians dominates a particular mechanism of action, but its general physiological essence remains the same.

Cosmetic classic massage at home in Kiev recommended where necessary to affect congestion, strengthen the processes of absorption, accelerate blood and lymph circulation, improve tissue trophism, activate the neuromuscular system to remove excess muscle tension or improve muscle tone.

There are contraindications to the use of cosmetic massage. First of all, it's a variety of diseases of the skin (especially in the acute stage), inflammation of the lymphatic vessels or veins, mechanical damage of the skin, acute febrile illness, psychosis and mental disorders, and others.

After the facial massage at home in Kiev, the patient should rest for 10-15 minutes in a relaxed position on the back, for more effective recovery of the body.

Order priyatanuyu this procedure to their home and will always be cheerful and beautiful!