Educational seminars and practice

I present you the training workshops and individual sessions on osteopathy, chiropractic and chiropractic visceral in Kiev. Students will be invited to explore the classic and advanced techniques and biodynamic cranial therapy, kinesiology diagnostics and yumeiho correction, as well as to expand their professional skills palpation. Educational seminars and practice in Kiev
Individual sessions 3 hours 3500 UAH
Group lessons 3 days (from 9-00 to 19-00) 10800 UAH


During seminars and trainings on osteopathy, manual therapy, therapeutic massage aesthetic, dish out the most effective methods of diagnosis and the direction that oprobyvat years of experience and his total dedication favorite cause.

With serious intentions and a desire to have enrolled on courses in Kiev can be taught different types of massage: Thai, classic, pinpoint, visceral chiropractic.

For a more local impact and influence on the key and significant dysfunction, as well as to achieve ultimate comfort and quality of non-invasive impact on the pathology of soft tissue techniques, Kiev, in the conditions of necessity had to change repeatedly proven universal osteopathic techniques on a tailor-made unique techniques.

These own work and unique methods sincerely, sincerely and freely share in their training sessions and practice on the formulation of the hands and palpation.
In other cases, to achieve moderate results and reduce pain sensitivity when working with patients, will enable the correct execution of trainees and future professionals, classical art, as well as the direction of the body biodynamic correction.

Convenient structure sequence workshops and theory courses will reduce the time to understand the meaningful material and organize their medical and sanitary practices.
Palpation skills and sensitivity valued at different times of healing therapy and visceral osteopathy.
On the possession of this ability and its development spend a huge amount of time specialists and therapists Kiev visceral different categories. After all, they have long been clearly grasped that the stumbling block to the successful treatment of recurrent and without a correct statement of the diagnosis and identification of the key root causes of violations of the entire unit.

Studying osteopathy and chiropractic, provided a perfect study material taught and homework, regardless of whether you are a doctor or a novice therapist, instructor of fitness:

  •     to increase the level of professional care to their patients in the shortest possible time and in different circumstances;
  •     improve the quality of life and perception of your patients in chronic and acute period of the disease;
  •     change attitude of relatives and patients to you as a professional person who knows his business;
  •     increase self-respect and motivation to continuous improvement, efficiency and understanding of the diagnostic process and treatment;
  •     decent pay for carrying out the procedures of manual therapy and osteopathy;
  •     expansion options opening of private medical activity;
  •     individual adjustment to treatment programs and training for specific injuries and diseases;
  •     harmonic elimination of patients from depressed and sad states: dissatisfaction with life, fear, anger, sadness and depression.
An important component of the workshops (training) training skills receptor is the presence of a mentor who will be able to check and correct diagnosis you put in the tissue and structural changes. But, at the same time, we must always remember no one cancels the way of self-improvement and constant work on themselves, on their knowledge and errors. After the blessing, above all for the doctor when his work brings benefit and joy to people.
Such seemingly simple, tried and tested many years of experience sensitivity properties is indispensable and is directly proportional impact on the quality and duration of the treatment procedure, and thus directly on your health and well-being. In this case you will always have an additional motivation, desire and strength to actual learning and self-improvement.
Training in osteopathy in Kiev

To register for training courses in osteopathy, biodynamics, manual therapy, visceral chiropractic, kinesiology, and other medical techniques, please contact the above phone, possibly in time

Call us - and you are in a relatively short training periods will be able to confidently and professionally apply the tried and tested skills and knowledge in the treatment of any physical and structural violations!