Visceral chiropractic

Visceral chiropractic (abdominal massage) (method of Professor AT Ogulova, comes from the words: Viscera is internal, Hiro is the hand and practice this action) - effect on the internal organs of specific massage techniques to achieve correct functionality and correct positioning, as well as improve fluid flow near them. Through such actions, as visceral chiropractic in Kiev are metabolic and endocrine disorders, and restores the internal systems of the body.

Visceral therapy at home in Kiev
Visceral therapy session:
full session 1 hour 1400 hryvnia.


Results of treatment visceral chiropractic by Prof. A. T. Ogulova is restoration and normalization of the internal organs, relieve spasms of the muscles and fascia with that, to a large extent, affects the health of the patient, the duration and quality of his life, beauty and harmony of the body through weight reduction, normalization of the nervous system.

Purpose visceral therapy for such diseases listed:

  • hepatotoxicity, stagnation in the liver, kidney, pelvis;
  • disease of the bronchi and lungs, stomach problems;
  • cardiac disorders, various colitis and constipation;
  • malfunction of the thyroid and pancreas;
  • problems and gall bladder;
  • a variety of diseases of the veins and arteries, cholecystitis, migraine;
  • diseases of musculoskeletal system;low back pain, spondylitis, intervertebral disc pathology.

Regular treatment of the abdomen at the hands of an experienced professional Ogulovu contributes without the use of pills (ie, without any harm to our health) to restore the normal functioning of your organs, and to avoid or delay the harmful and destructive for our body effect of the disease.

Vascular and lymphatic inflammation, muscle spasm and fascia, prolapse of internal organs, as a rule, are the main reasons for the formation of destructive and destructive factors on human health. System Visceral chiropractic at home, in conjunction with back massage Kiev, safely and effectively treats it with such destructive and harmful to our body's disease. I conduct a reception in the medical center of Kiev, so patients from the Kiev region (White Church, Brovary, Bucha, Irpen, Fastov, Vasilkov, Borispol, Vishnevoe, Slavutich, Ukrainka, Yagotin, Obukhov, Boyarka, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Boguslav) will be easily reached.

Specificity Visceral therapy in Kiev is that any diseased organ is destroyed paresis of the nerve plexus and spasms of blood vessels, as a result, the source of all the pathologies is these major problems. Then, by means of enzyme and oxygen starvation, various vascular and lymphatic stagnation, disrupting the output metabolism and education in the process of this pathogen occurs the process of self-destruction of cells, and this leads to serious pathologies. So can affect internal organs, using the phenomenon of visceral therapy at home, Kiev, in reverse order, affecting the projection (ie myself) and reflexively in reverse order, stimulating or inhibiting the function of internal organs. Japanese School practicing manual massage abdomen in Ogulovu recommends gently press on the solar plexus at the time of expiration four fingers, as this is very important pressing and expiratory synchrony.

Removal of vascular and lymphatic inflammation of internal organs and tissues, improving oxygen supply through the resumption of blood flow in them by the method of prof. Ogulova visceral therapy at home kiev, normalizes their functional state, restoring the whole body without the use of, or with the use of small doses of drugs.

The authors, considering the theory and practice of visceral therapy in different planes, offering skilled manipulation of the internal organs, doctors of various specialties, healers and masseurs effective method - visceral chiropractic Kiev at home in protection which are the facts from the many thousands of cured patients of various ailments.

The greatest merit in the development of Visceral therapy belongs Kiev Ukrainian surgeon VV Bashnyaku, describe in detail the first physiological phenomena that occur in our body by direct effects on internal organs. You can not forget this fact and AT Ogulova, which initiated the development of an effective and versatile treatment system. The set of doctors who possess the visceral system chiropractic Kiev indiscriminately and massage lymphatic drainage massage at home, helped his patients restore the long-awaited health and beauty of their the body. 

It is also possible to conduct training in the clinic for various visceral influences and techniques for residents from the Kiev region (Belaya Tserkov, Brovary, Bucha, Irpen, Fastov, Vasilkov, Borispol, Vishnevoe, Obukhov, Boyarka, Pereiaslav-Khmelnitsky, Slavutich, Ukrainka, Boguslav, Yagotin).

Book this powerful system recovery, which effectively applies to my procedures and fast paced seizes appropriate place in modern medical practice.