Myofascial releasing

At the session on myofascial release, I definitely apply sequencing, as well as soft manual and osteopathic techniques, rekoil, strain-counterstrain and post-isometric relaxation. As a result of this treatment, the displaced and dysfunctional areas begin to recover, easily find their correct physiological state, the body acquires symmetry and harmony in all cycles of its functioning. For the main goal of myofascial therapy, I always believe in competent diagnosis of the achievement of the root cause of the disease and the selection of the necessary parameters for its proper treatment and recovery.

myofascial release in kiev at home
Myofascial treatment :
Full session: diagnosis, consultation, treatment (bored children and adult patients)
hour. 1400 hryvnia.


Myofascial releasing Kiev (MFR) is a painless therapeutic relaxation of organs and tissues with their subsequent integration into the whole work of the whole organism. It is a relatively new method of balancing isolated segments of the body by targeting pathological foci, fascia and triger zones (fascia - connective tissue sheath - release - relaxation).

For high-quality treatment of patients with non-recurrence of relapses on the emotional and physical level, I often use myofascial massage of trigger points on tense muscles, fibrosis tissues and tendons. With such trigger therapy, various soft tissue manipulations can unite with each other: tension, torsional effects, strain-contrastrain at home, post-isometric relaxation.

But the muscular-fascial release of Kiev and Rekoil has a significant difference from trigger massage by its targeted effect on key areas found in the process of diagnostics, and their subsequent consideration not only for structural, but also emotional and psychological correction.

Classic massage at home mainly affects the muscular and bone apparatus, and myofascial releasing, as one of the soft tissue and joint techniques, taking into account all the mentioned qualities, additionally focuses on the connective and fascial tissue, with the direct participation of the perceptual and nervous systems.
A significant difference also lies in the fact that MFR and Rekoil at home is associated in humans only with a pleasant sensation of entering the system and does not contain contraindications and age restrictions.
In the process of sequencing Kiev, I palpatorically produce gentle and light movements along soft tissues and liquid structures, leading the patient to the zone of absolute relaxation and oblivion. When finding significant restriction and restrictions that twist deep zones (fascia) around themselves and severely distort the free movement of body structures, I apply Strain Counterstrain, MET or post-isometric relaxation. These techniques are based on finding the light and static position of the segments to achieve recovery zones, followed by relaxation and an increase in their amplitude and symmetry.

Therapeutic effect of mfr:

  • absolute relaxation of intraosseous restriction, muscular system, trigger points and connective tissue;

  • elimination of spasms, muscle contractures, myofascial syndrome and puffiness;

  • restoration of blood and lymph movement;

  • depressions, oppressions and excitements are removed;

  • recovery from injuries, childhood experiences and psychological stress.

Myofascial releasing and rekoil I use when:

  • problems in the back, limbs and neck;
  • intervertebral hernia, spondylolisthesis and osteochondrosis;
  • various neuralgia, arthrosis and arthritis;
  • metabolic disorders, digestion and toxins;
  • diseases of the internal organs and hormonal systems of the body;
  • myofascial pain syndrome, hypersensitivity trigger points;
  • problems with the cardiovascular and endocrine system;
  • old emotional components that spasm muscles and tissues;
  • with various diseases of infants and babies after 1 year.

Both in the medical center and on-site, in order to determine the areas of obstruction and squeezing, I produce deep level palpation of the dysfunctional area, and after that I carefully work through and restore key areas. For deep relaxation of the muscular corset and associated fascias in these significant segments, I use a combination of soft tissue techniques and techniques - pressure, twisting, stretching, release, and post-isometric relaxation. I do these manipulations, as well as kinesiology at home, extremely painlessly, subtly, smoothly and gently, periodically tracking feedback for accurate diagnosis. Myofascial release at home in KievThe sequence and structure of the treatment of myofascial trigger massage of the patient is always individual, but in general, a stable therapeutic effect occurs already from the fourth session of myofascial therapy.

I perform the treatment with isometric relaxation of the revealed violations only after segmental balancing, deep relaxation and re-diagnosis by sequencing in Kiev.

A worthy experience has been gained and there are pleasant and grateful reviews from cured patients and their small children, toddlers.

Order soft tissue and joint techniques: myofascial therapy, strain-counterstrain, rekoil - if possible in advance and I will do everything possible so that you always feel healthy, filled with inner energy and be happy!