Gouache Massage

 With Gouache massage, it is very important to properly listen to the patient's body and trustGouache massage at home Kiev your professional experience and feelings. And then the patient will take the choice of the medical technique and the scraper variety, and inform the doctor, through his thin, but comprehensive proprioception or professional intuition, which has been accumulated over many years of experience. Therefore, in order to preserve the achieved diagnostic capabilities and further development in professional treatment, for any doctor the proprioceptive component must be an inseparable part of the constant physical and intellectual development!

Gouache Massage:
Full SessionDurationCost
Procedure 1 hour
1400 UAH.

Gouache massage is a healing technique of ancient China, repeatedly proving its effectiveness to patients suffering from a wide range of diseases, and in no way inferior in effectiveness to myofascial releasing. In translation, Gouache means "scrape all the bad and negative" from our body. For this purpose, special plates of certain materials are used to affect the reflexogenic zones throughout the body. As a consequence of this reflex treatment, a centripetal impulse is activated, which restores the proper functioning of tissues and organs, as well as their microcirculation and immunity.
The lymphatic drainage component of the Gouache massage improves the regeneration of tissues and skin at various depth levels, activates metabolic and regenerative processes, removes toxins and toxins that the body can no longer cope with. With easy open long-lost recovery resources, the body is confidently growing and flourishing. After all, thanks to these resources, our strengthened body systems will not be particularly difficult to cope with any level of stress and disease.
Technique of performing massage Gouache Kiev concludes three basic methods, and is used with scrapers of different configurations.
For the first method, called scattering, the characteristic strong and rapid effects are se-gua.
The second method of boo-gua is characterized by movements opposite to the first: slow and easy manipulations.
And for the third method pin-bu pin-se are characterized by movements taken from the first two: manipulation takes place slowly, but with a strong pressure.
In the process of such treatment, the body reacts immediately. In the localization of the pathological process hemorrhages form in the form of spots - sha, which quickly pass for several days.
So the body gets rid of the accumulated toxins and debris accumulated over many years. And for the experienced Gouache - the master, such an organism response in the form of diagnostic labels on the whole body, face, back - determines the further individual treatment of the patient.
Chinese massage Gouache is visited once or twice a week, regardless of where the manipulations were carried out, on the whole body, back or face. This period is sufficient to eliminate the appearance of bruises as a result of the scraping effect of the Gouache method. The recommended number of procedures - from ten to thirteen sessions once a year. Scraping massage Gouache at home can be influenced by the whole body, back or face.
It is very important to correctly use the scrapers in accordance with their properties and therapeutic purpose, which is very important when treating at home. For this, there are several varieties. And a competent caring doctor selects the necessary scraper for each patient by testing. Accordingly, individual methods and methods of influencing this patient are an integral part for successful and non-recurrent treatment.

Also for those wishing to conduct training seminars in Kiev, and depending on the clinical conditions, you can go to your home!

There are also contraindications to the method of Gouache:
- various dermatitis and skin rashes;Gouache massage at home Kiev- allergies, infectious and viral diseases;
- poor blood clotting, thrombocytopenia;
- non-healing wounds on the skin and an acute stage of venous diseases;
- incomplete fracture of the bone before the time of formation of the bone callus;
- second half of pregnancy;
Acute hypertension;
- alcoholic and narcotic state.

Call and order this healing Chinese massage Gouache in Kiev, not only to relieve pain symptoms and improve the quality of physical health, but also to relieve various emotional and depressive conditions.
I will zealously promote such a wonderful technique to bring you unforgettable impressions and recovery.