Osteopathy in Kharkiv

osteopathy, kinesitherapy in KharkovAs an osteopath, biodynamist, and kinesitherapist, it is very important for me in the process of treating a patient to reach a key structure and work with it, feeling and observing the changes and reorganization that are taking place. In many cases, when there is no fibrosis in the tissues, the doctor only needs to pay attention to the dysfunction or it is easy to get in touch with it, so that the process of stratification of strains starts and global changes begin at all levels of our life activity. At the same time, it is important not to impose your treatment and routine actions on the patient’s body, but only at the level of perception to listen to the insignificant manifestations of his system and be able to create a trusting contact and transparent relationships.

Reception in Kharkov:
full session: consultation, diagnosis, treatment individually selected, on average 1 hour 1400 hryvnia.

 Then the human body will be able to feel in the doctor who is treating him a reliable point of support, on which one can rely and get support, and allow the process of release from those tensions and old injuries that cause pathological disorders to the patient's system and orient his body around the fixed dominants and the offset. center of gravity.

I have a regular reception in our capital, only for a while I come to Kharkov. Therefore, when I do not invite you, residents of the Kharkiv region (Dergachi, Balakleya, Kupyansk, Raisin, Lozova, Lyubotin, Pivdennoye, Merafa, Zmiev, Barvenkovo, Krasnodar, Pervomaysky, Volchansk, Chuguev, Bohodukhov) to you to the medical center at the address given in the contacts.

Osteopathy is also carried out for pregnant mothers and children's sessions for both the infant and the child after one year.

My main specialization:

  • Osteopathy
  • Craniosacral Therapy and Biodynamics
  • Kinesiology, psychokinetic therapy
  • Children's reception, osteopathy for pregnant mothers, babies, babies.

Additional sessions that my colleagues and students can introduce:

  • Visceral Therapy (Visceral Chiropractic)
  • Manual therapy
  • Bioenergy
  • Yumeiotherapy
  • Massotherapy
  • Massage baby, baby
  • Diagnosis of key diseases, consultation

It is always necessary to give the psychodynamic system of the patient, time to adapt and process the introduced influences, which are caused by the manipulations of the kinesiologist Kiev or by the visceral therapist. During the therapeutic process, the manual therapist in Kharkiv should remember that when it affects subtle levels of physiology, no matter the pregnant mother, the infant baby, or the adult patient, the rougher continue to function and affect the overall result of osteopathy healing.

Therefore, it is not necessary to disclaim responsibility for contact and interaction with other levels and body segments dependent on them. If, at the moment of transition to the emotional level of treatment, the osteopath or kinesotherapeutist perceptively feels a vibration or another kind of rocking movements on the physical level of the patient, then it is worth going back there, improve therapeutic contact and facilitate the work of this level. Since the system often loops in it, it cannot exit and expand, and also has a pathological focus in meaningful areas of fixation.

In certain cases, it is possible to leave the doctor at home. In addition to therapeutic manipulations, advisory support is provided for both adult patients, pregnant mothers, and young children, toddlers!

The level of the heart region, according to osteopath doctor Michael Shea, is also an important aspect in bioenergy and biodynamic craniosacral therapy. Since the heart is a direct, all-unifying body of health, the whole personal life of a person is manifested in it in terms of continuous interaction with the activity of the spirit, through which the living connection of God's creation with the Breath of Life is restored. And according to the latest research of Kharkiv’s bioenergy, it is the heart zone that possesses the strongest spectra of the bioelectromagnetic field and therefore controls the brain, sending much more signals to the cortical hemispheres than it receives from there, and not vice versa, as is commonly believed before.

Therefore, a physician craniosacral therapist, especially a biodinamist, needs to interrelate with the cardiac area and introduce diagnostics and feedback on the body's responses during the treatment of the patient. This achieves a significant relief in the functioning of the damaged segments of the body, the removal of deep bioenergetic injuries at the level of unconscious presence, a deep restructuring and reorganization of the entire system at all levels of physiological existence, the transition to more global stages of support and exposure without losing contact with the patient’s physical body. And then the attending bioenergetic physician, healer or manual therapist will not be at a loss that the treatment went well and the body reacted to the manipulative effects, but nevertheless there were no significant changes, and the person who came to the session remains with the same symptoms.

I work with such disorders and diseases:

  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system: intervertebral hernia, arthrosis, arthritis;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and internal organs;
  • Violation of posture: costal hump, scoliosis, lordosis;
  • Rehabilitation after injuries, fractures, dislocations, mental disorders and stress;
  • Cardiovascular diseases, circulatory disorders and lymphatic drainage;
  • Inflammation, swelling, cramps;
  • Mental, emotional, and mental disorders;
  • Cerebral palsy, childhood neuralgia, Down's disease, epilepsy;
  • Problem pregnancy, as well as violations associated with the intrauterine and postpartum periods;
  • Accompanying pregnancy and childbirth;
  • Male and female genital diseases.

As a result of a successful osteopathic session at home, Kharkiv undergoes a profound change in both the physiological and psychological state of the patient, a powerful reboot of the bioenergy system is activated, those resources that are hidden existed, but to which a person had no access, are recruited and opened, accompanying the patient from birth.

Also, for the residents of Kharkiv region: Bogoduhov, Voroshilov, Merafhe, Balakleya, Kupyansk, Raisins, Lyubotin, Pivdenne, Serpents, Lozovaya, Barvinkove, Krasnodar, Chuguev, Pervomaisky Volchansk - are trained on craniosacral therapy psihokineziologii, biodynamics, osteopathy and visceral therapy. Therefore, all those who wish to study can pre-register, knowing in advance the time and place of the seminars!

It is very important for the patient to realize thatcraniosacral therapy and kinesiology in Kharkov the responsibility for his healing lies not only with the doctor to whom he came for professional help or called home, but first and foremost with himself, since everything that happens to us is not a silly accident, but solely for the purpose of our volitional change and guidance on the true path!

Dear and beloved patients, we ask you at your leisure to find out what medical science is craniosacral biodynamics and osteopathy Kiev, so as not to perplex the stupid questions of your doctor who treated you for professional help. We ask you to treat this responsibly and with understanding, so that the osteopathic medical reception was mutually comfortable and gracious!

Call at a convenient time and come for treatment to a professional osteopath and kinesiologist yourself, as well as with your small children, babies. I will try to answer informatively all the questions that arise and give the most competent and adequate advice on the ailment and treatment method that interests you!