My mission is to achieve a balance between physical health and the spiritual component!

Individual osteopathic and kinesiological treatment. Biodynamics

I will conduct competent, targeted muscle and palpation diagnostics to find the key cause of the disease and soft tissue relapse-free treatment without side effects or harm to the body. Patients are treated in a medical center on the left bank of the city and the center of Kyiv. A doctor can come to your home!

About me

Lysak Dmitry Petrovich

a professional osteopath, a physiotherapist and rehabilitator for medical and recreational procedures.
Specialization: osteopathy, biodynamics, kinesiology and visceral therapy.

For our patients

Our guarantees

I guarantee high-quality, effective, correct and competent diagnosis and professional treatment.

Quality help

I aspire to all patients: to render the most qualitative help without the slightest mark-ups, to choose purposeful and targeted treatment with an individual approach and consultative support, not allowing the possibility of a repeated return to pathology.

Great experience

The quality of my treatment is a great experience and grateful to heart depth patients who have left sincere feedback on this site. And as a person who has passed his life from serious illnesses to a healthy state, I also try to help people!

Different age

I lead admission to adult patients, pregnant at different periods of mothers, and their little babies, babies.

Various diseases

I successfully work with diseases of the cardiovascular and digestive system, disorders of the musculoskeletal system and metabolism, migraines, headaches, diseases of the male and female genital sphere, cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome, epilepsy, physical and psychoemotional defects.
For our patients

We look forward to helping you

Be sure to call and write to the treatment session - and I will be very pleased and glad to give your body a professional and irreplaceable therapeutic service that will bring you health and a tremendous amount of internal resources and mood!

Massage is the key to your health!

Contact us to make an appointment.
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+380 (99) 387 70 37
Working hours
  • Mon–Fri
    09:00 – 18:00
  • Sat
    10:00 – 17:00
  • Sun
    day off
Treatment is carried out at the following addresses:
  • Medical Center "Alternative",
    Kyiv, st. Dragomanova 31b (m. Poznyaki)
  • Center for Alternative Medicine,
    st. Podvysotsky, 19 (m. Friendship of Peoples)
  • Health Center Human World, st. Telegi 27A (m. Dorohozhychi)
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