medical center of KievLysak Dmitry Petrovich - a professional osteopath, a physiotherapist and rehabilitator for medical and recreational procedures.

I provide quality services in osteopathy, biodynamics, kinesiology and visceral therapy in Kiev at the following adress:

  • medical center on the street. Drahomanova 31b (or in the treatment room on Sofia Rusova st. 5B, - metro station Poznyaki)
  • Center Alternative Medicine, st. Podvysotsky 19 (metro Friendship of Peoples).

A doctor can go to your home or office!

I lead admission to adult patients, pregnant at different periods of mothers, and their little babies, babies. I successfully work with diseases of the cardiovascular and digestive system, disorders of the musculoskeletal system and metabolism, migraines, headaches, diseases of the male and female genital sphere, cerebral palsy, Down's syndrome, epilepsy, physical and psychoemotional defects.

I aspire to all patients: to render the most qualitative help without the slightest mark-ups, to choose purposeful and targeted treatment with an individual approach and consultative support, not allowing the possibility of a repeated return to pathology.

The quality of my treatment is a great experience and grateful to heart depth patients who have left sincere feedback on this site. And as a person who has passed his life from serious illnesses to a healthy state, I also try to help people!

The duration of the session is indicated approximately, because it depends on the patient's condition, his reaction to the therapeutic effect, the level of manifestation of internal resources, their freedom of movement, the tightness of the segments, etc. And when symmetrical and harmonious movements of the structures appear, the fixed points of the supports will be resorbed, and the system will react to this deep relaxation, expansion and will acquire a smooth swinging movement - then it is necessary to finish the procedure, so as not to impose an additional burdened effect on the gentle transition-recovery processes.

The basic medical procedures:

osteopathy at home kiev


After detailed diagnosis to determine the state of the balance of the whole body, identify muscle-fascial limitations and restriction, the position of organs and joints begin treatment of a key disorder from the entire chain of the traced pathological link. Therefore, the treatment of patients at my receptions is always individual, dependent on the severity and course of the disease, using the skills of structural, cranial and visceral osteopathy.
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 1 hour.

Manual therapy at home Kiev

Manual massage

Manual therapy - used to normalize physiological movements in organs and tissues directly by manual action on the human body. Manipulations of a manual masseur are subjected to organs that have the property of moving physiologically. Manual therapy aims to restore the damaged intervertebral disks, and this, in turn, normalizes pathological systems and functions, and, therefore, eliminates pain discomfort.
 1200 UAH. Duration: 1 hour

Visceral Chiropractic Kiev

Visceral Chiropractic

Visceral chiropractic (professors AT Ogulov, comes from the words: viscer is internal, hiro is the hand and practice of this action) - the influence on the internal organs of certain massage techniques to achieve their correct functionality and proper location, as well as improving the current of liquids near them . Thanks to the back massage Kiev and visceral chiropractic pass metabolic and endocrine disorders, and the work of internal systems of the body is restored.
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 1 hour

kinesiology at home in Kiev


Initially, to determine the picture of the disease, at his sessions on kinesiology, the doctor conducts testing, visual and manual-muscular diagnostics. If necessary, also conducts therapeutic loads to determine the functional state of the spinal column, pelvis, head, chest and abdominal areas. In certain cases, you can call a doctor at home or office, both in the center, and on the left bank and right!
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 1 hour

massage therapy kiev

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage at home, and in the massage center, the center, finds wide application in different medical organizations in combination with the minimum possible medicamental effects. It is used both for elimination of disorders of the musculoskeletal system, and for various internal systems of the body in their pathology and traumas. Since the innervation of internal organs, body parts and body systems is from the spinal cord and the brain, the correction of the spine with the hands of an experienced masseur doctor must precede any treatment.
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 1 hour

thai massage at home

Thai Massage

Thai massage - represents an independent rehabilitation system, which includes a variety of therapeutic complexes: back massage, pressure on the muscular corset, exercises that have the character of passive movements that activate blood circulation and restore the function of joints, reflex and acupressure.
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 1 hour


Jumeiho therapy (Japanese massage)

Yumeiho massage - is a methodology of direct exposure to the hand, consisting of a sequence of various techniques that correct and restore the musculoskeletal system. Yumeiho-therapy includes a set of specific massage manipulations and osteocorrection techniques with a focus on restoring the destructive vertebral segments and pelvic corset.
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 1 hour

Shiatsu at home Kiev

Shiatsu (Acupressure)

Finger Acupressure (shiatsu) is widely developed due to massage clinic and the justification of the concept that every pathological condition is not limited to the local segment of the human body, and is a violation of the integrity of our entire body. Local disease has a reflex disorder in functionally dependent organs and tissues that are innervated by the same parts of the spinal cord.
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 1 hour.

lymph drainage massage at home kiev

Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a special method of physiotherapy, which removes stagnant liquid and toxic metabolic products from the intercellular space of our body, which activates the outflow of blood and lymph, and is also used effectively to correct the figure and remove high blood pressure. The doctor conducts the procedure both in the massage clinic center, and with the departure home to the patient.
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 1 hour

Craniosacral therapy at home Kiev

Craniosacral therapy

An important area of ​​osteopathic practice is craniosacral therapy. When diagnosing a patient, the doctor never examines his skull as a separate link, but works in conjunction with all the bones of the body, since this is a single integrity system.
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 60 minutes.

Myofascial release and recoil Kiev

Myofascial releasing and rekoyl

At its session on myofascial release I use sequencing, and gentle manual osteopathic techniques and rekoyl, Strain-konrstreyn and post isometric relaxation. As a result of this treatment, the displaced and dysfunctional areas of our body to easily find their proper physiological condition.
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 1 hour

biodynamics at home kiev


I apply the incomprehensible Biodynamics in connection with its richest healing potential, as well as the inability to reach the desired pathological source that gives life to the disease by other methods. The main attention is paid to the rhythm and integrity of the body, the movement of body structures in the norm and dysfunctional state.
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 1 hour.

baby massage at home in kiev

Baby massage

Children's massage is a therapeutic manipulation that is done to a child between the ages of 2 - 3 months and up to one year of his life. Massage of a child in Kiev with age from one year has its own difference, which is related to the intensity of exposure and the duration of the procedure. The clinic is located on the left bank of Kiev and on the right!
Cost: 1000 UAH. Duration: depends on theage of the child.

training courses in manual therapy Kiev

Educational seminars and practice

I present to your attention training seminars and individual classes on osteopathy, manual therapy and visceral chiropractic in Kiev. Students will be offered to study classical and in-depth techniques of cranial therapy and biodynamics, kinesiological diagnosis and correction, and also professionally expand their palpatory skills.
Cost: 10000 UAH (420 $). Duration: 3 days; Cost: 3000 UAH (130 $). Duration: 3 hour

Additional procedures that are conducted by my colleagues and students:


Classic massage

The therapeutic and effective action of classical massage on various forms of pathologies and diseases of the patient was famous even in antiquity. This kind of massage, as well as back massage, is used both to eliminate the diseases themselves, so for their prevention and prevention.
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 1 hour.

Cellulite Massageathome

Cellulite Massage

Having mastered the medical methods and technologies of working with the skin surface and the body systems of experienced teachers, most anti-cellulite programs I drive, both in the massage salon and at home. Of these, anti-cellulite massage is the most convenient and effective remedy.
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 1 hour.

craniosacral therapy, osteopathy in Poltava

Osteopathy of Poltava

The beginning of treatment begins with visual and palpatory diagnosis to identify the key dysfunction that gives the development of the disease. Find the most significant pattern from all links of the pathological chain and go out on it to the root cause of the disease - determines the competence and professionalism of any doctor of the osteopath, manual or visceral therapist.

Sports massage Kyiv

Sports massage

Sports massage is a reliable auxiliary therapeutic agent for increasing flexibility and firmness of the body. Thanks to sports massage at home or in a medical center in Kiev, the functional state of muscles, joints, tendons, emotional state is much quicker restored than as a result of other kinds of influences.
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 60 minutes.

Cup massage Kiev

Cup massage

A can massage is a simultaneous effect on the patient's body by vacuum cans and directly by a massage. In its properties lies, first of all, a reflex mechanism consisting in stimulation of the skin by the vacuum formed in the bank. The intensity of this massage depends on the degree of involvement in the dystrophic process of the tissues of the vertebral segment.
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 1 hour.

Bioenergetics at home Kiev


With bioenergetic treatment I use the field correction, the centering of the midline, the release of the respiration potential of life and, most importantly, I do not interfere in the restoration function of the organizing wisdom of the body. After all, only this organizing force knows and can tell unobtrusive bioenergetics where there is a key violation and the correct way of treating it.

Osteopathy in Uzhgorod at home.

Osteopathy Mukacheve

When treating a doctor, you need to establish a confidential contact with the patient. The patient's body is aware of everything that is happening to him and responds accordingly. It is very important that the patient's body at a subconscious level perceives the personality of an osteopath, or visceral therapist, and allows treatment in this context. Without skilful observance of these important biodynamic conditions, the time spent and the efforts of the manual or cranial therapist go away without the proper result.
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 60 minutes.

Scenar Therapy Kiev at home

Scenar Therapy

It is important for the SCENAR therapist to learn how to properly listen to the patient's body and, in accordance with the revealed request, to produce competent dosed treatment, which is necessary in this case and only at the moment. The reaction of the patient's nervous system to such an effect will be unconditionally trustworthy, the body will accept the Skenar therapist's personality, allocate internal hidden resources, a fixation of the disease will occur and healing will occur.
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: individual.

Visceral therapy Odessa at home

Osteopathy Odessa

Thanks to the application of modern osteopathic techniques I successfully treat many chronic diseases and pathologies, which the patient did not even think of curing. Diagnosis is performed by means of osteopathic and biodynamic differentiations, kinesiological tests, visual and palpatory sensitivities.
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 1 hour.

Hirudotherapy at home in Kiev

Hirudotherapy, treatment with leeches

If you have an illness or a violation of the function of the internal organ, then I apply hirudotherapy over the same sick body, and put leeches on special points in the treatment zone. It seems that it is important to recall that the same leech is not put more than once! Therefore, put one leech and everything, then use another. By this approach, I exclude any possibility of infection of the patient.

Four-hand massage Kiev

Four-Hand Massage

We represent you, our best and closest friends, a professional, quality massage on a warm table with hot stones. We present our massage program as a classic intensive or sports massage with elements of Thai or Yumeicho therapy.
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 60 minutes.

Thai masseuse Kiev at home

Thai masseuse

The patient's treatment should never be a purely automatic and thoughtless process. Massage treatment should clearly rely on a good knowledge of anatomy, innervation zones, muscle-anatomical pathways, where palpation diagnostics and tests are of paramount importance at the initial stage of treatment.
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 60 minutes.

manual therapy Chernivtsi at home

Osteopathy in Chernivtsi

Treatment therapy begins with finding a meaningful root cause, which is the source and gives the development of the disease. It is very important for the doctor of the osteopath, or the craniosacral therapist, to listen to the patient's body, to respond to his subtle manifestations and establish a trusting relationship with the system. Then the patient's nervous system opens to the treating doctor and fearlessly shows the full picture of the global defeat.

Bath-attendant, SPA-Master Kiev

Bath-attendant, SPA-Master

Based on the technique of the Russian bath, specially for your health and a pleasant time of forwarding, conducts bath treatment procedures in our center at the Vinogradar, or with a visit to the sauna (sauna). I have many years of experience in performing bath programs and therapeutic massage with brooms. The bath broom is always selected by myself depending on the degree of severity of your illnesses.
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 60 minutes.

Cosmetic massage Kiev at home

Cosmetic massage

Cosmetic massage is used to restore the condition and functions of the skin, to remove surface defective zones. It consists of a preventive and therapeutic massage. You can call a doctor at your home or office!
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 60 minutes.

Anti-cellulite body wrap for weight loss Kiev

Anti-cellulite wrapping

For all anti-cellulite procedures performed in the massage room and salon before wrapping, I always clean the skin with a scrub. I use it in cellulite places with massage techniques, to clean the pores of toxins and toxins. After that, everything is washed off, necessarily with warm liquid. But the most basic and integral component of anti-cellulite wrap is the optimal diet with the right and individual selected exercises.
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 60 minutes.

Psychotherapy in Kiev at home


When conducting psychotherapeutic diagnostics it is important to reach the key level of mental and emotional damage.
It is very important for the doctor in the process of treatment to remain transparent and neutral, then the patient's body can trust, show his story and where to start treatment.

osteopathy for animals Kiev at home

Massage for animals

Diagnosis to identify key violations in animals I spend percussion and visually with a high degree of accuracy. In the course of the session, I gradually treat these meaningful dysfunctions, and to monitor the effectiveness of manipulation, I conduct retest. But the most important in any treatment, to find the key link that life gives pathology, and after treatment which all secondary disorders go away, the body gradually begins to recover.
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 60 minutes.

Acupuncture Kiev at home


In diagnostics, the attention of the therapist should not be so much in the plane of the sensation of his hands as on deep fascial, field and muscular structures. This allows you to see, track the changes in the human body during its treatment, and conduct a focused back massage and acupuncture.

Osteopath in Kharkov at home

Osteopathy in Kharkiv

In many cases, when there is no fibrosis in the tissues, the doctor-masseur in the medical center just needs to pay attention to the dysfunction or it is easy to get in touch with it, so that the stratification of strains can be worked out and global changes begin.
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 60 minutes.

Gouache Massage Kiev

Gouache Massage

With Gouache massage in the clinic, it is very important to properly listen to the patient's body and trust your professional experience. And then the patient will take the choice of the medical technique and the variant of the scraper, and inform the doctor, through his comprehensive proprioception or intuition, which has been accumulated over many years of experience..
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 60 minutes.

Honey massage Kyivat home

Honey massage

Honey massage - a therapeutic complex of manual massage and the effect of medicinal components of honey. Honey massage at home Kiev is prescribed not only for purification from toxic substances and pain in the back, but also for correcting the figure and getting rid of fatty deposits and cellulite. The doctor takes both on the left bank and on the right bank!
Cost: 1200 UAH. Duration: 1 hour.