Massage tok sen Kiev. Tapping energy lines at home!

Tapping energy lines

Massage tok sen in Kiev at home

 The effectiveness of Tok Sen massage in Kiev is that it includes our physical body. But in fact, it is not limited to the body. One of the principles of Chinese tapping techniques says that a specialist should focus on integrity, and integrity must necessarily include our physical component. Otherwise, we will be out of our body and will not have a connection with it. Do not forget that we are working with what moves through the body, and these are organizing forces and potency.

Scenar Therapy:
Full SessionDurationCost
Procedure Individual, depends on the pathology of the patient 1200 UAH.


Therefore, it is very important to establish such relationships that will make it possible to feel the manifestation of these forces in our physiology. But this does not mean a common pattern that needs to be eliminated only at the level of body physiology.
And when we manage to group all such elements together during the current massage Kiev, we will be able to contact the field of integrity. If the therapist succeeds with sufficient skill to deploy the slamming and tapping of active points in this resource field, then he will discover the enormous potential of the possibility of transforming positive results.

While continuing to work with the patient, it is important, by tapping the meridian channels, to feel the primary breathing in his tissues and to feel other rhythms, which include something more than just the human body. After all, we are all part of some large, unified whole, full of life and with different frequency ranges. But this does not mean at all that other frequencies do not exist, since we have limited knowledge regarding other rhythms of life and their manifestation. Because they resonate with the internal aspects of our system, which are difficult to understand and manifest with myofascial trigger massage and Chinese massage Kiev.

However, we need to hone certain skills required for tok sen home massage in order to be able to subtly listen and synchronize with these specific rhythms. Thus, we will have the ability to begin to form a clear picture of the relationship with the patient who came to the appointment and the slamming techniques to increase the resource of the body.

You cannot be an effective tapping massage therapist unless you explore and resolve your own holding patterns and difficult moments in your own history. It is necessary to correctly assess how much all this interferes and distorts the expression of the patient's primary respiration. This does not mean that such own patterns will quickly disappear somewhere and dissolve, you just need to know it and try to overcome it. And then, with the Chinese tapping of energy channels Kiev, the possibility of transformation of the patient's pathological patterns and their synchronization with health significantly increases.

In our medical activity, we should not meet various pathologies of the patient at the level of illness and depression of the system. We have to work with them with Chinese massage Kiev and vibration techniques at the level of health and its reactions to negative conditions. Although the main component of shaking, slapping and tapping energy lines allows us to meet the disease through our skills and the quality of presence, and at the same time create a bridge through it to resources, and form a direct relationship with health. This is what allows the Chinese tok sen masseur in Kiev to move at home on the path to recovery, restores integrity, and creates positive changes in the patient's body.

In a session of shaking and tapping the meridian channels in China, we connect with the initial breathing from the very foundation of the potential, on the surface of which, due to the prevailing conditions, this disease appeared. On this basis, it is possible to change the parameters in order to shift the established pathology and improve the ability to function in a state of integrity.

Tok sen massage in Kiev is used for the following diseases:

  • stress instability, depression, emotional overexcitation;
  • migraines, dizziness, memory impairment;
  • psychosomatic disorders, neurasthenia, mental fatigue;
  • with pain in the pelvis, spine and joints;
  • improves blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, cerebrospinal fluid flow;
  • restores blood circulation during congestion in internal organs, small pelvis and on the periphery;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the respiratory system;
  • hypertension and hypotension, improves the condition of blood vessels and nerve plexuses;
  • restores sleep and sensory sensitivity;
  • cleansing function at the physical and emotional level;
  • diseases of male and female genitalia. spheres;
  • childhood diseases, developmental delay.

However, in some cases of flapping techniques and Chinese tok sen massage at home, the opportunity to improve the patient's health function through fragmentation appears. Although this is not the optimal exposure option. But the ideal embodied in the body does not exist and in our aspect of activity the corresponding mechanisms of sports massage Kiev and shaking, vibration techniques will work for different people.

If your time is limited and it is inconvenient to get to the clinic for essential reasons, you can order a tapping session Kiev with the visit of a specialist to your home!

For many patients, it will be necessary to come to a fairly direct relationship with the negative forces that have been acting on them for a long time at the level of physiology. And nothing will move until this connection is established and consciously felt by tapping active points in the established patterns of your body.

Call and order the miraculous current sen massage Kiev at any convenient time! I will do everything depending on me so that the effect of this session is preserved for a long time in the fluid and mental system of your body!