Therapeutic massage is widely used in medical institutions in a complex with drug exposure It is used to eliminate violations of the musculoskeletal system, as well as internal systems of the body with their pathologies and injuries. Since the innervation of internal organs, body parts and the various systems of the body comes from the brain and spinal cord, the spinal correction hands of an experienced manual masseur, should precede any treatment.

therapeutic massage at home in Kiev
Cost :
Fullsession(approximateduration) hour 900 hryvnia.


 Thanks conducted in medical practice therapeutic massages at home Kiev with the corresponding complex gymnastics takes place overall therapeutic effect on various disorders of the nervous system, diseases of the internal organs and systems, the problems from the gynecology and surgery, disease, eye area, teeth and gums. Normalizes numerous metabolic processes in the body and eliminated functional disorders.

As a result of the medical back massage Kiev, is a restoration and normalization of our bodies, which in turn affects the quality of health, beauty and harmony of the body (as the normal weight), duration enjoying a healthy and pain-free life, general rejuvenation of the body, of health and psycho-emotional state. Such manipulations are done in the direction of lymph flow to nearby lymph nodes.

Massage Therapy at home Kiev improves memory function, slow aging and enhance long suppression of the process of rejuvenation of the body.

In diseases and disorders of the body of defective manipulation of therapeutic massage in Kiev apply as soon as possible to restore the functions of the circulatory system, and tissue factor, edema reduction zones, eliminate pain, improve the metabolic functions of the body. After traversed a course of therapeutic effects of this massage are destructive violations of individual body segments and the whole organism, and most importantly, suspended the process of developing the disease and its devastating effects on the immune system of the body. Also on my sessions, such as therapeutic massage at home Kiev, made ​​directly therapeutic reflex action as the autonomic and central nervous system. The course of my treatments aimed at normalizing the body after surgery, the maintenance of the muscular system, and to restore the range of motion in the joints and ligaments.

Massage Thai massage at home also successfully used for the treatment and prevention of similar diseases and pathologies.

The effectiveness of massage in my sessions:

  • remedy the effects of stress, the locked state;
  • are headaches, dizziness;
  • improvement of cerebral and peripheral circulation;
  • elimination of circulatory disorders in the spinal cord;
  • go back pain, pelvic disorders;
  • restoration surface sensitivity pathological zones;
  • restoration of the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular System Works (low back pain, kyphosis, scoliosis, lordosis);
  • reversed the effects of metabolic and endocrine diseases;
  • treatment of rheumatic and mental diseases (arthritis, arthrosis, osteoarthritis, systemic vasculitis).

The time reserved for the treatment of Kiev massage depends on the tasks assigned to me, the state of the massaged area and, as a rule, the choice of the most significant site, from the whole pathological chain. It is very important to treat with massage the root cause of the disease, which must be properly identified and therapeutic massage at home in Kievfelt. It is necessary not to massage the first infringement, but to diagnose the whole body in order to choose the pathological zone, which is as limited and clearly expressed as possible. And only then it is purposefully and dosed to treat!

In the treatment session, the patient's body must trust the masseur and lean on him as a fulcrum. Then the tense system can relax, the right inertia will recover, internal resources will manifest and a long-awaited recovery will occur!

Order therapeutic massage at home in Kiev, which can improve the perception of information, memory, increase the confidence of the recovered power.