therapeutic massage at home in KievTherapeutic massage is widely used in medical organizations in conjunction with various rehabilitation and physiotherapy activities. It is used not only to eliminate disorders in the musculoskeletal and muscular system, with their pathologies and injuries, but also to restore the internal organs and the psycho-emotional sphere. Since the innervation of the internal organs, individual segments and body systems comes from the spinal cord and brain , the proper identification of the root cause of the violation and its correction by the hands of an experienced manual massage therapist, must precede any treatment and rehabilitation.

Therapeutic massage session:
Fullsession(approximateduration) hour 1900 hryvnia.


 In medical practice, therapeutic massage at home Kiev with a properly selected complex of exercise therapy produces a reflex health effect on the general and local state of the body: disorders of the nervous system, diseases of the internal systems and organs, eye diseases, teeth, gynecology problems and after surgery. At the same time, metabolic and metabolic processes are normalized, functional and psycho-somatic disorders are eliminated with numerous consequences.

At the beginning of treatment with a connective tissue segmental massage, Kiev, it is important to establish the cause of this disease, to follow in which directions it develops and on which segments it stopped. The standard patterned manipulations of rehabilitative massage can only improve the general condition of the body without affecting the key reason. But the quality of the treatment session is determined by the impact on the root cause, and not by the learned work with the patient's body, which does not solve the problem, since it does not affect its source. Therefore, it is necessary to find an experienced doctor of massage therapist, rehabilitologist, who will be able to determine an individual approach to the diagnosis of this disease and select the appropriate system of connective tissue massage.

And then, after such a session of therapeutic back massage in Kiev, significant changes occur: the reflexity of the internal organs and muscles improves, symmetry is gradually restored, the body is slim and the weight is normalized, the body is rejuvenated, and the psychoemotional state is restored.

Also, medical connective tissue massage at home Kiev allows you to increase the function of memory and thinking, slow down the aging process and oppression, activate the suppressed internal resources and harmonize our body at all levels of its development. All manipulations of such connective massage are done in the most limited pathological segment of the body, in the direction of the current of the lymph to the nearest lymph nodes.

In acute diseases and complex structural disorders, rehabilitation treatment massage in Kiev is applied inextricably with a competent diagnosis by definition of the main pathological link in the shortest possible time and terms. After such a course of medical therapeutic massage has been completed, destructive disorders of pathological segments and local zones take place, the functions of the circulatory and lymphatic systems are restored, puffiness and pain are reduced, and, most importantly, the development of the disease and its destructive effect on the immune system of the body as a whole are reduced. Also, during segmental reflex massage at home, Kiev, the target effect on the autonomic and central nervous system at the proprioreceptor level is performed, and in severe cases, the course of procedures is aimed at normalizing the body after surgery and injury, maintaining the muscular system, and restoring the amplitude of movements in the joints and bundles.

Thai massage at home is also successfully used for the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of patients with the diseases and pathologies described above, which modern medicine practically refused when it had a segmental approach to the human system.

The effectiveness of therapeutic medical massage:

  • elimination of the effects of stress, dissociation, inhibited states;
  • pass headaches, dizziness, migraines;
  • improvement of cerebral and peripheral circulation;
  • elimination of circulatory disorders in the lower and upper extremities;
  • pain in the spine, pelvic asymmetry;
  • restoration of the sensitivity of pathological zones and the consequences of injuries;
  • postoperative rehabilitation and prevention;
  • restoration of the musculoskeletal, respiratory and cardiovascular systems;
  • violations of posture, osteochondrosis, kyphosis, scoliosis, lordosis, spondylolisthesis;
  • the effects of metabolic and endocrine diseases are normalized;
  • treatment of rheumatic and mental diseases and their manifestations (arthritis, arthrosis, osteoarthritis, systemic vasculitis).

The time allowed for a rehabilitation massage session in Kiev depends on the tasks assigned to me, the condition of the massaged segment and, as a rule, finding the most significant part of the entire chain of the pathological link. It is very important to restore with medical massage exactly the root cause of the disease that needs to be correctly identified and felt. It is necessary not to treat the first violation that has occurred, but to diagnose the whole body in order to choose the pathological zone that is as limited and pronounced as possible. And only then it is purposefully and metered to restore reflex-segmental massage!

During the treatment session, the patient's body should trust the massage therapist to the doctor and lean on him as a foothold. Then the stressful system will be able to relax, correct internalization will be restored, internal resources will manifest and long-awaited recovery will occur!

Order medical therapeutic massage at home in Kiev, which will allow you to improve the perception of information, memory, increase the psycho-emotional level and confidence in your restored strength.

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