Anticellulite massage

Mastered treatment methods and technology to work with the skin surface and body systems have experienced teachers, the majority of anti-cellulite activities I spend at home. Of these, the most convenient and effective means to have anticellulite massage Kiev. Cellulite Massage at home kiev
Description :
procedureduration cost
The total(whole body) 1 hour  1400 UAH 
Zone short 40 minutes 1300 UAH


As for physical health, positive internal changes in the body, as a result of my anti-cellulite massage at home in Kiev, are reflexively manifested in various cleanses of the skin, interstitial connective tissue, muscles, tendons, ligaments and so on. So, in eastern medicine in the treatment of the liver and gall bladder, with partial use of anti-cellulite massage in salon Kiev, necessarily made pressure on the costal arch and the projection of the gallbladder and their ducts.

Using Anticellulite massage in Kiev achieve these results:

  • Speed up metabolism in adipose tissue.
  • Preventing inflammatory and congestive processes in the body.
  • Improving the capillary circulation of blood and lymph flow.
  • Accelerated disposal of unwanted fluids and removal of edema.
  • Activates the power and cell regeneration (beauty and appearance of the skin water proportionally depend on the state of the processes of cell regeneration).
  • There will be metabolic and endocrine disorders (hypothyroidism, obesity, cancer, thyroiditis).
  • Restoration of skin disorders (vasculitis, dermatitis).
  • Activated respiratory function due to cleanse skin pores.
  • Normalized resistance of internal systems from the destructive action of external factors, as improving the current lymphatic fluid will certainly affect our state of immunity.
  • Improve the performance of the internal organs and systems.
  • There will be headaches, various allergies, apathetic state and colds.Improve the emotional and physiological state of harmony.

Despite such intensive exposure to this type of massage, I do not produce very strong pressure in the deep layers of the body - want to spare our internal organs (this applies to the sports massage at home Kiev).

In addition, every single anti-cellulite complex includes a complete heating of our body.

I believe that every man who is tormented time pressure and other problems of the present civilization, must love yourself, take care of your body, take care of the resources of their own health. Anti-cellulite massage at home in Kiev, one of the best medical and cosmetic measures to achieve such set correctly and useful for our health, strict goals. Because, ultimately, treatment will take much more time and money.

Quite every anti-cellulite program contains preliminary limfodrenazh feet and all Your body.

Order Anticellulite massage with onsite home from 8-00 to 20-30, and you will always be satisfied with the appearance of their body !