Professional Thai masseuse

Catherine Myhaylovna - a certified masseur physiotherapist with experience more than five years. Pupil Ukrainian academician manualogii V.N.Naboychenka. Conducts reception in the metro Khreshchatyk.

Professional female masseuse
Full session (approximate duration) 60 minutes 900 hryvnia.

I am engaged in a professional, effective and high quality therapeutic massage:

  •     Classic;
  •     Sports;
  •     manual;
  •     Thai;
  •     yumeiho;
  •     cellulite;
  •     point (schiatsu);
  •     beauty;
  •     children;
  •     Visceral hipopraktika;
  •     four hands massage with hot stones.

A Thai masseuse can be driven to the house of Kiev to the patient!
Lovers sex please do not bother, the procedure is purely medical in nature!

Through classical massage and myofascial releasing home, I manage to effectively and quickly overcome various ailments and diseases.

Apply massage:

  •     eliminate the pain threshold;
  •     Elimination of defects posture (kyphosis, scoliosis, lordosis);
  •     normalization of the internal organs and systems;
  •     cosmetic and relaxing effect;
  •     reducing external and internal edema and adhesions;
  •     restoring symmetry violations in the pelvis;
  •     improve metabolism and normalization of the nervous system;
  •     resumption of injured tissues and organs.

Massage I manage:

  •     quickly restore the elasticity of sluggish and weak muscles, and skin;
  •     improve the functionality and activity of the nervous system and internal organs;
  •     renew the joints, tendons and ligaments;
  •     quickly bring the functional state of the athlete back to normal;
  •     eliminate fatigue and depression, apathetic;
  •     recover from injuries and disorders in the locomotor mechanism.

If you want to treat, the massage is done on a fairly force level necessary for adequate exposure to this segment is impaired, in accordance with the degree of the depth of the lesion.
Depending dysfunction and pathology force effect can be reached directly to the respective bones.

My therapeutic goal as a professional masseuse woman Kiev, is not only to improve traffic flow and lymph flow in the right direction, but in the right impact on the reflex zones and seals, as well as osteopathic tensor, traction and torso, restore muscle-nerve structures and bodies.

With significant traction fascia and body segments always take into account the general condition, age of the patient and nervous tension.
For me, the treatment of the patient is never a purely automatic and thoughtless process. Massage treatment should clearly rely on a good knowledge of anatomy, innervation zones, muscular anatomical pathways, where palpation diagnosis, is of paramount importance in the initial phase of treatment.
In the process of massage treatments, as well as kinesiology at the house, my fingers are diagnosed disfuktsionalnye structure of tissues and organs, and later compare them with the results of the treatment, to identify the most appropriate treatment for the patient manipulation.

After carrying my massage:

  •     It increases the number of lymphocytes (immune cells critical apparatus) forming antibodies;
  •     It decreases the amount of cortisol (a stress hormone), which aggravates the immune system;
  •     reduced sensitivity to pain in the lower back and the back is much more effective than using medication.

Therapeutic thai massage is used for correction of the spine, neck and pelvis in combination with manual techniques and exercise therapy, for both women and men.

And you, my dear, order a therapeutic massage, not only to eliminate the swollen areas, the normalization of the joints and tendons, removing muscle contractures and restore traffic flow, but also to achieve the harmony of your body with all the changes of the environment!

To order a masseuse to leave Kiev (at home), I ask, if possible, call in advance at the above phone!