Professional Thai masseuse

Katerina Nazarchuk is a certified massage therapist, rehabilitologist, physiotherapist with experience of over 15 years. A student of the academician of Ukrainian manualism Naboychenka V.N., Lysaka D.P. and Parakhina A.I. The reception is in the metro area Pecherskaya. Patient treatment should never be a purely automatic and thoughtless process. A professional massage should clearly rely on a good knowledge of anatomy, innervation zones, and muscular-anatomical paths. Where palpation diagnostics and tests are of primary importance at the initial stage of treatment Professional female masseuse
Session of a woman masseuse Kiev:
Full session (approximate duration) 60 minutes 1400 hryvnia.

 I have many years of experience and are constantly developing in the field of such services of professional therapeutic massage:

  • classical;
  • sports;
  • manual;
  • thai and yumeiho therapy;
  • anti-cellulite;
  • point (shiatsu);
  • children (for infants and adolescents);
  • visceral hipopractic.

Possible departure of a Thai masseuse at the house of Kiev to the patient!
Fans of sex, please do not disturb, the session is purely medical in nature!

Thanks to the developed sensitivity, classical Thai massage and myofascial releasing at home, I, as a female masseuse, can quickly and efficiently overcome various ailments and quickly find the source of the disease.

I use massage for:

  • elimination of pain symptoms and increased threshold excitability of the affected areas;
  • elimination of defects in posture (kyphosis, scoliosis, lordosis);
  • normalization of the work of internal organs and systems;
  • cosmetic and relaxing effect;
  • reduction of external and internal edema, long-standing adhesive processes;
  • restoration of fluidity and harmony in the body, elimination of the asymmetry of the pelvis;
  • improve metabolism and normalize the nervous system at the mental and structural levels;
  • the resumption of movement of injured tissues and organs;
  • diseases of the genitourinary and endocrine system;
  • work with pregnant and young children.

By massage I manage:

  • quickly restore the elasticity of flaccid and weak muscles, keratinized skin integuments;
  • improve the functionality and activity of the nervous system, motility of internal organs;
  • resume mobility of joints, tendons and ligaments;
  • quickly bring the functional state of the athlete back to normal;
  • eliminate fatigue and apathetic depressive states;
  • restoration of injured and edematous zones in the musculoskeletal mechanism.

According to the diagnosis and symptomatic indications, the massage therapist visit Kiev or a session in the clinic, I do with sufficient effort on the pathological segment, in accordance with the degree of its depth of damage. According to my unforgettable teacher osteopath Lysak Dmitry Petrovich, “it’s not right to try to cure the first violation found, and even more so if it is poorly influenced, and returns to its original state. This only indicates that the Thai masseuse is not experienced and does not understand physiological processes and building balance in the body.It is best to first scan the entire body with all its primary and secondary disorders.Then choose from them the most significant link that most affects various levels of our physiology. And only then try to correct the found root cause in the context of our body and listening to the reaction of the body. After all, all other secondary compensations are adjusted to this root cause. They, in accordance with it, build the balance of our body. "

In addition to everything described above, the effect on the reflex zones and projection seals is made, not only to improve blood flow, withdraw lymph and remove the asymmetry of muscle tone, which is of great importance for normalizing our structure and improving overall well-being. But work is also underway to restore muscle and nerve conduction with the resumption of lost vital resources, the lack of which often manifests itself in such a syndrome as chronic fatigue and constant depressiveness.

With osteopathic traction of fasciae, tension and traction, I always take into account the general condition, age, nervous tension, body reaction to my introduction and to the patient's adaptation after exposure.
For a professional masseuse in Kiev, treatment is never a purely automatic and thoughtless process. A competent masseuse in Kiev should rely on an excellent knowledge of anatomy, innervation zones, fascial ways, where palpation diagnostics should be of paramount importance in the initial treatment of a person.

After the manipulations on dysfunctional structures, the girl, a thai masseuse, like kinesiology at home, palpation diagnoses their condition and motility. This helps to identify the effectiveness of the exposure with the most appropriate sequence and stages of treatment for this patient.

After a session of a Thai masseuse:

  • the number of lymphocytes, the most important elements of the immune system that form antibodies, increases;
  • decreases the amount of cortisone (stress hormone), which exacerbates the immune system;
  • the threshold of pain sensitivity of the most affected areas is reduced.

And all this is much more effective and optimal, in terms of side effects and subsequent recovery of the body, than through the use of medicines and medications.

Thai therapeutic massage at home in combination with manual techniques, osteopathy and exercise therapy, I use not only to correct the spine, neck, pelvic structures, but also to restore and balance the whole body at different levels of life, both for pregnant women, children, and for men.

Depending on the depth of the key dysfunction and pathology, the force effect can be quite significant and be carried out with deep layers of bone restriction and deformation (despite the fact that the girl is a masseuse).

And you, my dears, order the services of a professional masseuse girl, not only to eliminate swollen areas, normalize joints and tendons, relieve muscle contractures and restore blood flow, but also to achieve harmony in your body with all changes in the environment!

To order a masseuse to leave Kiev, please call in advance by calling the exact address. And then you can feel all the advantages of my professional medical experience without going beyond the boundaries of your comfortable home!