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One of the key components in hypnotherapy Kiev is that when establishing a relationship between a hypnologist and a patient, the doctor must bring a component of his personal conscious presence into the emerging field of relationships. With full responsibility for what is happening at the moment, it is important to create a transparent awareness, with the help of which you will be able to simultaneously feel not only yourself, but also the patient. It is necessary to enter into this created field of relationships with the intention of deep listening, within each of us's innate health, and follow its manifestations. 

Гипноз в Киеве на дом
Hypnotherapy Kiev:
Full sessionDurationPrice
adult patients 1 hour 950 UAH.
children's hypnosis Kiev depends on adaptation, the state of the body and its reaction to the influence of the hypnotherapist 850 UAH.

 Any stressful situation manifests itself in the body by tension and then this fixation remains there, and does not disappear anywhere. And everyone is trying to find a magic wand for this problem, but there is no magic wand and cannot be. There is only a closed system of the phenomenon that has arisen and it is necessary to work with this integral system.

One of the most active and vivid experiences, worthy of any treatment and attention at a suggestive hypnotic session in a medical center or at home Kiev, is the passage of a patient in his stage of a child through the birth canal and his immediate birth. Since during childbirth the child experiences strong torsions, compressions, fears, anxieties, other experiences after birth are superimposed on this already established experience, which quite resourcefully affect his physiology and bring the system out of balance.


If suddenly in the process of life there is a significant emotional or physical collision, then the human body must process this experience and from the  Thai yoga massage Kiev at home  to adsorb and transform into its system. In the opposite case, the kinetic and suggestive component, which was formed as a result of such a collision, impact, enters the body and accumulates for a long time, changing closely located structures under its own vibration. This energy begins to change and fix around itself the whole structures of the body, fluids, tissues, potency and form new inertial patterns that carry negative consequences in a cascade.

But in our body there is no negative attitude either to external experience or to internal, and everything in it is tuned to restore health and the system to normal functioning. Therefore, the body tries to limit this accumulated and not processed kinetic energy from the entire system in every possible way, so that this energy does not destroy it in the future. And this formed center of fixed experience forms an inertial pattern, which, like a kind of fulcrum, begins to adjust compensatory changes around itself, which are necessary to build an already changed center of gravity and balance the body.

Therefore, the hypnotic effect (treatment with hypnosis Kiev at home) is often worth carrying out in the reverse order to the prevailing stereotypes and established patterns. In reality, the formed center of fixed experience can appear at any moment of our life: from physical impact (fracture, sprain, shock) and ending with chemical (taking medications that the liver could not process and assimilate) and emotional (fear, resentment , anger, depression) by influences.

If we talk about a child after birth, then a baby under 1 year old should receive enough attention, sensory contact, love from the mother. Otherwise, such an experience formed in the infancy period will overlap with other patterns that the system will not be able to process, and inertial fulcrum will reappear. These fulcrums gradually destroy the psyche, lead to autistic inclinations, close, inhibit and suggestively complex the child. How do these fulcrum appear at the level of potency of fluids and tissues? At the tissue level, this can appear by fixation, tension, induration, loss of motility and primary respiration.

A diagnostic marker in determining the key cause of the disease on a given fixed segment will be the absence of tissue motility and symmetrical movement in them. This applies to both adults and children when massage for babies. At the level of the liquid, the hypnotherapist at home Kiev will feel compaction, stopping the movement of the liquid, swirling and bending around. The level of potency is manifested by lateral bends, cyclical movements, expansion and their combination. But the quality and reliability of information, in any case, depends on the professional perception, experience and intuition of the doctor suggestologist hypnotherapist.

Sign up for a hypnosis (suggestion) session under all current life circumstances and troubles. And you will undoubtedly regain the lost resources for reliable support and inspiration to follow the path in life to which we were originally called!