Craniosacral therapy

An important area of ​​targeted medical practice is craniosacral therapy. When diagnosing a patient, I never treat his skull as a separate link, but work in conjunction with all the bones and tissues of the body, since this is a single, integrated system.

Craniosacral therapy kiev
Admission craniosacral therapist:
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Craniosacral therapy for adults and children. 60 minutes 1400 hryvnia.

If you have violations related to
  • migraine, headaches;
  • disorders in the temporomandibular joint and tension of the bones of the skull;
  • problems of the cervico-collar and pelvic region;
  • unpleasant noise in the ears, depressive and neurotic states;
  • stagnation of lymph and blood flow;
  • hypertonic organs and various body systems;
  • violation of the internal organs;
  • constant aching pain, nothing and never removed;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system and joints;
  • various infants and children's diseases and pathologies.
- Then craniosacral therapy Kiev, as best you can.
As a result, targeted treatment and understanding of pathological patterns, in their dynamics of movements and development, in conjunction with the precise professional manipulations of a cranial therapist physician in the part of craniosacral therapy, will certainly help you get rid of the listed diseases and constantly blatant pain syndromes! For residents of the Kyiv region with small children and babies (Vasilkov, Borispol, Vishnevoe, Slavutich, Ukrainka, Yagotin, Obukhov, Boyarka, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Boguslav, Belaya Tserkov, Brovary, Bucha, Irpen, Fastov), ​​the cranial record days, for delineation and extension of time for admission.
You should definitely look for a highly qualified craniosacral osteopath of Kiev on this method of treatment, to maintain results and further prevention. If it is not possible to come to the patients in the medical center, it is possible to call the doctor at home in Kiev.
In my session on craniosacral therapy at home, Kiev, thanks to accurate and gentle manipulations, directly on your skull, I manage to restore the structures of the cerebral hemispheres, the membrane system supporting these hemispheres, as well as the volume of cerebrospinal fluid that flushes our brain and spinal cord from its beginning to the end.
As a result of the gradual acquisition of experience, I was more and more able to perceptually feel and observe some inertial processes in our body. And thanks to this clearly understood earlier incomprehensible processes and carried out some analogies regarding the liquid and tissue parts of the cranial system. After all, as the functioning of the gastrocnemius muscle promotes the movement of the blood back, from the veins on the lower limbs, into our heart, and the respiratory movement of the skull, contributes to the current of cerebrospinal fluid from the cerebral hemispheres to the sacrum.
All traumas, bruises, gross head shocks transferred in life, starting from infantile age, shift and limit the movement of the cranial bones, which means they disrupt their functioning and fix dural membranes (decreased mobility, worsening rhythm of contractions and asymmetry of movements).
Softly working with cranial sutures, connecting the bones of the head, specialists in craniosacral therapy at home and in the clinic, build the physiological position of the cranial bones, improving the synchronism of their mutual displacement, and thereby creating a favorable atmosphere for the movement of cerebrospinal fluid.
With the right approach and the direction of such treatment, cranial doctors manage to target the key cause, remove hypertonicity, asymmetry and fixation in the membranes of mutual tension, the fascial and ligamentous system, and reduce the manifestation of emotional dominants. After all, these aspects not only support and build cranial and dural sheaths in the right physiological position, but organize our organism, in combination with its psychological sphere, in balance and balance, in any contact with the surrounding reality.
For the procedure craniosacral therapy at home Kiev, you need a large level of palpation, which unfortunately is not at all doctors masseurs in clinic. Among other things, given the considerable duration of the session and the various manifestations of pain syndromes in an adult patient and his child, one must stock up with a lot of patience and sincere devotion to his work.
In my sessions using this technique, the healing effect often reaches the remote caudal areas of the body. For example, after craniosacral action on the cranial structures flattened and clubfoot in children, the functionality and mobility in the left limb are reduced, the pain syndromes in the ankle, calcaneus and talus bone are reduced, the position of the sacrum and pelvis is built up, the digestive tract is established.
And yet, as a professional specialist who loves his work infinitely, I proceed from the teachings of the famous craniosacral therapist William J. Sutterland who lived and worked in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. His assertions concerning the mobility of the bones of the skull due to the divergence of the sutures that connect them, have only now begun to be thoroughly studied and subjected to detailed medical research. Dr. Sutterland also found and proved that the expansion of the bones of the skull, and the increase in its pressure, occurs as the cerebrospinal fluid separates in the pulsating ventricles of the brain.

Craniosacral therapy is often ordered, those patients who can not relax and safely enjoy the procedure during routine treatment. Since its use does not require that the patient bare his body and strain during the next tough manipulations and trusts.

Many doctors in craniosacral and visceral therapy in Kiev, use their highly developed gift of touch and sense of perception to determine the meaningful violation in any area of ​​the body, both in the child and in the adult.

Most patients with a problem in the cervical-occipital area Craniosacral therapy at home in Kievcomplain of dysfunction and pain in the pelvic areas. The occipital area of ​​the skull and pelvis are closely interrelated. Therefore, diagnosing the occiput, it is easy to identify and track the irregularities in the work and mobility of the pelvis and sacrum. There is also a selection of people who want to learn these types of medical practices. Students from the Kiev region (Belaya Tserkov, Brovary, Bucha, Irpen, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Slavutich, Ukrainka, Fastov, Vasilkov, Borispol, Vishnevoe, Obukhov, Boyarka, Boguslav, Yagotin), who underwent a basic course, envisaged a certain program.

Light lighting, a gentle medical table in the medical center. You, with easily closed eyes, feel the hands of the craniosacral therapist pleasantly. I silently behind you, and easily grabbing the "heavy" head, gently make precise movements on the fixed bones of the skull. You feel calm, relaxed and expanding.

Confident and correctly placed hands of the doctor, which you can rely on with confidence - this is, first of all, a very long, thorny and professional experience. And you feel them, as fluid, weightless, but penetrating into the deep layers of the pathological pattern.

Order craniosacral therapy from 8-00 to 20-30, and you can already feel the beauty of this unusual procedure!