When conducting psychotherapeutic diagnosis and counseling, Psychotherapy in Kiev at homeyou need to reach a key level of mental and emotional damage.
It is very important for the doctor in the process of treatment to remain transparent and neutral, then the patient's body can trust, show his story and where to start treatment. Sensible inertial movements in the body of the patient will bring the therapist to the root cause and prompt the necessary individual correction. It is only necessary to be a listening and perceiving psychiatrist who does not change the patient's equilibrium system and expects nothing from her in return!

DescriptionDuration Cost
full session 1 hour 1400 hryvnia .

When the patient, in consequence of the psychotherapeutic treatment in Kiev, discovers himself with all images inspired from early childhood, expands his perception and attitude to what is happening to him - then a much longer perspective is considered for his health and psyche in general. In consequence of this, an incredible resource is obtained, which makes it possible to realize oneself as a person and to find one's place in this life.

The psychotherapeutic approach in Kiev is similar all over the world and the key point is the professionalism of a psychotherapist at home or a psychologist, and accordingly conducting competent psychotherapeutic counseling and treatment.

After proper treatment, great changes occur at all levels of the patient's relationship with the surrounding reality: the perception of conflict situations changes, sensitivity and adequacy of behavior is established, harmony and motivation for perfection appear.

At the initial examination and counseling, psychotherapy at home in Kiev, in addition to listening to stress zones and asymmetric emotional projections, always evaluate stereotypes and patterns of movement, the manner of the conversation and the body's response to key words related to the main complaints. I pay special attention to statics and gestures, indicating to me the vulnerable areas that the body subconsciously tries to hide. Structural changes indicate the degree of pathological impact of the found emotional dominant, which is successfully treated by the psychologist Kineziologiya Uzhgorod.

I necessarily recheck found key injuries by global listening or retests. Of particular importance is the arrest of movements in the tissues, as well as the images and modes of adaptation that the patient carries within himself throughout his life. These larvae and formed crutches are laid deep in early childhood and even in the embryonic period. As a result, an optimal system is created that creates a pathological pattern that encompasses the whole system. This is a global violation, which has psychological, biodynamic and biomechanical patterns.

My task as a doctor of psychotherapist (psychologist) is to identify and remove this vortex dominant, after which the established traumatic patterns and obsessive phobias collapse. As a result, there comes peace, relief, decoding and restructuring.

But the rooted global corruption, or our Ego, contributes to a relapse because the manifestation and reaction to images and phantoms remain the same: we are impulsively angry and can not do anything about it, for social acceptability we are oppressed and crushed.

Then we start in vain and cyclically to quench these depressing conditions and angry manifestations in ourselves that have already affected the autonomic nervous system, emotional states, the formation of various spasms in the etiology, which form new and new mechanisms and grimaces of the body.
If there are certain difficult situations in the picture of the development of the disease or other specific conditions - it is possible to visit a psychologist at home!

Psychotherapy in Kiev treats such diseases:

  • chronic depression, depressive conditions;
  • neurosis, neurasthenia, shyness;
  • emotional, mental and intrauterine trauma;
  • unexplained behavior, addictions;
  • inertia, incorrigibility, obsession;
  • improper functioning of internal organs and systems;
  • various psychoemotional addictions (alcoholism, gambling, drug addiction, gluttony, accumulation);
  • excessive resentment, anger, constant irritation;
  • violation of fluid circulation, puffiness, spasms;
  • chronic fatigue, apathetic conditions, emotional imbalance;
  • constant fears and envy, increased anxiety and frugality;
  • backwardness, panic attacks and phobias;
  • embryonic, birth defects and injuries.

A psychotherapist (psychiatrist, psychologist) or a bioenergetic therapist in Kiev needs to go deeper into the patient's system, allowing the emotional and emotional component to be transformed, reconstructed, and changed through impact on system-meaning levers.

It is important to see the key causes and roots coming from the period of conception, intrauterine development and early childhood. After all, these images and compensations at the level of the energy and information space of the field make it behave and play a significant role in life not only for the present, but also for the future generation.

Then the patient can reconsider, erase, reflash those positions that formed it and put it into collapse. This will provide an opportunity to emerge from oppression, open up a new resource and expand even more perception. Then the chains of eternal slavery break through and man will make the long-awaited step towards light, harmony and freedom.

I ask to register for consultation and reception if possible in advance, by phone at the top of the page. In case of necessity and specificity of the course of the disease, it is possible to call the doctor of the psychotherapist on the house