Osteopath Odessa

Dr. Lisak Dmitrij - an osteopath and manual therapist,Osteopathy Odessa at home a member of the Ukrainian Association of Folk manipulation in Odessa. Through the use of modern osteopathic techniques successfully treat many chronic diseases and pathologies that the patient does not even dreamed of cure. Diagnosis is performed by means of osteopathic and biodynamic differentiations, kinesiological tests, visual and palpatory sensitivities.

Full session (approximate duration) 1 hour. 1400 hryvnia.

 For many years, my colleagues and I have successfully used such treatments:

  •     - Visceral chiropractic;
  •     - Manual therapy;
  •     - Osteopathy;
  •     - Myofascial release;
  •     - Craniosacral therapy;
  •     - Kinesiology;
  •     - Lymphatic drainage massage (lymphatic drainage);
  •     - Spot acupuncture or massage (schiatsu);
  •     - Thai and Yumeiho - massage;
  •     - Anti-cellulite massage and anti-cellulite body wraps;
  •     - Honey, canned and gouache massage;
  •     - Hirudotherapy;
  •     - Children's massage and osteopathy for infants.

With years of experience treating patients cope with such diseases:    - Diseases of internal organs and systems;

  •     - Infringement and defects of posture (kyphosis, loroz, scoliosis);
  •     - Disruption of the locomotor system;
  •     - Headaches, migraines, memory impairment, and vision;
  •     - Diseases of the endocrine, circulatory and nervous systems;
  •     - Metabolic disorders, obesity;
  •     - Diseases of the liver, kidneys, pancreas, and prostate;
  •     - Diseases of the respiratory and urinary tract;
  •     - Depression, sadness, restraint, apathy, obsessions and fears.

Treatment of adults and infants with soft tissue manual techniques in Odessa is always individual and occurs only after kinesiological diagnosis. When I call for treatment to your home, I try to arrive as soon as possible!
I successfully treat with bioiodine and osteopathic techniques any acute and chronic disorders that are key and meaningful for this patient. In this regard, I effectively use kinesiology at home, visceral therapy Odessa, Thai and Yumeicho massage, not only with severe restrictions and maximum restrictions, but also with fixed emotional patterns. Also I invite residents of Odessa and the Odessa region: Balta, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, Belyaevka, Izmail, Podolsk, Teplodar, Chernomorsk, Southern, Bolgrad, Kiliya - for osteopathic, kinesiological and manual seminars in Odessa.
Treatment of the dysfunction of hypermobility necessarily perform through the normalization of active movements, the activation of muscle regulation and the restoration of muscle atrophy.
Through kinesiology accurate diagnosis and manual testing, properly and in the context of the patient's body determines how reflex disturbances in the problem area, or PDS, and limitations of passive movements in our body. And in accordance with the identified dysfunction was producing useful for the treatment of the patient.
Without this gradual and appropriate diagnosis and osteopathic tests never apply soft tissue techniques Odessa, manual therapy and osteopathic correction.
Phased muscular and orthopedic correction use only with the right of a patient to respond to this treatment. And parallel osteopathic influence on spinal muscular corset forms a right dynamic motor stereotype generated from the removal of structural and functional asimetry and preventing pathological disorders lock scoliotic spine and pelvis.
In some cases, my doctor's colleagues can take the technique, which, with biodynamic and osteopathic treatment, also professionally apply rekoil, side-counterstrane, MET, direct and indirect functional techniques, as well as phytotherapy, reflexology and other health programs (bath, baths, hydrogen peroxide).
If necessary, we apply massage therapy, anti-cellulite massage at home, visceral chiropractic and gouache.
Ongoing training at the well-known and respected by Meryl osteopathy, kinesiology and chiropractic: Parahin AI, Samburu VV, VA Novohatny ..
And transmits the appropriate knowledge and invaluable practical experience of many years of his disciples.
For that, the patients cure them, bring me a huge and very nice thanks. After a qualitative change in the life of a patient getting rid of serious illness forces them to live very differently, and puts entirely different purpose.

And the positive results and feedback in the process of my patients, makes me more and more to improve their skills as an osteopath and chiropractor, constant improvement of its medical and osteopathic techniques kinesiology knowledge. If necessary, the procedure can be conducted by the doctor Osteopath in Kiev.

Treatment is carried out at the clinic at ul. Zhukovsky 35, if necessary, you can leave and Manual therapy Odessaservice the patient at home!

With special care in the treatment of patients in the Odessa region (Odessa, Balta, Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, Belyaevka, Izmail, Podolsk, Teplodar, Chernomorsk, Southern, Bolgrad, Kiliya), I refer to the following states:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • cancer and some viral diseases;
  • skin and nerve abnormalities;
  • especially dangerous water injuries and congenital abnormalities;
  • severe intoxication;
  • alcohol and drugs;
  • drug overdose and poisoning.

If you my dear have any disease or tired of living with the old problems - call from 8:30 to 21: 00 - and I'm happy to do for you everything you need and right.