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2024-04-26 13:32
# The experience of finding yourself!Ekaterina Bilousova
Sessions on biodynamics with osteopath Dmitry Petrovich Lysak turned out to be a very interesting and unusual experience for me in learning about my inner essence and the causes of ongoing diseases. I turned to him with joint problems, chronic fatigue and terrible experiences associated with events in the country. I was completely devastated and broken. His biodynamic sessions helped relieve pain that could not be relieved with strong painkillers, feel a completely different quality and perception of life, and set the right priorities in my relationship with my child. Osteopath Dmitry Petrovich showed unusual sensitivity to my volitional movements and subtle inner urges, listening to them carefully and directing them in a natural direction. Everything was unusually simple, easy, and my lost individuality and integrity was gradually regained.
I am very grateful to him for such an individual approach and recommend him to everyone who is looking for unusual and effective treatment methods!
2024-04-01 10:54
# Delight and thanks!Evgeniy Voloshin
I would like to express my deep gratitude to osteopath Dmitry Petrovich for his subtle approach to my health and patiently listening to the needs of my body! I turned to him with back problems that greatly interfered with my daily life and work. I was also very worried about the psycho-emotional component, which completely took over me from early morning and for months I was completely lost and absolutely defenseless in front of it.
His unobtrusive approach and ability to take into account the deep internal nuances of my condition - as he knows how to do it and how he does it - impressed me very much and instilled a long-faded hope for recovery.

Each treatment session opened up new free boundaries for me and always took place in a new way for my feelings, not at all the way it usually happens with standard treatment from different doctors.
After the first sessions, I felt noticeable relief and improvement in my back area. And terrible emotional disorders, quite noticeably and mysteriously for me, began to shift to the secondary plane! At first it was simply amazing, but now I’ve gotten used to it, because you get used to good things very quickly)))

I strongly recommend Dmitry Petrovich Lysak, especially to those who have encountered similar problems.
I am sure that his sessions characterize his completely unusual way of life for our thinking, and it won’t take much effort for you to feel it!!!
2023-12-12 12:16
# Gratitude from the whole family and especially from the little daughter!Igor Shevtsov
From an early age I had problems with my feet and bite. Then aching pains in the spine began, which did not give rest even at night. Against this background, nervous disorders, panic fears, and migraines began. I simply could not imagine another life.
After undergoing treatment sessions with Dmitry Petrovich, I began to experience completely different colors of life, more joyful and inspiring. At first I could not believe that such light and painless effects could make any changes in the state of my depressed health. Although I still can’t understand and comprehend it!
Now everything has changed at all levels of my health, a completely different attitude towards people and Life in general has appeared!
Also, with the results of treatment for my little 1-year-old daughter, my wife was simply delighted!
Thank you very much, and God's blessing in further development!!!
2023-08-01 21:21
# Feedback on treatment!Darius
Dmitry Petrovich is a wonderful specialist, a reliable support on the path of healing. Dmitry immediately discovered the main cause of my adversity, helped me plunge into the depths of myself, where I met with what used to frighten me. Thanks to his faith and loving presence in the healing process, step by step, I returned to my true self, connected with feelings and let go of what oppressed me. Now I am lighter, more attentive and calmer, there is trust and openness, instead of terrible emotional storms. The misalignment of the bite and pelvis has leveled off, the pain in the feet has disappeared, I can enjoy long walks, because now my legs hold me firmly on the Earth.

I recommend Dmitry Petrovich as a God-gifted specialist who sees the problem well as it is and transforms reality.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!✨!!!!
2023-04-18 22:44
# We are all excited!!!Roman Borisovich
Passed sessions on osteopathy with Lysak Dmitry Petrovich. I am 48 years old, first I was involved in athletics, and then I trained athletes.
For many years now I have had lower back pain, with aching syndrome in the left shoulder blade and disturbing obsessive-compulsive states with epileptic seizures.
Treatment by Dmitry Petrovich was competently delivered and performed very carefully and gently, individually to my needs, hitherto inimitable by anyone I had applied to for treatment. For this alone, I express my deep gratitude and delight, not only from myself, but also from all my colleagues with whom I had close contact and conducted my business. After all, I began to feel people differently and relate to them, putting myself in their place. There was an unusual sympathy and respect for any person who meets on my life path.
Everyday situations and difficulties are perceived holistically, consciously interconnected with my inner state and spiritual mood. I changed my behavior, I became much calmer to endure adversity and various unpleasant communications with my partners.
From the beginning of our acquaintance there was a strong feeling that one could completely trust Dmitry Petrovich and find unshakable support and support in him. This was felt unobtrusively throughout the entire time of our communication at osteopathy sessions. He undeniably fully proved this and this feeling is extended to this day.
At the moment, I have completely returned to my long-forgotten physiologically healthy lifestyle, pain does not bother me, various loads do not introduce pain syndromes and deviations.
Thanks a lot to Dmitry Petrovich for the exact diagnosis, as well as for the individual and unusually delicate sessions!!!
2020-09-20 12:36
# Pleasant resultAlina
I am taking a course on biodynamics with Dmitry Petrovich. During the treatment, I practically stopped using pills and painkillers, without which I had not passed a single day before. From severe pain in the lower back and leg, I was practically fixated and constantly thought about her.
Literally after the 2nd session, I was able to separate myself from these horrible thoughts and look from the side at everything that happened to me and is happening. Life has become joyful, whole. I am very grateful to Dmitry Petrovich for being able to get into my cause of the disease and gently bring it to a healthy state!
2020-03-22 21:29
# Everything is possible for a good specialist!Stanislav Eremenko
I would like to express my gratitude to osteopath Dmitry Petrovich for professional help. I had unbearable pains in the chest and lumbar spine, as well as constant mental stress and fears. These violations began a long time ago, - as it turned out at the session, they lasted from childhood and constantly give a reminder of themselves. I’m already used to exist with them, not dreaming of change and relaxation, not to mention complete healing. During my stay on a business trip abroad, my work colleague talked about osteopath Dmitry Petrovich. And that my colleague, being a resident of another country, constantly visits Dmitry Petrovich for treatment sessions. And I signed up for the session.
During the treatment process, interesting phenomena took place with my body that at first did not fit into the framework of my mind. The body, as it were, was trying to recover the once lost resources and the former balance, twitching, heating up, vibrating ...
After two sessions, the long-awaited relief and exposure of the illness that enveloped me clearly appeared. It became freer to breathe, the body gained integrity and harmony. There were forces and resources that gave impetus to take the reins of government into their own hands and bear full responsibility for all the events that appear on the path of life. After all, now I know for sure that all such events and diseases appear on the basis of my internal state, which I accumulated in the process of my unconscious life. Thanks again !!!
2019-11-03 16:43
# There is always a way out - you need a desire!Andrey Sinchevsky
My colleague advised me to see Dmitry Petrovich at the reception. She is a neurologist, well versed in extraordinary methods of treatment. And I have repeatedly turned to her for advice on overcoming the ailment.
He signed up for the session without enthusiasm, and thought that the treatment would be standard, not interesting and painful. But it was just the opposite.
The treatment was carried out not only at the body level, but also on the psycho-emotional aspects. At the session I felt a rethinking of my whole life. In problem areas unusual twitches and pulsations occurred for me. The looping on the past experience was quite clearly felt throughout the body. I could not let go of this experience before. But then in the session there was a relaxation and release. The body began to rebuild interestingly, unwind and felt very differently.
Suddenly and imperceptibly, sharp pains in the lower back, shoulders and back of the head disappeared. The gait relaxed, different life situations and ailments began to be felt and rethought differently. Relations with relatives have changed for the better.
Therefore, from all of them and from me personally, many thanks to you!
2019-07-23 10:06
# Mother's hope and tears!Mama Anastasia
Thanks to the doctor for helping my baby and for an adequate diagnosis. There was a birth trauma and a lot of negative emotions when carrying a fetus. Passed all instances, were also treated abroad. All the doctors said that there is an effect, but I did not see anything.
The result was brought only by Dmitry Petrovich. But at first it was completely incomprehensible what he was doing and whether these light, air touches could help. After all, we are not accustomed to such treatment! In the course of treatment, the daughter felt an unusual pleasant feeling, relaxation and calm. And right after that, Dmitry Petrovich said that your daughter, Daria, took the treatment and more symmetrical movements appeared in her body. And what could you feel with such a hairdryer, as the connection with mom still persists. After that, all doubts were dispelled, inner joy and hope appeared. Daria began to feel much better and calmer, she ceased to cry incessantly at night, ticks were gone by 90%. I, like my mother, have become happier and more comfortable with her. There were quite unusual feelings of a loving mother, as if the treatment of my Darinochka was reflected on me! Even then, the unpleasant discomfort during the carrying of the second child and the constant pain between the shoulder blades decreased.
Thank you so much from the whole family!
2019-06-29 00:19
# Pleasant comfort and relief from pain!Valentina Petrovna
I am an elderly woman 75 years old. After 60 years, problems with legs have become much more acute. Especially on the right.
After 68 years, stopped walking! It was all well-known doctors and professors - there was not even relief! Sadness, sadness, irritation, anger swept through me!
Friends very much advised Dmitry Petrovich. But a lot of time did not turn to him because of disbelief and tiredness of all this. But then decided. At that time, relations with all my relatives suffered from my disbelief, oppression, irritation, and constant pain!
On the third day, after the 1st session, Dmitry Petrovich, there was a significant relief. After the 3rd session, I started walking with crutches. Were treated with respect to mental and nervous disorders. So, that relatives just do not recognize me and are very happy for me! At first it was surprising and doubtful that this could be!
Our whole family was treated by a doctor. The sessions are very interesting, not like the usual treatment, unusually relaxing. The main thing - bring the result. We all express joyful gratitude for the fact that such specialists are still there and bring pleasant comfort and relief to such elderly people as me and our young generation !!!
2018-09-28 23:40
# Many thanks for help in overcoming psycho-emotional stress and trauma!Ksenia
Gratitude to Dmitry Petrovich for his help in overcoming my childhood fears and eliminating problems with the intestines and the genitourinary system. She often began to cry at sessions, and after that she experienced tremendous peace and emotional calm, as forgotten stresses and mental traumas came out with weeping. It was especially interesting to observe the process of recovery of the body, when after the sessions he began to rebuild and unusual behavior.
The treatment was pleasant, very easy and transparent, trusting. I learned and felt a lot of new and interesting about my body during the recovery period after the sessions!
2018-05-14 10:49
# Stable result in the treatment of cerebral palsyVictor Statnikov
Our son Artyom is 15 years old, diagnosed with cerebral palsy. To treat his son with osteopath Dmitry Petrovich was strongly recommended by friends, whom he also helped with Down's disease. Unexpected results of treatment of cerebral palsy were very cheerful and inspired. The treatment took place in an unusually calm and benevolent setting, so that Artyom surprised us all, became very fond of and became attached to the doctor. Although Dmitry Petrovich silently did his job and did not play with him in particular. Our child clearly began to recover.
There was a more symmetrical face and lower limbs, aligned posture, improved nutrition, noticeably became cheerful and calm.
Overflowing with a feeling of pure-heartfelt joy and gratitude!
2018-01-22 15:20
# A good doctorAnna Masiychuk
The kid was extremely restless, with a torticollis and an obvious asymmetry of the head. Crying, screaming and bursting when tried to heal with a massage. Familiar family constantly insisted to undergo treatment with this doctor, tk. He has gentle, light and airy effects on the patient's body. I'm desperate and frustrated in everything, constantly postponed the visit. Although, when I signed up for an appointment, somewhere in the depths of my soul, hope was opened and everything calmed down!
After the third treatment session, about 75% of the violations disappeared. The remaining violations, as the doctor explained, are gross injuries that have remained after difficult births, were treated with varying success, but the result is obvious.
Our family is very grateful for such an unusual, neat, painless and gentle treatment approach, and wishes great health and longevity to Dmitry Petrovich!
2017-10-13 21:06
# Accurate diagnosis and effective treatment with light touch!Artem Glebov
I would never have thought that by such gentle and light touches one could cure a person. After the treatment session, I did not expect the result, because I practically did not feel the effects of the doctor. Although very surprised that Dmitry Petrovich light and air touches determined what I came to him and that I was sick. After the second session, I realized that he could do all this without touching the patient at all.
The big bugodarnost and from his wife. Thank you for being so!
2017-10-08 11:55
# Thanks to the wonderful master!Zinaina Valentinovna
I am very grateful to Dmitry Petrovich for getting rid of headaches and dull depressive conditions. I did not even think it was possible! The body became much smoother, the gait changed as if I had been taken. The waist, pelvis, feet stopped whining and aching. Constant treatment in different in the category of doctors knesoterapevtov and osteopaths did not bring even a short-term relief. At this time, therapeutic therapy is being conducted by relatives - very satisfied and grateful!
2017-07-23 15:01
# Gratitude from the whole familyAlexandra pichkun
Constantly tormented by temporal, occipital and ocular tension and pain.
The left foot and stomach ached.
After the first session, the pain symptoms decreased significantly and a completely different sensation of life was stored. After the third session of osteopathy, a slight tingling in the heel remained. My husband and son had pain in the lower back and shoulder joint. I will continue to go for prevention and recommend to friends and relatives such a good specialist. Thank you very much for your highly qualified help !!!
2017-04-18 12:25
# Thank you for your MasteryJean Plekhanov
Doctors diagnosed, which required surgery, constant pain, it was impossible to fall asleep. After several sessions, it all passed. It was amazing and unusual to live without pain and depression. Thank you so much for what you are doing!
2017-04-18 12:16
# Thanks for the wonderful treatmentIvan Andreevych
I want to thank Dmitry Petrovich on it, something on delaet, Ved This miracles. Online zamechatelnыy specialist and a good man, and as many as possible to otkrыtsya on obschatsya.
I pryshel sylnoy with depression, holovnыmy pain, as well as with bad view. Also in cerebral palsy me, but Sorry vыnuzhdenы Some people live with such disease. Already after session I pervogo pochuvstvoval Changes in luchshuyu side depression beginning otstupat and uluchshylos of view. I have not even thought something of view can be somehow uluchshyt, but ymenno through Vision We bolshuyu part of information we obtain, and vlyyaet This Very heavily on our emotional state. This ymenno so I personally in this ubedylsya, Ved When beginning uluchshatsya of view, paints become brighter, peace boi vosprynymatsya somehow in another way. Also disappeared skovannost movements was lehche dыshat. After echoed and treteho polozhytelnыe Changed sessions were more than yavnыmy else. Vspomynaetsya Bach book "The Seagull Jonathan Livingston Called" O gulls, kotoraja constantly stremylas letat Above and bыstree, sovershenstvovala svoy navыky fly. Now I As same seagull, Jonathan Livingston Called, I otkrыvat New horizons for themselves.
2017-01-31 21:34
# The heart is full of gratitudeNatalia
After pregnancy and childbirth in my body ached all, I was in a state of depression and apathy. Already after the first dose are gone all the pain, the body began to recover, in see the light of joy, and the soul plunged in peace!!
Many thanks to Dmitry Petrovich for the most holistic treatment!!!
2017-01-31 21:15
# ReviewsNatalia
Special thank you for not indifferent !! Compassion and mercy with which you approach your work heals body and soul! You brought me a breath of life! I cry grateful that I can now free to breathe, feeling your body as a whole, without the pain and severity.
2016-10-20 23:40
# Big thanks!Arthur Vaykevich
After 3 sessions left pain and tension in the head. Activity was restored, left a permanent lack of strength and weakness. Leg, right, felt the freedom of movement. Many thanks and continued success!
2016-08-15 17:36
# Thanks and best wishes!Nikolay Onishchenko
After the third session the pain disappeared in the back of his head, pelvis and knee. I will continue to undergo treatment and prevention of 1 time per month. The wife disappeared cramps and pain in the limbs. And I wish Dmitry Petrovich and continue to treat patients!
2016-06-27 18:19
# The waist and his head no longer hurtsOksana Romaniuk
It was treated by doctors at all, the result was not! Full of despair! During the 4 sessions aching pain gradually eased. For 6 - completely gone. To prevent continue to go 1 time in a month! The result is very happy, but at first did not even believe!
2016-06-12 00:10
# Thanks for treatmentEdgar Lopez
I hurt neck, head, back. Most of the foot. It is not even a slight hope of relief. During the four sessions with breaks 3 weeks, unnoticed, even for me, the pain had gone, long since recovered the lost stereotype health and comfortable life. Change perceptions and friends to do with me!
Huge gratitude to Dmitry Petrovich, success and advancement!
2016-04-04 17:07
# Great massageGerard Stephen Zecchin
Great massage. I feel better and arrived home in Italy today.
See you next time I come to Kiev!
2016-03-31 18:49
# Sacrum not hurt anymoreAndrew Sokhin
Tortured by the pain in the feet, lower back, sacrum. After each procedure, the pain decreased significantly. Passed 5 sessions of osteopathy (1 treatment every 2 weeks). The pains are gone! Highly I recommend to all!
2016-03-05 12:08
# professional treatment of my jointsRoman Lapshin
Over 4 years held osteopathic treatment.
The result satisfied professional treatment.
I recommend to everyone!
2016-03-05 11:47
# Thank you, lumbar pain is goneAnastasia Vladimirovna
Many thanks to Dmitry Petrovich for current and competent approach to the chronic problem of my son. And despite the current situation in the country, I wish you to continue to remain as a specialist in their field.
2016-02-28 19:19
# GratitudeEkaterina Nikolaevna
Many thanks. You have cured my aching legs and with each procedure are constantly pleasantly surprised by an individual approach to the diagnosis and treatment of my!
2016-02-27 17:36
# thanks osteopathInessa
Professional and effective treatments, in no way inferior treatment from highly manual and visceral therapists, but at an affordable price!
With great confidence I recommend, as health plays a significant role in our lives!

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