Thai yoga massage

A Thai massage therapist should be able to conduct differentiated diagnostics to determine the significant areas with which to work in the first place. There is no need to act on compensation in the body, which adjusts to the root cause of the disease and is secondary to it. During Thai yoga massage, it is necessary to feel the various movements of the patient’s body segments, to have unobtrusive patience in anticipation of the readiness of these segments to cooperate through the barrier of self-access, to understand what therapeutic effects the fixed zones need in the moment “here and now”.

Thai massage at home Kiev
Thai massage session:
Full Thai Yoga Massage Session Kiev 1 hour (time depends on the body's response to treatment and relaxation)

1400 hryvnia.

 When conducting a traditional Thai massage Kiev, it is important to work with significant areas located along the paths of the main channels. After all, these zones form the asymmetry and fixation of the motor segments of different sizes, pulling together and leading the body's center of gravity to its zone of influence. In the same vein, it affects all subsequent physiological levels of the body, which have been more or less suppressed or depressed in the process of life experience. Work is carried out with signal areas to which the body allows and in the field of trust relationships built from the beginning of the session.

You can come for a session to our clinic at the above address, or order a Thai massage at home Kiev. In this case, you will not overpay, and will be able to bestow all the miracles of this session on all your family members at home. After all, the usual comfort for you reigns at home, blissful calm and a sincere smile of friends. And save the time saved on the road and saved a good mood for virtue to your neighbors, which you will surely be rewarded later!

At a well-conducted Thai yoga massage session, with a mandatory diagnosis to identify the key cause of the disease, the patient regains lost calmness and relaxation, a feeling of integrity, harmony and self-confidence appears. The suppression of the reasons that impede the physiological movement and stagnation of fluid in the body is achieved, and, as a result of this, the necessary condition for the long-awaited health and vigorous state of our spirit is formed.

The origins of yoga therapy originate in the ancient Indian healing system and Tibetan practices of balancing and centering. The miraculous effect and restorative power of this therapy have survived to the present. At the level with the adjacent recovery systems of the East and in Thai yoga massage Kiev, the concept of renewing the energy potential and the imbalance of fluid movement in the main collateral and resource systems of the body are used. This imbalance is the source of all emerging mental and physical diseases. Therefore, passing Thai massage sessions in Kiev, you can easily solve these health problems and renew the lost resources of the body.

Description of the Thai massage session.

The exact time of the session duration is incorrect to indicate, since we are all inert, and emotionally and physically different. Therefore, the duration depends on the reaction of the body to the effects of the yoga therapist and on his readaptation, relaxation and alignment to more natural points of support. In addition, yoga massage Kiev should wear an individual selection of effects, depending on the test and visual diagnosis, as well as a general history.

The patient is dressed in light, natural underwear and is lying on a covered floor (wide couch) in a position convenient for him. In this procedure, the techniques of template classic massage and hard high-speed jerking techniques are practically not used. The main attention is paid to unobtrusive twisting and stretching of blocked joints and muscles until they resonate, as well as deep pushing and pushing of congestive phenomena by different parts of the yoga masseur's limbs.

A session of professional Thai yoga massage begins with a relaxing and pleasant pressure on certain inertial points that reflexively affect various problem organs and systems of our body. At the same time, projection zones of the cerebral cortex are activated, which are responsible for the impulse of this area, and the proprioreceptor system is optimally built up, which balances the patient's body at different physiological levels. Also, thanks to the rhythmic movements characteristic of Thai therapy, the electrical activity and suppleness of the cerebral hemispheres is gradually organized, transferring the body to a more sparing mode of operation.

A bright and unforgettable state during the traditional Thai massage Kiev, contributes to a more conscious perception of difficulties and reassessment of life situations on the way to self-improvement and self-knowledge. After all, these tests, which are sent to us on the path of life, are an invaluable gift of God, thanks to which the boundless love and providence of our Creator is known to all of us.


The healing effect of Thai massage:

  • mitigation of stressful effects and mental stress;
  • restoration of the muscular system and blood circulation;
  • improving clarity, clarity and consistency of thinking processes;
  • relaxation state, adaptation of nervous processes;
  • restoration of joint and tendon properties, restoration of early flexibility, suppleness and mobility;
  • restoration of oppressed systems and body functions at all stages of life;
  • decrease in pain threshold of sensitivity;
  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondropathy, osteoarthrosis, postural defects, metabolic-dystrophic arthrosis, periarthritis of the shoulder-shoulder and hip);
  • disorders of the cardiovascular system (autonomic disorders, cardiac arrhythmias, arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis, hypertensive crises, cardialgia, cardiosclerosis, etc.);
  • neurocirculatory dystonia, myocarditis, pericarditis, vascular insufficiency;
  • rheumatic diseases of the periarticular soft tissues, periarthritis of the elbow and knee joint;
  • improving the circulation of body fluids and blood supply systems;
  • damage to the kidneys and liver, bronchial asthma;
  • aging slows down and the process of rejuvenation, resource life is included.

This Thai therapy, only at first glance, has a significant external similarity to yumeiho therapy at home in terms of intensity, staging and smooth effects. And in its deepest essence, it differs significantly by the aiming intent, the presence of a yoga therapist and moral mentality.

Thai therapy allows you to improve the perception of information, memory, Thai yoga massage in Kiev increase confidence and support on their recovered strength, to perceive other ways to solve problems.

Also, by eliminating the pathological conditions of joints and tendons, removing congestion and inflammation in the organs and systems of our body, through the use of yoga therapy Kiev, their functionality, motility are normalized, and our body is restored as a whole, without or almost not taking any medications.


When ordering a Thai massage at home on the above phone, you will not only save your precious time arriving at our Kiev clinic or massage parlor, but also while in a pleasant home environment, you can enjoy the healing effects of Thai healing therapy for a long time!