Thai massage

Thai massage - is an independent system of rehabilitation, which includes a plurality of medical complexes: Click on muscular exercises having the character of passive movements that activate blood circulation and restore joint function, reflex and acupressure effect.

Thai massage at home Kiev
Full Thai massage Kiev hour

900 hryvnia.


After I passed Thai massage, lasting about 1 hour and 30 minutes. patient acquires already zabyvsheesya tranquility and relaxation, a sense of the long-awaited health and confidence.

When ordering a Thai massage at home Kiev, you did not overpay, and deliver high-quality procedure itself directly home.

The origins of this therapy has its origins in Ayurveda (ancient Indian healing system) and in Chinese medical practice (the oldest medicine in the world). Miracle healing effect and restorative power of this healing therapy survived to the present time. On the level with the adjacent curative therapies East and Thai massage is applied the concept of renewal energy potential, and the imbalance that occurs because of violations of the fluid in the main energy channels. This imbalance is the source of all the arising of mental and physical diseases. Ordering a Thai massage in Kiev, you can easily solve these health problems.

I work directly on the method of traditional Thai massage Kiev to certain points on the pathways important channels. In the same rhythm effects on muscle machine and reach suppression reasons preventing the physiological movement of fluid in the body and, in consequence, to the need to us the condition that finds long-awaited health and vigorous state of our spirit.

Description of my Thai massage.

This procedure is the traditional Thai massage on time takes 1 hour 30 minutes to two and, if necessary, and up to three hours of Thai massage. The patient is fully clothed (from lung, natural material), is lying on a floor mat nestled in a convenient position. In this procedure, hardly used conventional techniques of classic massage for us. Focuses on the twisting of locked joints and muscles, stretching them and deep punching different parts of the limbs of the masseur.

My professional Thai massage session starts with a relaxing and pleasant pressure on specific points of the foot, which reflex influence on various issues of our organs and systems of the body, while still activated Motor cortex. Also, due to the movement committed in a certain rhythm, which are peculiar to this type of Thai therapy, gradually organized electrical activity of the cerebral hemispheres, turning the body on a more gentle mode.

Vivid and memorable state during this procedure helps absorb hard life our way, as a special, precious gift of God, through which part is known to all of us the infinite love of our Creator, and allow adequately evaluate traditional Thai massage Kiev and the quality of the massage manipulations.

  This Thai therapy has significant similarity of manipulation yumeiho therapy at home, but it differs only by the intensity and smooth effects.

Therapeutic effect of Thai massage:

     mitigating the effects of stress;
     restoring muscular system and blood circulation;
     improving the clarity and consistency of thought processes;
     relaxed state;
     renewal properties of joints and tendons, the acquisition of early body flexibility;
     recovery systems and functions of the body;
     lowering of the pain threshold of sensitivity;
     diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondropathy, osteoarthritis, posture defects, metabolic and degenerative arthritis, periarthritis humeroscapular and hip);
     disorders of the cardiovascular system (autonomic disorders, cardiac arrhythmia, hypertension, atherosclerosis, hypertensive crises, false angina, cardio, etc.);
     cardiopsychoneurosis, myocarditis, pericarditis, vascular insufficiency;
     rheumatic diseases periarticular soft tissues, periarthritis of the elbow and the knee joint;
     improving circulation of body fluids;
     kidney and liver, bronchial asthma;
     slows down the aging process and is included rejuvenation.

Thai Kiev therapy can improve the perception of information, memory, increase the confidence of the recovered power.

Elimination of pathological conditions of the joints and tendons, removing stagnation and inflammation in organs and systems of the body, in consequence of the use of Thai therapy normalizes their functionality, and restored our body as a whole without the use of drugs.

When ordering a Thai massage at home Kiev on the aforementioned phone, you not only save your precious time to visit a massage parlor, but being in a nice home, a long time will be able to enjoy the curative effect of Thai healing therapies!