Yumeiho Therapy (Japanese massage)

Yumeiho massage - is a methodology for the Ayurvedic impact on key disorders, consisting of a sequence of various techniques that correct and restore not only the musculoskeletal system, but all the body systems. In my treatment sessions, I necessarily include a set of isometric manipulations and a targeted level-level Yumeicho correction, with a primary focus on restoring the destructive vertebral segments, the pelvic corset, the nerve and vascular plexuses. Yumeiho-therapy at home in Kiev.
Yumeiho Therapy:
descriptionduration price
fullsession 1 hour.
1400 hryvnia.


First,at all stages of professional treatment with yumeiho-therapy, competent palpatory and visual diagnostics should be present to determine the meaningful violation, and only then a targeted and local correction of the violation, followed by a re-examination of the results of the exposure. Only with such a qualitative approach to this Ayurvedic Japanese therapy, there will be long-awaited fruits from our precious and irreplaceable health.

When following the above aspects, this method will promote the effective recovery of the body from bodily blocks, clamps, mental and nervous overstresses, adhesions, birth and childhood disorders. The functions of internal organs, muscles, tendons, cranial nerves, vessels and arteries will improve, which means that the entire structure of our body will come to a healthy state at all existing levels of human existence. Also, this method activates biologically active points in broken segments, has a beneficial effect on overall health and performance, stimulates the processes of rejuvenation, reorganization and balancing of the human body.

With the proper performance of Yumeiho massage, as well as with osteopathic treatment at home, peripheral circulation will improve, headaches will be eliminated, the sensitivity and free movement of pathological zones will be restored, as well as the harmful effects of metabolic processes. In some cases associated with young children, it is possible to call a doctor of the Yumei-therapist to your home, to such cities as Bucha, Brovary, Ukrainka, Borispol, White Church, Vasilkov, Irpen!

Yumeiho therapy is applied:

  • violation of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, kyphosis (costal hump), scoliosis, destructive arthritis, osteoarthritis);
  • violation of the cardiovascular apparatus (vegetative-vascular diseases, stroke, ischemic disease, hypertensive and hypotonic problems, etc.);
  • it is used when stretching and releasing the spinal column from static and dynamic loads;
  • endocrine and metabolic diseases (obesity, cholelithiasis and urolithiasis, gout, hypo (hyper) thyroidism, various tumors);
  • positively affects the trophism of the affected muscles, contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes;
  • disorders of nervous and mental functions (various neuroses, asthenovegetative syndrome, sciatica, rheumatism, headache);
  • diseases of the ear, throat, nose, eyes.

Results from the application Yumeiho-massage Kiev:

  • restoration of microcirculation in organs and tissues;
  • an increase in the amplitude of motion of the joints;
  • elimination of mental and physical stress;
  • elimination of impaired functions of internal organs and systems;
  • improvement of efficiency and good mood;
  • slowing down the aging process.

As a result of the Ayurvedic treatment (Ayurveda), muscles, tendons, bone system and joints find their harmonious and balanced state, which means that the natural position of the center of gravity of our whole body is equalized. Particular attention is paid to stress in the fascial lines, the main nerve channels and nervous plexuses, which allows improving the functions of internal organs, relieve spasms, inflammation, stagnation and improve microcirculation. Even such a disease as chronic cholecystitis is effectively treated by Japanese back massage in Kiev. If in this case before treatment, the soreness of the gallbladder area was clearly determined, and the inert innervation of the diaphragmatic nerve, with the pressure between the legs of the right sternoclecho-mastoid muscle, then after the procedure, all these symptoms are completely eliminated and leave without a trace.

"Yumeiho therapy leads to a consistent and phased stabilization of the physiological state of tissues, their functions and neural interconnections, restoring the disrupted work of the respiratory, endocrine, hormonal system and all structures of our body." Also slowing down the aging process, genetic disorders associated with asthma, increased reaction to cold and to various catarrhal and viral diseases. " (Japan Times, 24.10.1988).

After taking a course of Japanese therapy at home in Kiev or in a massage salon, you, besides removing fatigue and rejuvenating the entire body, will be able to successfully store that precious and irreplaceable vessel of our health that was donated to all earthly creatures by the all-loving and loving Creator.

It should be noted that the therapeutic efficacy of yumeicho-manipulations, as well as traditional Thai massage, is manifested thanks to the improvement of the nervous system, correction of the pelvic corset position and patient's diaphragm zones. According to statistics in the Kiev region (Cherry, Brovary, Bucha, White Church, Borispol, Irpen), approximately 96% of people, since childhood, suffer from displacement and deformation of pelvic and cranial bones, therefore the compulsory need for a course of Japanese massage is necessary for Kiev and practical for almost every patient.

In accordance with the above described stages, the session begins with diagnosis to identify the key function and treatment of the pathological link, which is the root cause and gives the development of the disease. With severe soreness and complex clinical symptoms, the patient can order a doctor's departure home!

Order a wonderful procedure Yumeiho therapy at home or come to our medical center. And you can feel all the effectiveness and quality of the healing session without leaving the doors of your home, or our cozy clinic!