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 Lysak Dmitry is a highly skilled osteopath, kinesitherapist, osteopathy in Uzhgorod at homemanual therapist and rehabilitation specialist. In the treatment it is extremely necessary to establish a confidential contact with the psychotype of the patient. The patient's organism is aware of everything that is happening to him and responds accordingly. It is very important that the patient's body at a subconscious level perceives the personality of the doctor as an osteopath, or visceral therapist, and allows treatment in this context. Without skilful observance of these important biodynamic conditions - the time spent and the efforts of the manual, or cranial therapist, go away without the proper result.

Osteopathy (cranio-sacral therapy):
Full SessionDurationCost
adult patients 1 hour 1900 UAH.
babies, newborns depends on the reaction of the baby  1800 UAH
 I conduct the reception in the city of Mukachevo in the medical center along the street of the spirit-man 75. In special cases, it is possible to go to the house!

At sessions professionally and skillfully I apply advanced methods of treatment which constantly prove the efficiency to my grateful patients. With individual diagnostic selection of therapeutic therapy and achieving the most consistent results, it is often necessary to combine different healing techniques.
The main treatment procedures that I apply are:

  • Osteopathy   
  • Craniosacral therapy, biodynamics   
  • Manual therapy   
  • Applied kinesitherapy and psycho-kinesiology
  • Visceral Chiropractic   
  • Children's reception or osteopathy for babies

If the patient wishes, I can carry out additional medical procedures:

  •  Massotherapy   
  •  Lymphatic drainage massage
  •  Acupressure (shiatsu, acupuncture)   
  • Thai and Yumeiho-therapy   
  • Myofascial release   
  • Massage for kids

With severe manifestations of the disease, a doctor of kinesitherapy in Uzhgorod or a chiropractor can make a trip to the house.

Please write to the treatment beforehand, by calling me on the above-mentioned phone number on the site. In Mukacheve I am not constantly, as I am taking a reception in our capital. Therefore, when I am in the capital, I invite you, all residents of the Transcarpathian region, Mukachevo, Uzhgorod, Svalyava, Berehovo, Vinogradov, Khust, Tyachov, Chop, Dibrova, Perechin, Irshava, Solotvino and Rakhov - to a quality medical treatment with professional high-sensitivity palpation diagnostics to identify the root cause of the disease! If you want more information about kinesiology, cranio-sacral and yumeicho therapy, biodynamics, bioenergetics or massage, see the tabs and articles on this site. I stay in Khust and Tyachiv for a while, so patients from these areas can directly apply to me for highly skilled care using soft-knuckled osteopathic techniques.

For convenient and high-quality treatment, with a complex disease of your baby, or an adult, you can call home! Osteopathic, visceral or cranial therapy for residents of the Transcarpathian region: Uzhhorod, Shayan, Khust, Beregovo, Svalyava, Rakhova, Tyachyova and Bukovel - is no different from the treatment at my place in the capital, so it is not necessary to overcome a long distance!

The treatment at my place in the city of Mukachevo begins with the identification of kinesiological and biodynamic methods of the key problem from which the disease begins. After not finding the root causes of this disease and treating compensations that adjust to this meaningful dysfunction, manual therapist or molfar, roughly interferes with the patient's internal resources, exacerbating the symptoms and causing general weakness. As a result, the exhausted organism is forced to return the remaining internal resources back to restore similar compensations, or to form more energy-consuming ones. Such a doctor (bioenergetics) does not care that he, with his treatment, barbarously tore off the perennial energy costs of the body to recreate the balance and necessary balance.

I constantly improve and pass training at known doctors of osteopaths, kinesiologists, manual and craniosacral therapists: Parahina AI, Smirnova AE, Sambiri VV, Michael Kern.
When carrying out manipulations to the doctor, the osteopath should be maximally positioned to a positive result and an adequate perception of the treatment of the patient's nervous system. When lowering and neglecting this important rule, you can most likely talk about another failure of treatment. As a result, the hands fall, the motivation for self-improvement and elementary health prevention is dimmed. And this happens everywhere and everywhere, even abroad of our country.
At the osteopathic reception in Uzhhorod I conduct a holistic and harmonious treatment for the whole organism, which I select individually depending on the pathology of this patient:

  • Structural: associated with disorders of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Visceral: differentiate diseases of internal organs and near-organ zones;
  • Cranio-sacral: in the descending pattern of the disease, I begin treatment with a key cause, which is found in cranial restriction or cranial membranes.

Due to the existing conditions, or exacerbation of the picture of the disease, you can go to the house not only in the city of Mukachevo, but also Uzhgorod!Craniosacral therapy and biodynamics Mukacheve

To me in Mukachevo, patients from the Transcarpathian region (Uzhgorod, Khust, Svalyava, Beregovo, Chop, Perechin, Irshava, Solotvino, Tyachev, Rakhova and Bukovel) come to the reception with such diseases:

  • Diseases of the vertebral column and joints (osteochondrosis, kyphosis, scoliosis, hernia, sciatica, lumbago, arthritis, arthrosis, osteoarthrosis, flatfoot)
  • Disease of ENT organs (sinusitis, frontal sinusitis, tonsillitis, otitis media)
  • Neurological and mental illnesses (migraine, psychosomatic, intercostal neuralgia, vegetative-vascular problems, intracranial pressure disorder)
  • Diseases of internal organs (omission and displacement of internal organs, bronchial asthma, gastritis, various ulcers, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, liver diseases, dyskinesia, violation of passage through the large intestine)
  • Male and female diseases (prostatitis, omission of genital organs, impotence, adenoma, puffiness and inflammation).
  • Children (infants) diseases (embryonic, intrauterine, ancestral, disorders associated with the growth and development of the baby: regurgitation, skull and pelvis asimetry, tearfulness, torticollis)
  • Diseases associated with pregnancy, childbirth and recovery.

Call at any time of the day, because the first harbingers of the disease are much easier to cure immediately than after a severe chronic pattern begins!

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Treatment is carried out at the following addresses:
  • Medical Center "Alternative",
    Kyiv, st. Dragomanova 31b (m. Poznyaki)
  • Center for Alternative Medicine,
    st. Podvysotsky, 19 (m. Friendship of Peoples)
  • Health Center Human World, st. Telegi 27A (m. Dorohozhychi)
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