Lysak Dmitry Petrovich: osteopath, physical therapist, rehabilitologist, kinesiologist.

Phone: +38 (099) 387 70 37
Viber/WhatsApp: +38 (099) 387 70 37
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Healing procedures:

  • osteopathy;
  • craniosacral therapy and biodynamics;
  • visceral chiropractic;
  • manual and yumeiho therapy;
  • kinesiology;
  • massage therapy for children and adults;              
  • and group and individual training osteopathic, visceral, and massage yumeiho art.


Biodinamika osteopatiya kiev

 I spend treatment in the city of Kiev:

  • medical center, Dragomanova street 31b, (or Sofia Rusova street 5B, - Poznyaki metro station)
  • Alternative Medicine Center, st. Podvysotsky 19 (metro Friendship of Peoples).

If necessary, a doctor can be called to your home or office.

To contact me, you can call the above telephone number, send e-mail or use the form "Contact Us".

Dear patients, given the limited time of the treatment session and many who wish to undergo treatment, we urgently remind you to announce your absence in advance for certain reasons. Since many of our patients, this particular, the medical procedure you missed, and at the same time, will bring real relief, health and great thanks for it!

We ask you to refer to it with understanding, mutual and mutual assistance! For our part, we will do our best to ensure that this medical procedure in our medical center in Kiev was for you as comfortable as possible, high-quality, productive and, of course, without the above-described incidents on our part!

We remind you about the need to find out what is biodynamics and osteopathy before registering for this treatment and asking incomprehensible and superfluous questions distracting doctors osteopaths, biodinamis or craniosacral therapists from the treatment process!

Be sure to call and write to the treatment session - and I will be very pleased and glad to give your body a professional and irreplaceable therapeutic service that will bring you health and a tremendous amount of internal resources and mood!

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