Classic Massage

Therapeutic and effective action of classical massage on various forms of pathologies and diseases the patient was famous in ancient times. This massage I use not only to eliminate the disease themselves, but for their prevention and warnings. classic massage kiev
The total (whole body) 1 hour 10 minutes. 900 hryvnia.
back 30 minutes. 770 hryvnia.
Feet 25 minutes. 760 hryvnia.
belly 25 minutes. 750 hryvnia.

Classic manual massage at home Kiev eliminate pain in pathological areas, provide a positive mood, a sense of satisfaction, improve efficiency.

The range of application of classical massage me:

  • elimination of adhesions, skin defects;
  • swelling, inflammation, spasms;
  • the elimination of diseases in the genital area of ​​both men and women;
  • Treatment of problems joint and muscle problems associated with the device;
  • violation and distortion of posture, rheumatism;
  • diseases of internal organs and digestive system;
  • kidney and urinary tract;
  • disease musculoskeletal and respiratory system;
  • in case of overload on the muscles and ligaments;
  • favors the regeneration of injured tissues.

Full body massage in Kiev is a universal preventive measure for the entire body of the patient. You must consider the patient's disease and produce individual targeted manipulation of the relevant affected areas. Of great importance is also  age-related changes in the cardiovascular system of the patient. In the literature on massage are many cases in which healing was achieved specifically through the use of procedures classical massage in Kiev.

Period visiting my sessions 2 times a week. In case of weakness, instability, major diagnostic indicators and other undesirable states the time of the complex classic therapeutic massage at home Kiev cut, or the need to take preventive measures to carry out the other, but so far, no massage manipulation.

After a general massage the patient, it is desirable to continue to soak for 15-30 minutes in a relaxed state. But be aware that patients with pathological cardiovascular system as much time (10-15 minutes) should rest just before the procedure is already a classic back massage Kiev. Session body massage Kiev ordered to your home, it's the highest quality and one of the best options on availability.

impact and usefulness in relation to the part of the assignment procedures for general massage, manipulation of destination are on separate parts of the body in a complex with recreational gymnastics, overall strengthening of immunity and other procedures that are in communication with clinical features of the patient individually selected. Long-term studies of patients with disorders of the endocrine and nervous systems, diseases of the internal organs and muscular system determine the effectiveness of the use of such techniques as general massage in Kiev comprehensive treatment of diseases without prescription drugs.

Classic manipulation should be done in the course of lymph flow to the lymphatic plexus:

    • on hand manipulations are performed to the axillary and elbow lymphatic plexus;
    • on the feet of manipulation should rush to the inguinal and popliteal  lymph nodes;
    • on the chest area - the movement is carried out from both sides of the sternum to the axilla lymph nodes;
    • classic back massage Kiev - the movement of the spine in both directions;
    • on the sacrum and lumbar area - motion carried to the inguinal plexus;
    • when you operate on the head, neck - to the lymph nodes of the subclavian region.

This set and systematic massage method described in the medical literature on massage and is used in the treatment and prevention institutions. But the use of common methodologies massage manipulations insufficiently effective in the complex treatment of clinical disease. General massage Kiev - is a complex procedure, which involves two parties: the therapist and the patient.

We need to know and use a special method, like the classic massage at home or Kiev, which is chosen according to the individual etiology, presentation structure of disease pathogenesis, pathological forms of development, and the need for professional understanding and use of effective methods of manipulation massage.

Private method classic massage at home clearly differentiated with respect to all of these indicators. For example, a back massage area at disease osteochondrosis with radicular syndrome should be different from the classic massage Kiev, at disease spondylitis or scoliosis, etc.

Call and order a time convenient to you this wonderful procedure of classical massage. Can leave the house!