About me

Osteopat kiev na domuLysak  Dmitry  Petrovich - physiotherapist, osteopath, kinesitherapist, rehabilitologist.

Specialization: Biodynamics, Craniosacral Therapy, Oteopathy, Kinesiology, Visceral Therapy.

A pupil of well-known osteopaths and craniosacral therapists (biodynamists): Smirnova AE, Sambiri VV, Michael Kern, Roger Gilchrist, Nikonenko EN, Levashova IB, and academician of manual therapy VN Naboychenko .

Therapeutic activity:

  • 2016 - present time: - Osteopath, biodynamist. Medical Center "Alternative", Kiev, ul. Dragomanova 31b.
  • 2013 - 2016. - Kinesiologist, osteopath. Kiev Center of Sports Medicine.
  • 2008 - 2013. - Manual therapist, visceral therapist. Clinic "Harmony", Kyiv.

Higher education:

  • Physiotherapist. Vinnitsa University "Ukraine", specialty "Physical therapy, ergotherapy".
  • Physical rehabilitation specialist. University "Dragomanov", specialty "Physical rehabilitation".
  • University "KPI", Energy Faculty.

Thanks to many years of experience in palpatory skills, perception and professional intuition, I correctly determine the localization of the root cause of the disorder and the state of patients and weakened internal systems of the body. By purposeful and high-precision methods of craniosacral biodynamics, osteopathy, kinesiology and manual therapy, I effectively eliminate the causes of pathology and its consequences, without further manifestation of relapses.

I believe that the visceral part, the cranial membranes and the rigid dural sheath in the spinal column determine not only the inner and outer state of a person, but also a huge spectrum of psychosomatic disorders, from intrauterine development to old age.

Therefore, the main approach in my system of soft tissue treatment, aimed at identifying the root cause of the disease and a detailed study of diagnostic skin and perceptual signals (thermometric, electrical, spatial) is:

  • Creation of confidential relations with the patient's personality and his body; the patient's body should perceive the treatment, confidently grab the helping hand of the transparent and neutral cranial therapist, lean on a stable fulcrum and heal.
  • Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical purification of the human body from accumulated energy-consuming stresses at any stage of corrective therapy; because these assigned stresses change the physiological point of support of our body, and force the body to adapt to additional fixations, distorting the patterns of natural development and expending the colossal internal regenerative resources.
  • Osteopathy and craniosacral biodynamics, musculoskeletal kinesiology testing, visceral and manual therapy. But, as with the initial examination, and in the process of treatment, an inseparable stage should be the identification of a key violation from the entire confused chain of compensatory links (depending on the individual characteristics and pathology of the patient).

And this, of course, with the active participation of the patient in the process of treatment, gives him a vivid opportunity to return the departed youth of the body and soul, restore lost resources and ability to work, and, therefore, improve the quality and time of a healthy life.

It should not be forgotten that medical treatment procedures (visceral osteopathy, yumeiho-therapy, medical massage, etc.) are not a tablet for lazy people, who with the help of it hope to get rid of troubles and illnesses without effort and compulsion, closing their eyes to what irreparable harm has already been done.

Treatment and rehabilitation procedures and massages, craniosacral, visceral and manual therapy should be the result of constant healing work on oneself. After all, without observing the rules and terms of the passage of these medical measures, we lose the right given to us by God to enjoy a healthy life and short-term youth, in view of the constantly and adversely affecting conditions of the external environment to which our body must constantly adapt!

Qualitatively and effectively I restore patients with problems of the spinal column and internal organs, as well as many other diseases:

  • scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis, rib protrusion;
  • hyper (hypo) tonic abnormalities, compression of cranial nerves and bones;
  • diseases of the respiratory tract (bronchitis, pneumonia and bronchial asthma);
  • problems with internal organs (liver, kidney, gallbladder, pancreatitis);
  • with violations of the circulatory system and lymph flow;
  • osteochondrosis, inguinal and vertebral hernia;
  • radiculitis, arthritis, rheumatism, epilepsy and neuralgia;
  • metabolic disorders, obesity, allergic reactions;
  • cranial compression, migraine, nervous exhaustion, weakness of the body;
  • work with pregnant women and their fetus at different periods of pregnancy;
  • cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, mental and physical development problems;
  • various diseases of children since infants.

It is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of clinical forms of lesion and to carry out a special effect on the relevant segments and areas. I especially take into account the age of the patient and the activity of internal resources, in connection with the state of the cardiovascular and nervous system, as well as the body's response to medical manipulations and the period of adaptation.

I constantly improve and master new techniques for osteopathy and visceral chiropractic, being trained by doctors of higher categories and academicians of Chinese and foreign manuals.

Since Hippocrates and ancient Oriental medicine, the means, methods and methods of manipulation have not changed much, and only the skill of the doctor, rather his professional intuition, decides the success of the treatment. And the very same success will be the result of love, diligence and zeal for the healing of the mortal body of the infirm.

Therefore, a doctor osteopath Kiev, a kinesiologist or visceral therapist for working with internal organs of the abdominal cavity, should know well not only the anatomy and physiology of man, but also have a huge practice of treating and diagnosing diseases. In addition, he must have great intuition, patience, with the necessary quality of courage and confidence in his own abilities and actions, in accordance with the basic principles of medicine "Do No Harm", but before "Do not refuse."

treatment of the spine at home in Kiev

As part of manual therapy - osteopathy, visceral therapy or massage should be used only by a doctor or under his supervision. The effectiveness and effectiveness of any treatment should be determined by a professional individual approach to finding the root cause of the disorder, with patient diagnosis and neutral listening to the patient's body. In the case of the oppressed body of the patient, the doctor must be able to properly present such a curative effect, which is necessary at a given time and under the given circumstances only to him. Adequate and better than this approach - the medicine does not exist, and can not be!

Therefore, medical professionals of all categories need to study precisely these means of influencing our perishable, but hotly beloved body. After having a healthy body, we will be able to do more good deeds, and thus we will invaluably help our sinful soul in response to the terrible judgment before the Creator and Creator of everything and everything!

For successful treatment of any pathology complexity, the patient should think about his actions and thoughts, revise and change the way of life. After all, the fault of all our diseases and disasters is ourselves only through the causal chain of events. I, as a doctor who is present and loving you, will in every possible way contribute to your effective healing for a better life!