Sports massage

Sports massage - is a reliable auxiliary remedy for increasing the flexibility, resource and firmness of the body. Sports massage contributes to a better and more targeted restoration of the functional state of muscles, joints, tendons, compensated fractures than as a result of the use of targeting techniques and similar rehabilitation therapies.

Sports massage at home Kiev
Sports massage session:
The total (whole body) 60 minutes - it all depends on how the body rebuilds and reacts to the session. 1400 hryvnia.

 Training massage in Kiev is used to improve the performance of an athlete, his adaptation and activation of recovery functions.

Sports massage at home Kiev is an indispensable tool as preparation for a grueling workout or competition, both immediately before training (competition) and after it, but already as an effective remedy.

A properly selected load is also of great importance for training massage, which affects different levels of muscles and joints in all types of sports training.

The correctly selected method of sports training, which includes sports back massage in Kiev, contributes not only to the prevention and treatment of a huge number of injuries and pathological sprains, but also disorders related to overloads and contractures.

The results of using sports massage:

  • stimulates the functions of internal organs;
  • improvement of lymph flow and elimination of toxins;
  • restores the muscular system and its readaptation;
  • elimination of contracture and stiffness in joints, tendons;
  • restores the characteristic movements for the vertebral segments, eliminates their asymmetry and fixation;
  • endocrine, metabolic, digestive diseases;
  • allergic symptoms, prevention of dermatitis, respiratory diseases;
  • restoration of nervous and mental disorders;
  • restoration of microcirculation in organs and tissues;
  • elimination of mental and physical stress;
  • elimination of impaired functions of internal organs and systems;
  • slowing down the aging process, improving regeneration;
  • childhood diseases and injuries.

When prescribing an energetic massage for athletes, one should always take into account the dominant chronic diseases, the severity and severity of functional disorders, as well as the general condition of the patient and his inertia.
One of the important points of an individual approach to stretching and releasing the spinal column from static loads and fixations is finding a key disorder, as a result of which the body has assumed this negative pattern in the segment with the least resistance to this violation.

Considering this, massage for athletes, like Thai massage at home, should be performed in lightweight starting positions, in which the body acquires the resource capacity to identify a significant violation that maximally affects the area with increased pain sensitivity. In such positions, the compensatory muscle tension also decreases, the structure is freed from static loads and inertia, which allows you to freely perform movements with certain levers in the body, without affecting the structures that are nearby, and thereby, without distorting the training manipulations.
The tasks of sports energy massage in general and in case of disorders of the musculoskeletal system and osteochondrosis of the spinal column in particular can be formulated as follows. Firstly: to increase the temperature in the deep muscle layers due to rhythmic precise manipulations, to improve the quality of blood flow and lymph circulation, to provide anesthetic and resorption actions to restore the correct innervation, to promote deep restoration of the function of the pathological part of the body. Secondly: to reduce the tone of the tense muscles of the back for the restructuring of the secondary segments directly connected with them; then increase the strength of those muscles that have lost their function for optimal body balancing and natural alignment of the center of gravity in the desired vector; give the system a break to build physiological priorities and restore oppressed resources.

With vigorous massage manipulations, it is important to take into account the individual duration of the session, its tolerance, the reaction of the system to the impact, as well as a more subtle selection of the necessary parameters after adaptation of the body. In the acute period and with increased pain sensitivity, a gentle mode of performing manipulations and training loads on the structures that build the body's center of gravity is recommended. During the period of functional recovery, in order to strengthen the muscular apparatus and balance the system, more vigorous massage manipulations are prescribed on secondary structures and more targeted subtle techniques for the significant root causes of the disease.

Joint immobility due to pain and contractures is typical of articular attack of rheumatism, gout attack and prolonged overload; but with the timely use of sports massage at home Kiev, such diseases are easily amenable to treatment and targeted restructuring of pathological structures.

In the acute period of the disease, it is advisable to spare the injured organ, adhere to bed or semi-bed rest. Therefore, sports manipulations at home in Kiev, in this case, are in the nature of hygienic and preparatory procedures. Then the complex of massage for athletes, like children's massage at home, includes the simplest manipulations performed without effort, with a limited range of motion in the joints, fixed limbs and the spinal column. As the pain subsides, the range of motion increases due to the introduction of exercises with greater amplitude, concentration and vigorous muscle tension.

You can order this energetic and healing service to your home right now. After all, with the right understanding and approach, it is an alternative to grueling workouts, when it is far from always possible to overdo oneself for constant self-development, or, at least, come to the gym for fitness!