Sports massage

Sports massage - reliable adjunct therapy to increase flexibility and stamina of the body. Through the use of sports massage I manage to recover much faster functional state of the muscles, joints, tendons and emotional state than as a result of the use of other types of massage.

Sports massage at home Kiev
Sports massage session:
The total (whole body) 60 minutes. 1200 hryvnia.

Training massage in Kiev, I used to improve the performance athlete and enhancing recovery functions.

Sports massage at home Kiev is an indispensable tool in preparation for the grueling training or competition as directly before training (competition) and after it, but as an effective means of rehabilitation.

Of great importance for the training of massage and plays correctly selected load, which affects the different levels of the muscles and joints in all types of sports training.

Correctly chosen method of athletic training, which includes sports back massage in Kiev, contributes not only to prevent and treat a huge number of injuries and pathological dilatation, but violations related to overloads and contractures.

The results from the application of sports massage:

  •      stimulates the function of internal organs;
  •      improving lymph flow;
  •      improves muscular system;
  •      elimination of contractures and stiffness in the joints;
  •      restores the characteristic movements of vertebral segments, and corrects their curvature;
  •      endocrine and metabolic diseases;
  •      violations of allergic-type and respiratory diseases;
  •      restoration of nervous and mental disorders;
  •      restoration of microcirculation in tissues and organs;
  •      elimination of mental and physical stress;
  •      elimination of violations of the functions of internal organs and systems;
  •      slowing down the aging process.

In appointing the sports massage I always take into account the severity and severity of functional disorders, as well as the general condition of the patient.
One of the highlights of my treatment is the extension of the spinal column and the release of static loads. Given this, the Thai massage at home, I try to perform a lightweight Starting position: lying on his back, on his side, on his stomach. In such a situation reduces the voltage of the back muscles, the spine is released from static loads, which allows free movement of the body to perform.

Tasks sports massage in osteochondrosis of the spine can be formulated as follows. First, increase the temperature in the deep layers of muscle, improve blood and lymph circulation, have analgesic and resolving actions contributed to the rapid recovery of the functions of this body part. Secondly, reducing muscle tone strained backs increase the strength of those muscles which have lost their function as a result of disease.
An important feature of a vigorous massage treatments in spinal osteochondrosis is how long the session. In the acute phase of pain and recommended sparing regimen manipulations. In the period of functional recovery with a view to strengthening the muscular system capable of supporting the back in an upright position for a long time, prescribe stronger manipulation.

Stiffness in the joints due to pain is typical for the joint attack of rheumatism, gout; but with frequent use of this procedure as a sports massage at home Kiev, these diseases can be treated easily.

In the acute phase of the disease it is advisable to spare an injured body, stick or polupostelnogo bed regime. Sports manipulation at home in Kiev in this are in the nature of hygiene. The range of this procedure I, as well as in baby massage at home, includes the most simple manipulations performed without effort, with limited range of motion in joints, limbs and spinal column. As the pain subsided volume of motion is increased by the introduction of exercises with more muscle tension.

  Order this healing process for your muscles and joints at the above phone number to his house, that is, with the right understanding and approach, the alternative to a grueling workout in the gym!