Child's massage

Children's massage should be performed by a qualified specialist who can identify the key cause of the disease from all pathological links of the disorders, and treat it correctly. An experienced pediatrician will first diagnose the manifestation of certain movements of the baby's system in order to present, on the basis of this, the appropriate effect that the baby's body needs. And then health-giving massage for children will really be an indispensable element that your kid lacked on the physiological, emotional-mental and mental levels. baby massage at home kiev
 Massage for kids:
full session depend on the age 1300 hryvnia.


In the future, after an examination, identifying the source of the disease and treating your child, I show parents simple and individually selected manipulations for a child's therapeutic massage, which they can use to further improve their beloved child. If desired, parents can also receive training on modern curative areas of children's health improvement in our medical center, for more confident instruction of their beloved heir on the path of priceless health.

In case of acute symptoms and other clinical reasons, it is possible to order a procedure at home with the call of a professional pediatric masseur doctor (pediatrician). Massage of a child in Kiev from the age of one year has a significant difference from the massage of newborns and toddlers from 2 to 3 months and up to 1 year. The differences are related to the nature of the manipulations aimed at the age-related manifestations and the course of the disorders, as well as the intensity of the exposure and the duration of the procedure.

A light healing massage for babies from one month to one year is recommended for everyone, taking into account their anatomical features and localization of the disorder. Since it is at this time that the children develop a muscular corset, bones, and certain patterns are formed associated with their present experience. General strengthening massage has a favorable therapeutic background for various periods of development of the baby and the formation of a solid foundation in the future, as zones of regenerative resources and the formation of symmetry in the body.

Children's procedures are done in the medical center of Kiev, so parents of babies from the Kiev region (White Church, Brovary, Bucha, Irpen, Fastov, Vasilkov, Borispol, Cherry, Slavutich, Ukrainka, Yagotin, Obukhov, Boyarka, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Boguslav) will be comfortable and it is easy to attend sessions. We provide children's massage at home in Kiev with a call, or in our clinic at the above address.

Favorable time of such therapeutic measures is 1,5 - 2 hours after eating or half an hour before meals. After the treatment procedure, the child's organism must adapt for a certain time, therefore the frequency of the treatment sessions is selected taking into account the duration of the system's recovery. In most cases, children's sessions are held every other day, two days later and are selected individually, depending on the reaction of the baby's body. Massage the child in Kiev is not recommended before going to bed, and also apply massage creams and powders, which are used for older patients.

Children's massage in the salon Kiev is carried out gently, smoothly and gently. Appliances for stroking, vibration and rubbing. To such tricks as kneading and percussion techniques, it is necessary especially to respond, since they should be used only by a pediatrician, a pediatrician. When giving a massage to a newborn or a baby, one should observe his reaction and condition. The child should not be nervous, irritated and cry. In the presence of such whiny states, you must immediately stop the procedure. Such a massage in time should take 6 - 9 minutes. 

Indications for a child's massage are:

  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system, stoop, orthopedic deviations, congenital clubfoot;
  • disorders of the nervous system: cerebral palsy, muscular dystonia, motor diseases, Down's syndrome, muscular torticollis;
  • pathological changes in neuropsychic development;
  • diseases of the spine and joints: scoliosis, lordosis, flat and concave spine, deformation of the feet and legs;
  • diseases of the digestive tract (without exacerbation);
  • diseases of muscles, ligaments, their stretching and atrophy;
  • disorders of metabolic processes (obesity, hypotrophy);
  • diseases of the circulatory system (heart defects, vegetative-vascular dystonia);
  • deformity of the lower extremities (varus or valgus deformation);
  • diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, bronchial asthma, allergic reactions;
  • bone diseases, fractures, dislocations;
  • restoration of motility of organs and damaged tissues;
  • pathological changes in the shape of body segments;
  • psycho-emotional disorders;
  • birth and postpartum disorders.

Contraindications for a child's massage:

  • 1. high fever and various febrile symptoms;
  • 2. rashes on the skin surface;
  • 3. hypersensitivity of skin surface;
  • 4. the presence of acute diseases and neurological symptoms.

Pediatricians treating pediatricians are more often used to doing medical procedures in special massage rooms, hospitals, polyclinics, medical centers.But for a child who behaves normally at home and starts to get nervous at once, crying and crying, not allowing the doctor to touch himself, it will be much more effective if the parents order a children's masseur on the way home. In addition, factors such as: the optimal timing of the departure of a pediatrician, a quality and comfortable sleep of a baby after a massage, without possible freezing on the way to the house, and standing in line at children's polyclinics - create an incomparably favorable background not only for the physical health of the baby , but also the psycho-emotional state of the parents.

Gradually your favorite child will make more complex movements, turns and independent steps, bringing to parents this great joy and consolation. But for such active development and safe motor progress, its nervous system, muscular corset, spinal column and legs should be ready in advance, it is sufficient to strengthen and balance symmetrically. If the baby has structural, tissue, genetic or neurological abnormalities, they must be brought to health, compensated symmetry and harmonious state by the therapeutic help of an experienced doctor of a child's masseur Kiev at home

And then in pediatrics it is possible to speak with a great deal of confidence about such safe motor development and psycho-emotional becoming of the baby, which does not cause secondary compensatory disorders and negative additional patterns. After all, correctly organized and balanced motor activity is a reliable, effective and all available preventive agent from the majority of internal pathologies and formed under external influence of disturbances. So already in the 18th century, the outstanding physician Tissot wrote: "There is not a single medicine and medical remedy in our world that works more effectively for the health of our body than regular active movements and manual influences of an experienced doctor!"

I was very eager to disclose the superficial therapeutic aspects of pediatrics, the properties and practical application of children's massage in simple and understandable language - to parents, grandmothers, grandfathers and other close relatives who have young children from birth to one year and from one year to seven. But this field of science is not fully studied and is constantly developing for many years, bringing constantly new methods and views in the development of children's therapy. Therefore, for everyone who wants to go deeper into this constantly progressing process, different methods of pediatric massage can be taught in our clinic, especially for the parents of infants from the Kiev region (White Church, Brovary, Bucha, Irpen, Fastov, Vasilkov, Borispol, Cherry, Obukhov, Boyarka, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Slavutich, Ukrainka, Boguslav, Yagotin), since it is most convenient for them to get there.

I know that absolutely all parents want true kindness and health to their beloved children, they try to make their children develop full of strength and joy, they do not hurt, and this brings joy to relatives and friends close to them. But, dear dads with moms should know and understand, while your children are still small and harmless, we are still in full responsibility for their physical, and especially for spiritual and moral development!

Dear patients with small children, order a massage for children at home or in our medical center in Kiev, and in the near future you will feel much calmer than yourself for the harmonious spiritual and physiological well-being of your favorite hereditary descendants!