Scenar Therapy

chenar therapy at home in Kiev

 It is very important for the attending physician or SCENAR-therapist to learn how to properly listen to the patient's body and, in accordance with the revealed request, to produce competent dosed treatment, which is necessary in this case and only at the moment. The reaction of the patient's nervous system to such an effect will be unconditionally trustworthy, the body will perceive the Skenarth the personality, allocate internal hidden resources, a shift in the fixation of the disease will occur and healing will come.

Tapping energy channels:
Full SessionDurationCost
Procedure 1 hour 1400 UAH.

SCENAR - Self-controlling, EnergoNeyroAdaptive Regulator. Emitted impulses from the Scenar apparatus live Oganism perceives for the harmonious and healing control of its own nervous system. With this impulse, Skenar therapist evenly affects the skin of the patient. Working on the principle of feedback, thanks to SCENAR Apparatus, an experienced doctor monitors theScenar_Therapy_at home response of body structures to targeted treatment, and makes the necessary precise corrections to achieve the greatest possible result. This is already a necessary and sufficient component in the fundamental principle of any literate treatment. Also, with a certain pathology and symptoms, a call to the therapist's home is possible.

Device SCENAR, - is a universal sub-builder of micro sensitivity and changes in the behavior of the organism. It is easy to imagine the effectiveness of SCENAR-therapy in the treatment of many acute and long-term chronic diseases, with which other medical techniques, including Chinese gouache massage, can not cope. At the same time, the work of internal organs and metabolic processes is regulated, the withdrawal of toxins and toxins is accelerated, immunity and psycho-emotional state are significantly improved, mood and efficiency are increased. All of the above described is achieved through this therapy of electrotherapy, and without the slightest medication!

Treat SCENAR-apparatus with two methods: general and local, but the impact is always goal-directed and targeted due to the available biologically feedback,
With dynamically changing impulses, which are adjusted for a specific disease. The general method of treatment at home involves exposure to six ventral points of the skull and three tracks. Local treatment is aimed at segmental and reflexogenic effects, depending on the key underlying cause, which is revealed in the diagnosis and questioning of the organism. Compared with other methods of electrotherapy - this therapy provides a solution to the serious problem of accommodation. The presence of a biological feedback with a change in the skin of the impedance allows the impulses of the device to be adjusted during the exposure in such a way that the subsequent impulse is different from the previous one. Such impulses are as close as possible to the nervous impulses of a person who can not even modulate an osteopathy in Mukacheve by their biodynamic presence and neutrality.

There are many diseases, both children's (babies) and adults, in which SCENAR-therapy is effectively used by specialized doctors who have received appropriate training and preparation:

  • Pediatrics: physical and mental retardation, immunodeficiencies, dysbiosis, alopecia areata, scoliosis and torticollis, diathesis.   Scenar Therapy at home Kiev
  • Violations of the nervous system.
  • Disturbances of the musculoskeletal system.   
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • Diseases of the respiratory system and digestive organs.   
  • Diseases of the urinary system and gynecological problems.
  • Diseases of the ENT organs and the oral cavity.
  • Diseases of the organs of vision: visual tension, loss of function, conjunctiva.
  • Skin diseases: panaritium, skin diseases of various etiologies, post-burn stitches and scars, various abscesses.
  • Cosmetic efficiency.

To prevent the risk of worsening and aggravating the situation, when treating SCENAR-therapy, there are contraindications:

  •     Acute psychosis;   
  •     An available pacemaker;
  •     Intolerance or nervousness;
  •     Infectivity and inflammation;
  •     Narcotic or alkogolnoe state.

Depending on the clinical situation of the patient, you can go home!

Call at any time, we with all sincerity will treat any your problem, and with great dedication will solve it in the shortest possible time!