Hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches)

If you have any illness or dysfunction of the internal organ, the hirudotherapy apply on the same body of the patient, and on special terms in the area proektsionnoy put leeches. I think that it is important to be sure to remind you that the same leech not put more than once! Therefore, we put a leech and everything, and then use another. This approach I rule out any possibility of contamination of the patient.

Hirudotherapy at home Kiev
Hirudotherapy  It depends on the individual diagnosis 750 hryvnia.

Hirudotherapy (Latin for "hirudo" - leech) - a treatment with leeches. Thanks to the treatment with leeches cure disease for many patients the doctor known since Hippocrates to modern reputable professors. Already in the eighteenth century, leeches were used in large quantities for the treatment and prevention of many disorders and then known dysfunctions.
Very active girudoterapiya home (away) began to use in our time. But in our modern world and even more so there is a huge demand for useful properties of leeches as a home osteopathy.
So, leeches considered to annelids and they are ectoparasites that suck blood ("ecto -" - "which is located outside, is"). There are more than four hundred species under the leeches. But its long-standing practice of applying medicinal leeches only two subspecies: chemist and medical. These leeches are absorbed into the skin to a depth of about half a millimeter and begin vysmaktyvat blood in a small volume of 5-15 ml. And is equal to the amount of blood then tochitsya this localization leeches for 3-24 hours. I try during one procedure leech therapy at home Kiev to use no more than seven individuals.
Leeches necessarily located in localized reflex points (places acupuncture); the impact on the circulation of leeches only mechanical and not more than (ie vysmaktyvanie blood and her long flowing out of the localized Zoni bite); getting into the circulation substances of leeches, which has no less than ninety biologically active elements, which normalize our body. And all this background to the active antibacterial effects and normalize the nervous system.

Hirudotherapy used to achieve the following objectives:

  •     scar treatment of violations and adhesive processes;
  •     softening blood clots and improve the blood;
  •     eye diseases, cataract lens, glaucoma;
  •     normalizes blood circulation and blood viscosity;
  •     restoration of damaged tissues and muscles;
  •     treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, gout, lung emphysema;
  •     improve metabolism, sleep and immunity;
  •     skin and gynecological diseases;
  •     violation of kidney function, nephroptosis inflammation pelvis;
  •     cardiological and neurological disorders;
  •     problems with blood vessels and headaches;
  •     cellulite and body fat, wrinkles;
  •     treatment of constipation, liver, gallbladder and pancreas.


Do not apply when treatment hirudotherapy:

  •     poor blood clotting;
  •     malignancies;
  •     pregnancy and lactation.

At its session on girudoterapiya home (at checkout) unfed localized in the area of ​​the diseased organ or tissue: the area of ​​the heart, pancreas, along the broken blood vessels and veins.

Also you can call the doctor of the therapist to your home or office!

Treatment with leeches as masseuse at checkout, is also used as an effective remedy for headaches, reduce inflammation and acute pain syndromes.

Make an appointment girudoterapiya Kiev at the above phone. After going through this process of hydrotherapy you will receive, in addition to therapeutic effect, even with nothing incomparable, unique and memorable. It is necessary to try not only for effective treatment and prevention of diseases of annoying, but even for the usual interest. This sure way to cure many diseases, now is always available for you.