Hirudotherapy (treatment with leeches)

Since ancient times, leeches have been widely used by hirudotherapists to treat and prevent many disorders and pathologies. In case of a disease or a violation of the function of the internal organ, hirudotherapy should be applied locally, together with the distal placement of leeches at special points in the projection areas. It seems that it is important to recall - the same leech is not put more than once. Therefore, put one leech and that's it, then use another. This approach eliminates any possibility of infection of the patient.

Hirudotherapy at home Kiev
Leech treatment session Kiev:
Hirudotherapy  It depends on the individual diagnosis 1200 hryvnia.

Hirudotherapy (translated from the Latin “hirudo” - leech) is a treatment with leeches. Thanks to the effects of leeches, many patients were cured of the disease, starting from the era of Hippocrates and ending with the era of modern medical discoveries. But it is always important to determine where to start treatment and in which direction to build a further plan of action.

Very actively, hirudotherapy at home (to go to the patient's home) began to be used in our medical industry. In hospitals, medical centers and clinics in Kiev, there is a huge demand for the beneficial properties of leeches and for their targeted effect on a key cause, as well as osteopathy at home.

So, leeches are ranked as annelids and they are ectoparasites that suck blood and inject their own enzymes (“ecto” - “which is outside, outside”). There are more than four hundred under the varieties of leeches. But in our many years of practice, we use exclusively medical leeches with two of their subspecies: pharmacy and medical. These leeches are absorbed into the skin to a depth of about one and a half millimeters and begin to squeeze out blood in a small volume of 5-15 ml. And an equal amount of blood is then whetted from this place of leech localization for 3-24 hours.

It is recommended that within one procedure leech treatment at home Kiev (or in our clinic) use no more than seven individuals.
The leech should be located in localized reflexogenic points and acupuncture sites, in accordance with the found significant areas when collecting anamnesis and diagnostics. The effect of leeches on the blood circulation is exclusively mechanical, that is, the pumping out of the blood and its prolonged flow from the localized zone of the prokus. Getting into the blood circulation the substance of leeches, consisting of at least ninety biologically active elements that normalize our body, renew resources and give it resistance to external influences. And all this against the background of an active antibacterial effect, the release of lost internal energy, the normalization of the nervous system and our structure as a whole.

Hirudotherapy is used to achieve such goals:

  • treatment of cicatricial disorders and adhesions;
  • softening blood clots and improving blood composition;
  • eye diseases, cataract of the lens, glaucoma;
  • normalizes blood circulation and blood viscosity;
  • restoration of damaged tissues and muscles;
  • treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, gout, pulmonary emphysema;
  • improving metabolism, sleep and immunity;
  • skin and gynecological diseases;
  • impaired renal function, nephroptosis, inflammation of the pelvis;
  • cardiological and neurological disorders;
  • vascular problems and headaches;
  • cellulite and fat deposits, wrinkles;
  • treatment of constipation, liver disease, gall bladder and pancreas;
  • nervous and mental overwork and stress.



Hirudotherapy treatment is not used in such conditions:

  • poor blood coagulation;
  • malignant tumors;
  • pregnancy and lactation.

The doctor is a hirudotherapist at home (on departure) or at the Kiev medical center, hungry individuals are localized in the area of ​​a diseased organ or tissue: the area of ​​the heart, pancreas, along the broken vessels and veins. Then, an aimed distribution is already carried out depending on the key and secondary areas that maximize the impact on the pathological zone.

Treatment with leeches, as well as a masseuse on call Kiev, is effectively used for headaches, reducing inflammatory and acute pain syndromes, as well as relieving stress and depression.

Make an appointment with hirudotherapy Kiev by phone. After all, having passed such sessions, you will receive, in addition to the persistent therapeutic effect, an incomparable, unique and vivid impression. This amazing method should be tried not only in the case of treatment and prevention of boring diseases, but even for the usual interest in a healthy lifestyle. This true path to the treatment of many diseases is now always available for you.