Anti-cellulite body wrap for weight loss

With all the anti-cellulite treatments and body wraps to scrub cleanses the skin. Use it in places tsellyullitnyh massage techniques, pore cleansing of toxins. Then I wash off all, be sure to warm the liquid. But the most basic and essential component of anti-cellulite wraps is the optimal diet with regular and individually tailored exercises. Wrap recommend doing before going to bed, then you have a good rest and calm down.

anti-cellulite wrap at home in Kiev
Full session (approximate duration) 1 hour 10 minutes. 1400 hryvnia.

Wrapping of cellulite at home - one of the most effective methods of treatment for cellulite and fat deposits.

Anti-cellulite body wraps are used for:

  •     giving harmony and fit your legs and buttocks;
  •     reduction terrible depressions and mounds in problem areas;
  •     cellulite reduction and fat cells;
  •     normalization of the functioning of the skin and excretory system;
  •     giving elasticity, firmness and skin respiration;
  •     improving the functions of internal organs, tissues, and systems;
  •     normalization of metabolism;
  •     struggle with skin and endocrine problems;
  •     cleansing of pores of toxins, fat and toxins;
  •     napityvanie skin beneficial trace elements;
  •     improve blood and lymph circulation;
  •     improvement in mood and self-confidence.

Wraps are hot and cold. Any girl chooses a more appropriate and personalized treatment depending on the structure of the skin.
The most effective way of cellulite body wraps have a succession of hot and cold packs, together with anti-cellulite massage at home. With caution at this point should be women with diseases of the veins and arteries. In my course of anti-cellulite wrap with massage Kiev included several treatments. These anti-cellulite treatments I spend three days a week. And for proof, and permanent effect anti-cellulite wrap with massage program at home recommend at intervals of six months.
But the most important thing that we must not forget is that an integral part of anti-cellulite wraps is the optimal diet and exercise with the correct individual bias.

Anti-cellulite wrapping Kyiv also occurred in the home. The basis of doing a mixture of marine mud, sea salt, seaweed or small clay (blue), as well as quality and good honey. To improve the treatment wrapping a proactive elements: natural essential oils, lipoliziruyuschie and warming elements and others.

Anti-cellulite wrap for weight loss You can pass as we do in the salon, and call the masseur to his home!
Mandatory proper preparation of the skin prior to the anti-cellulite body wraps and peels.
In this regard, anti-cellulite lotion (scrub) cleanses the skin from unnecessary layers, old cells, preventing the absorption of active elements.

For myself, to determine the most productive means of cellulite wraps - composition of blue clay, seaweed, honey, sea salt, chocolate anti-cellulite body wrap Kiev, paraffin in combination with manual massage at home and specially selected exercises.
A well-chosen anti-cellulite mask Kiev is used in many ways. Natural nutrients from which they are composed, loosen the fat cells open up and cleanse the pores of the skin, remove toxins and improve metabolism. Blue clay, wax, honey squeezed out fat cells and give firmness and elasticity of the skin. To speed up the work of elements of anti-cellulite mask, apply thermal effect: cellulite wrap with cellophane and covered place warmly as possible. The result and the treatment of household wraps Kyiv is no different if you do it in the cabin. Also, to improve the anti-cellulite effect, apply the chosen anti-cellulite shorts, and special serum that activates fat breakdown substances and eliminate the possibility of stagnation of fluid in the extremities and local tissue structures. After just put on your skin special protivovozbudimy cream or lotion cellulite. If you want to use and honey wrap at home with algae or with milk and green tea. Also I spend potatoes and jelly wrap.

During the mustard and other wrappings have contraindications:

  •     varicose veins;
  •     severe hypertension;
  •     cardiovascular;
  •     gynecological problems;
  •     oncology and endocrine diseases;
  •     idiosyncrasy of the component (allergy).

During pregnancy and lactation are not doing body wraps, including mustard. I do not recommend immediately after wrapping of cellulite to go out.

Call and order process of anti-cellulite body wraps and massages will always feel confident and at the height of any particular situation!