Services attendant (SPA master)

Alexander Olegovich Rudenko is a rehabilitologist, a certified bath specialist, a hamman and a spa master. Based on the technique of the Russian bath, specially for your health and a pleasant time of forwarding, conducts bath treatment procedures in our center at the Vinogradar, or with a visit to the sauna (sauna). I have extensive experience in conducting programs bath and therapeutic massage brooms. Bath broom always pick myself depending on the severity of your illness.

Bath-attendance at the exit Kiev.
service attendant 1 hour 20 minutes. 1400 hryvnia.

 I leave at any time convenient for you, both in Kiev and Kiev region. If possible, please notify your intention of ordering the service attendant.

For their part guarantee:
→ professional procedure;
→ treatment and individual approach to your concerns;
→ optimum value;
→ good impression of bath complexes and a positive mood.

To order the services of the bathhouse attendant, spa master or hammam, it is advisable to call in advance. Then I can come to a place convenient for you and time!

Our complex consists of bath procedures: massage bath brooms, individual therapeutic massage Kiev, washing of soap, honey and salt scrub.

Bannuyu program is used for:

  •     restore metabolic and endocrine processes;
  •     improve cardiovascular and nervous system;
  •     enhance immunity and vitality;
  •     cleansing the body of toxins and impurities;
  •     setting up a proper functionality of the internal organs and body as a whole;
  •     wonderful prevention and treatment of colds and viral diseases;
  •     restore lymph and blood circulation;
  •     improvement of the muscle and locomotor system.

For maximum benefit for your health and longevity invite you to Kiev Russian bath with a professional attendant at the best price. Our healing bath (sauna) to wine-growers, a powerful medical-improving technique from chronic diseases and annoying pain syndromes.
To improve the well-being and treatment of many diseases Russian bath or sauna recommend to visit at least once a week, or invite an experienced attendant to leave Kiev.

In addition, in the course of my many years of experience, I have the absolute right to approve of the treatment and prevention of equivalence competently a pleasant procedure of bath with massage bath in comparison to bother workout in the fitness center.

In addition, Russian bath Kiev with the service attendant at the check-out, and is a perfect replacement alternative to a beauty salon, which in addition to the cosmetic result, will bring health and fitness, and with it, and set the mood and vitality for quite a long time.

When exposed to steam bath every pore of your body expands, and with it, the process of cleansing your body from tallow-mud and toxins. And in consequence, the pores of the skin, the last cleaning, disinfected and steam bath treatment improve their health.

In addition, the bath procedure with a broom and lymphatic drainage massage home Kiev therapeutic effects on children. Children who walk constantly in the sauna (bath) are more active, quickly recovering from serious illnesses and infections is significantly hardier and less fussy.

Also, for a more personal impact on the cause of the disease, during the procedure of bath, pick up brooms appropriate that its healing properties of targeting key problem. This can be birch, oak, eucalyptus, fir broom.
In general, I do a massage with a broom to activate blood and lymphatic circulation, improve the surface of the skin, activating the nervous system, the removal of Stresa. Each broom induces fitotsidy special substances, which destroy harmful bacteria and microbes. Essential oils which are in their leaves, in contact with the skin is reduced metabolism purified epithelium and body fat, and that prevents wrinkling and skin diseases and of the whole organism.

I am always ready to assist you in improving your precious and irreplaceable health! If possible, pre-call at the above phone, and then attendant to travel to Kiev will hold you, my dear, the procedure for the upper class.