Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is a branch of the complex physiotherapy system, which helps to remove stagnant fluid and toxic exchange products from the intercellular space, harmonizes individual segments of our body to include them in synchronous functioning, as well as activating the outflow of blood and lymph from problem areas and fixed areas. With the right approach, an experienced specialist at the appropriate stages of treatment is effectively used to correct the symmetry of the figure and shape, restore skin regeneration and resorption of coarse sediments, as well as relieve high blood pressure and rejuvenate the body at different levels of physiology. Lymphatic drainage massage kiev
lymphatic drainage massage service:
descriptionduration price
The total (whole body) hour. 1400 hryvnia.
Feet 40 minutes. 1300 hryvnia.


Lymphatic drainage massage at home Kiev is a pleasant and effective procedure for eliminating the internal and external stagnation of our body, which can manifest itself in the form of squeezing not only in the physical body but also on the psycho-emotional level. Its main difference with other types of classical massages consists in purposeful stage-by-stage impact on the compacted tissue base and aiming work with lymph nodes and stagnant fluid.

The use of lymphatic drainage massage:

  • relaxes and strengthens the musculo-ligamentous system of the body;
  • vessels, veins and capillaries are normalized;
  • the functions of various organs and systems are restored, their motility is harmonized;
  • blood thinning, removal of toxins and proper distribution of lymph throughout the body;
  • metabolism and cellular metabolism are activated in significant areas of lymphostasis and bedsores;
  • pain in the back, limbs, pelvic and knee joints, stiffness in the head and eyes is removed;
  • It has a tonic effect on the nervous, endocrine, respiratory system and the whole organism;
  • sleep normalizes, memory is restored, chronic fatigue and depression are removed.

Lymphatic drainage at home in Kiev, as well as pressotherapy in the clinic, due to the positive effect on our circulatory and lymphatic systems, helps to improve water balance, restore skin elasticity, increase efficiency, preserve youth and health in all membranes of our body. The results achieved in the course of the procedure lympho-massage are stored for a long time.

Absolutely every anti-cellulite massage at home should include a diagnostic definition of the most pathologically altered zones that you should work with first, as they are the life-giving resources of secondary congestive disorders, and also necessarily contain preliminary lymphatic drainage of the legs and the whole body.

Lymphatic drainage massage helps:

  • deliverance from lymphostasis and cellulite deposits in women of different age periods;
  • removing the effect of orange skin, bedsores and diaper rash;
    reduction of stagnation, vasculature of vessels and manifestations of varicose mesh;
  • improvement of tissue trophism, restoration of the internal organs and all the diaphragms of the body;
  • activation of the heart and neuromuscular system, restoration of mental processes;
  • correction of slenderness and symmetry of the legs, increase muscle tone.

In the clinic, when prescribing a lymphatic drainage massage of the legs, all the massage movements are done in the direction of lymph movement, i.e. from the plantar zone to the buttocks. Under the influence of lymphomassage, the breakdown products of cellular proteins (histamine, acetylcholine) appear on the skin surface. These decay products have a positive effect on the vessels, capillaries, nerve fibers and entering the general circulation, normalize the activity of the endocrine and hormonal systems.

Lymphatic drainage of the face is a cleansing cosmetic procedure that helps eliminate edema and bags under the eyes, resorption of adhesions and scars, and removal of wrinkles.

Lymphatic drainage massage in medical center Kiev, practically does not cause side effects and with a certain positive effect, it acts without any restrictions on age, sex and psycho-emotional state. Healing sessions are best carried out in conjunction with exercise, pressure therapy, heat and water activities, moral and spiritual self-improvement.
Lymphatic drainage is a targeted, indispensable complex, the positive reviews of grateful patients about which prove the effectiveness and quality of this method. In turn, the lymphatic drainage massage therapist in Kiev must have the appropriate competence and knowledge regarding the anatomy and physiology of the body, as well as be a professional expert in their field and have sufficient experience.

When prescribing pressotherapy Kiev or lymphatic drainage with a call home, I always take into account the severity and severity of the disease, the general condition of the patient, his reaction to therapeutic effects, and in accordance with this I spend the dosed lymphatic effect.


  • skin diseases (especially in the acute stage);
  • physical disorders of the skin;
  • infectious diseases;
  • viral blood diseases, thrombosis, lymphostasis in the stage of inflammation;
  • inflammation of the lymphatic vessels and veins;
  • pregnancy, cancer;
  • acute febrile states;
  • alcohol and drug intoxication.

Order home lymphomassage sessions for yourself and your family from 8-00 to 20-30, and you will always be slim, healthy, emotionally calm and balanced!