Cup massage

Cup massage is both an effect on the patient's body vacuum massage banks directly. In its properties lies primarily reflex mechanism consisting stimulation Tanning formed in the bank vacuo. The intensity of massage therapy depends on the degree of involvement in the dystrophic process of tissue of the spinal segment. Cup massage at home kiev
Can massage:
The total (whole body) 1 hour 10 minutes 1400 hryvnia.
back 40 minutes. 1300 hryvnia.
Feet 45 minutes. 1300 hryvnia.
belly 35 minutes. 1200 hryvnia.

    The therapeutic effect of vacuum canned massage:

  • restored deeper levels of muscles, ligaments and joints;
  • improves blood and lymph circulation;
  • improves the function of organs and systems;
  • treatment of the musculoskeletal system (scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis);
  • headaches, migraines, memory loss and thinking;
  • rheumatism, metabolic and endocrine disorders;
  • violations of the internal organs (liver, gall bladder and pancreas);
  • osteochondrosis, arthrosis, arthritis, shoulder plexitis;
  • effectively combats fat and tselyulitnymi deposits.
The principle of the canal massage consists in the natural law of any liquid to move to the area of ​​higher pressure from the region of lower pressure. And, the more pressure we get, the more liquid there moves.
Vacuum cans form just such a zone of great pressure, into which various liquids move: blood and lymph.
With the functional weakening of the intervertebral disc, our vertebrae are shifted during movement. With can massage, the vertebrae become in their place and very quickly all neurological manifestations disappear. In the discogenic stage, that is, when only the disk is affected, the outer sections of the fibrous ring protrude, and this leads to irritation of the nerve roots on both sides.
In this case, as well as when wearing a corset, the doctor masseur Kiev always recommends his patients honey-can massage 2 times a week with the mandatory inclusion of isometric exercises for the muscles of the trunk. Such tactics allow avoiding hypotrophy and ligamentous joints.

The most important point in the treatment of patients with unstable form of lumbar degenerative disc disease is to strengthen the muscles of the back and loins. This is achieved by using vacuum massage at home and medical gymnastics. Since even minor physical exercise, combined with massage treatments help to restore the body, activate the work of our organs and all body systems. In the most severe cases, I recommend corsets. However, most patients give a good effect Locking-unloading zone. Special belt after canned back massage patients should use long, especially during operation, long journeys, and so on. D.
Vacuum massage at home Kiev brings healing, but if you follow the specific requirements. The most basic is the need to make optimum selection procedures based on age, sex and disease, and according to their fulfillment (metered load increase, the normalized duration of exercise) .But massage at the instability of the spine should be deep. In addition, the need for the active participation of patients in a rehabilitation treatment. Maximum important forms of canned-vacuum massage exercises are industrial and medical-gymnastic activities. Osteochondrosis, is the result of prolonged exposure to adverse environmental conditions, as well as muscular overexertion. Then it becomes clear how important the role of the manual massage at home for prevention of osteochondrosis of our spine. Immediately should stipulate that it must carry out a highly qualified specialist, who would be able to take into account the specifics of the work.
So, to work, who want to work for a long time to sit at a constant vertical load on the spine, I always recommend to perform a honey-jar massage at home Kiev. In order to prevent degenerative disc disease also recommend a set of physical procedures hygienic gymnastics. This exercises should be carried out at least 2 times a day in a specially designated hours. Gymnastic exercises performed in a quiet pace, rhythm, it is desirable to music. Motion amplitude increases gradually. Begins and ends with walking exercises.

The second form of physical therapy is the vacuum foot massage. Its complex includes specially selected physical methods that provide both local and general effects on the body. With a clear mastery of techniques and proper conduct of canned massage it can replace even a workout a fitness club. Physiological characteristics, indications and contraindications, as well as the basic rules, principles and techniques of massage are almost the same as classical massage Kiev.

Medical procedures in spinal osteochondrosis objectives are:

  • to provide a restorative effect on the patient's body in general;
  • improve blood and lymph circulation, and tissue metabolism in pathology;
  • strengthen the muscle-ligament system of our spine.

But even with prolonged and ineffective conservative treatment from doctors and various "healers" sick I never recommend to go for surgery. Output is always there, you need to only believe, and seek to correct and healthy way of life that we have been neglected in modern civilization.

Order can massage Kiev and you will be correct and productive effect and attention to your precious health!