Hijama (bloodletting)

It is important to find a professional hajama with a medical education, who can determine the areas of influence according to the root cause of the disease and has decent experience in bloodletting. An experienced hajjam will advise you on issues of interest, build a consistent plan for making incisions, in accordance with the medical history, will bring you to a calm and trusting relationship. After hijama, you need calm and harmony, do not do hard work during the day and refrain from spicy and fatty dishes. hijama in Kiev. house call
Hijama (bloodletting) Kiev:
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full session: consultation, diagnosis, treatment individually selected depending on the disease.
1600 hryvnia.


Hijama is an ancient eastern method of treatment, which was in demand as a simple unique way to remove dirty blood fluid from the body and remove prostaglandins that reduce pain symptoms in the absence of side effects. In antiquity, by its fame, he shared the prizes firmly held by previously known methods of treatment.

The origin of blood stasis is made dependent both on the lifestyle and working posture, and on all possible pathological conditions of the patient. The indefiniteness of the concept itself, terminological inaccuracy, randomness in use created a certain imaginary magic to this phenomenon. But it is available in well-known resources to everyone who is able to identify it at home or at a loved one. What is surprising is the ease with which this concept is used as an argument for explaining incomprehensible phenomena, as well as the careless carelessness in establishing the truth.

From all of the above, it becomes clear that much attention should be paid to such a direction as capillary bloodletting and bioenergy therapy Kiev. The experience of blood purification in compensatory secondary diseases determined the position according to which hijama is a pathogenetically substantiated and effective method of treatment. This is not a tribute to a fashionable hobby. The use of hijama at home is logically justified by the basis of the pathogenesis of stagnation and its consequences at all levels of the physiology of the body. Restoring normal architectonics and body reserves is possible only with the elimination of "bad" blood with its subsequent distribution. For aiming and better efficiency, this is achieved by combining hijama with various physiotherapeutic methods.

The targeted elimination of a certain amount of blood forces the body to actively restore this loss. In this regard, accumulated resources, hematopoietic systems, water-salt metabolism, metabolism, endocrine, respiratory and immune systems are involved. The system begins to detect lost resources that were hidden under stressful situations and displays them in the general body stream.

The effect of hijama on the body:

  • Due to the suction of the jar, key segments are irritated, which must be acted upon with a certain ailment.
  • The created vacuum at the production site removes lymph and intercellular fluid from the deep layers, providing an anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect.
  • With the withdrawal of stagnant blood, which contains under-oxidized metabolic products, hidden resources are renewed and a deeper decongestant and antibacterial effect is achieved.
  • Small cuts on the skin stimulate tissue regeneration and improve their nutrition.
  • When certain parts of the blood are extracted, the body restores sensitivity to changes in external factors, blood stagnant on the vessels is withdrawn, blood formation and release of biologically active substances into the system improves.

Tools for conducting capillary bloodletting Kiev include vacuum cans, a pump, to create a vacuum under the cans, blades, alcohol. Depending on the pathogenesis and the key reason, an incision is made in certain areas and stagnant blood is released. When the slagged blood is extracted in the vessels, young blood enzymes are activated and the body begins to renew and rebuild.

Bloodletting in Kiev is used for:

  • Diseases of the skin, allergies, swelling;
  • Cramps, inflammation, and loss of muscle function;
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system and problems of its adaptation;
  • Osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, diseases of the spine;
  • Diseases of the cardiovascular system, dilates veins and arteries, restores red blood cell parameters;
  • Immunity is normalized, leukocyte composition and necessary hidden resources are activated;
  • Rheumatological diseases, hypertension, diabetes mellitus;
  • Prostatitis, hemorrhoids, stagnation in the intestines;
  • Toxins, uric acid, waste products of stress and fear are excreted;
  • Prevention of arthritis, arthrosis and gout;
  • Mental and nervous disorders, depressive states and apathy;
  • The condition of ENT organs, vision and respiratory system improves;
  • Internal organs restore their mobility and functionality;
  • Genital diseases of men and women;
  • Various childhood diseases, developmental disorders.

Hijama is not recommended for:

  • Anemia
  • Oncological diseases
  • Lack of platelets and white blood cells
  • Severe stage hepatitis, VIL, syphilis
  • Other fractures and injuries
  • Certain periods of pregnancy and menstruation
  • After surgery and donation, the procedure should be carried out after adaptation of the body.

If these recommendations on capillary bloodletting are not followed, the appearance of an urge to vomit reflexes, a decrease in pressure, diarrhea, loss of working capacity, and a mismatch in the work of the heart rhythm may occur.

Also, in certain situations and acute clinical symptoms, psychotherapy Kiev may leave the Hajama at home. We ask you to register in advance, correctly indicating the address and time, with the possibility of feedback.

Order this healing hijama service, always be in a cheerful mood and give this gracious spirit to your friends and those around you!