Biodynamics at home in KievBiodynamics deliberately unfathomable systematically apply in connection with its rich potential for healing, as well as the impossibility of other methods to enter the desired pathological source that gives life to the disease. The main focus of the rhythm and the integrity of our body, free movement of body structures in normal and dysfunctional state, various respiratory impulses.  
full sessionduration cost
adults 1 hour
1900 UAH.
baby, babies individually from the reaction of the organism 1800 UAH.

 In the treatment of the body are opened restoration resources that push the painful, depressed area outside, filled with harmony and a place of pathology. Cranial biodynamics quality allows me to treat both adults and children (babies) of any physical condition, because It has practically no contraindications.
   This method of psychodynamics puts forward certain requirements for constant work on myself and strict rules of approach to treatment to the patient. After starting the doctoring doctor means, a long-known, receptor mirroring exchange transmits your real patient (often heavy, low-lying and depressed) state.
   The scan step biodynamic approach in Kiev manage to get out, not only locally restricted and meaningful to the patient area, in view of his nervous system and adaptive processes, but also in the hidden structures of the body's ability to vitality, and self-healing multi-level integration. Total-only quiet, unobtrusive with their presence and creating a reliable fulcrum reducing the resources of the patient, biodinamistu really become noticeable such intimate human condition, as embryonic origin and the breath of life. This unforgettable impulse wave energy here is gradually transformed into the primary respiratory mechanism, and then distributed throughout the body, together with the initial impulses of life and noble long tides.

In difficult clinical cases, the doctor can make a psychobiodynamic visit to the house!
   In pedshestvuyuschem experience treatment massage at home Kiev, had sadly failed to realize the impact of conducted, after many sessions. There was a complete confusion, and an oppressed understanding of the desperation of their knowledge and the need to move to a completely unknown psychodiagnostic, psychocorrectional and psychodynamic level of skill. To achieve such a capability should be an active desire and constantly missing time and patience to catch up in the measure so that the space will expand, inspiration and motivation appears. And then chronically incurable pathology and stretching show the full depth of its volume in its entirety.
   Skill osteopathic biodynamics develops in all - in proportion to the time spent and the ability to ability to transcend themselves for the benefit of one's neighbor. It makes it possible to clearly feel and find that terribly bad, constantly attracting and twists around itself the source of all abominations, both the physiological and the psychological level, continuously giving impulses, the initial impetus for the continuation and development of long-torment of the disease, a life-long depression and oppression . Should something happen where the undermining of the pathological little studied and complicated chain of events which, as we know from bitter experience, always leads to nothing, disappointment and death.

Such incentive inspiring, joyful and vibrant impetus to the future hope in the possibility of the patient healing and gave me Biodynamics (of course without the cosmic and magical destructive trends - in these areas never climb and warn students enrolled). And then - "a miracle", the patient gets up from the couch joyful, cheerful and full of energy, but to treat it was dull, dissatisfied with everything and everyone, which all hurt, and all were guilty in this! And I, as a specialist in biodynamics, but first of all the simple person, always a pleasure to listen to tears those enthusiastic and joyful gratitude that rightfully should belong only to release the self-healing redundant power, which is in a locked state is present in any organism.  

Once all forces and aspirations and biodynamic craniosacral therapy in Kiev should be aimed at creating conditions for a long-awaited and always sponding to release the body of the resource, which is itself a long time ago, is committedBiodynamics at home Kiev to this. It is only necessary that the ascending ladder, which is created only by the right presence of the healer and the formation of favorable psychodynamic and psychocorrectional conditions for them!
   I, on the other hand, the known methods strive to master these invaluable knowledge and skills to efficiently and in a context with an individual pattern, to apply them in the treatment of adults and children (kiddy). It is my constant stimulus and credo, which I, without hesitation, ready to devote all his spare time and limited years in the constantly changing world full of sorrows and disappointments.
Call in your own time. Always ready to help as usebe in the office and at home!

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