Self-massage technique

Difference from a procedure such as classic massage Kiev, is only that self-massage is usually carried out in a sitting position at the maximum relaxing the muscles of the torso. In osteochondrosis of the spine, I recommend the following set of self-massage. Each technique should be repeated 5-10 times. The duration depends on the size of the patient area, the state of the muscular system, the skin surface. The average duration of self-massage is 15-30 minutes. The system is self-employed as early as 1-11 century BC in China. In this case, the impact of using the same area as that of reflexology. When this method is not damaged skin, as the impact of your thumb or finger, rather than needles.

Acupressure technique is rhythmic clicking on a particular area of the body. Circular massage technique is as follows. Setting the finger at the corresponding point, make a circular manipulation, shifting the skin from the underlying fascia Mode 2 turns in 1 s. Finger should reside on a single point and as you rotate gradually sink into the fabric. Exposure was repeated 3-4 times, each time returning to and. n. Acupressure at home is held under the supervision of a physician. There are special cards, which shows the location of the biological points that need to work with osteochondrosis of the spine.
This massage is used to eliminate muscle spasms and stiffness in the ligaments, to increase the amplitude of the motor of the spine, to achieve its curvature correction and postural disorders.
In the acute phase of the disease it is advisable to spare the injured body, stick or bed polupostelnogo regime. Physiotherapy, thus, has the character of a sanitary. The range should include the most simple exercises performed without effort, with limited range of motion in the joints of the limbs and spine. As the pain subsided range of motion can be increased by the introduction of procedures with more muscle tension.
In the acute phase of the disease, I recommend a set of procedures in conjunction with honey massage at home Kiev, which can easily be found in special manuals.