Mindfulness is an important factor in pulse diagnosis

One of the most effective methods of mastering pulse diagnostics is to study your own heart rate at different times of the day. With various emotional situations, full or incomplete health, various functional and mental states, this diagnostic method will give the most complete picture. And already after the established and established with the help of this method anamnesis of the disease, the methodology of treatment and the identification of the root cause of the disease will be greatly simplified not only when examining people, but also in veterinary medicine for dogs Kiev. Only a concentrated and energetic practice of this kind will give an impetus to the development of this mysterious method, the difficulty of knowing which lies in the deep levels of our subconscious.

It is important to push aside your markers and stereotypes and clearly realize that there are no identical pulse parameters, everything is learned individually and with the help of professional intuition. This intuition is very important to develop when looking for the root cause at different stages of patient treatment and follow-up after the adaptation period. And it is not right to look for stereotyped principles of treatment, since every patient is a person who wants to be revealed and brought into harmony and integrity. There are many pitfalls and hidden currents on this path, which can only be studied and cognized in practice and in the presence of an experienced master. And if for some patients these parameters may be an acceptable state, then with others they may mean a state of violation or not talk about anything significant at all. Indeed, when measuring the individual parameters of the pulse, it is important to take into account the individual properties of the patient's character, his response to manipulations, the recovery time, adaptation and acceptance of the doctor.

Each such parameter often needs to be carefully checked, considered and, as experience is gained, further improved on the way to finding the root cause. During the massage for infants Kiev, with a comprehensive pulse examination, the specialist must be balanced, centered and not make unnecessary influences that the body does not request. After all, it has long been learned that we do not discover or bring anything new into this world, but only cognize what was discovered from the beginning of existence, regardless of our views, conclusions and level of development!

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