Preparation for surgery

Different names and designations on this topic cause significant difficulties in studying the necessary literature, sharing treatment experience, maintaining and maintaining the necessary parameters and conditions of the patient. In this regard, an international classification of the designation of channels and segments by an alphanumeric index in French has been proposed. Taking into account the large amount of literature on acupuncture, in which segments and channels are described by different symbols of European countries, at the bottom of each manual there is a transcript and short notes.
In this regard, finger point massage Kiev is especially widespread in the countries of the East and foreign countries.
In certain cases of the disease and the peculiarities of acupuncture, an experienced resuscitator prepares all the necessary measures to provide urgent care and remove the patient from acute conditions.
The day before the operation, the participants agree on the operating scheme. Therefore, methods of acupuncture are constantly being developed and medical care is being improved in
the time of the operation and in the postoperative period.

The patient is placed in the operating room, the necessary composition of the isotonic chloride solution is prepared .., the parameters of the patient's condition necessary for this are determined.
During the operation and on the night before a possible exacerbation, the patient is given to take sleeping pills or tranquilizers until the arrival of the appointed specialist. At the same time, they prepare all the necessary equipment and provide suitable conditions for the operation and the tapping energy channels in Kiev.
In the presence of a pronounced negative symptom after surgery and uncertainty,
that the patient can easily tolerate skin dissection, the injected half of the dose is increased and distributed over the appropriate segments to maintain a positive result and the patient's condition.
As with normal operations, it is necessary
monitor all changes in the patient's condition: pulse, blood pressure, temperature, adequate reaction of the nervous system and other parameters corresponding to the request and conditions.

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