Pulse sensitivity skills

Determining a deep heart rate is similar to blood pressure measurement. In this case, the diagnosis, children's osteopath Kiev, presses the artery with a finger to the radius until the pulse disappears (this is taken as the starting position). Then the pressure is released until a steady pulsation appears, which is felt as a pulsating point. This position of the finger on the artery will correspond to deep pulse levels.
The practical development of finding the positions and levels of the pulse on the radial artery of the wrist is one of the important elements of pulse diagnosis.

Once again, it should be recalled that in the first position the pulse levels are felt with the index finger, in the eleventh position - with the middle finger, in ... position - with the ring finger.

As mentioned above, each of the twelve radial pulses has its own organ and its channel.

The corresponding tables show their relationship and mutual arrangement, the knowledge of which is necessary for the practicing physician.
Further, when examining the pulse, it is necessary to distinguish between six main types of pulse: superficial and deep, rare and frequent, full and empty. In addition to the main pulses, there are other types: free and astringent, long and short, imperceptible and thin, large and hidden, stringy and weak, bow-shaped and leathery, tense and absent-minded, soft and strong, and others. These main types of pulses are most common. It is with them that it is recommended to begin the study of pulse diagnostics.

As mentioned above, the full pulse reflects the state of organ hyperfunction and excess energy in the channel; empty or weak pulse reflects organ hypo-function, lack of energy in the channel.

To train the fingers' sensation of fullness or emptiness of the pulse, a consultation of a craniosacral therapist in Kiev recommends using a soft elastic rubber tube with a diameter of O, 3-0.4 cm, through which fluid is passed under different pressures. In this case, pressure drops with different parameters will be felt by the operator depending on the degree of his preparedness. The most important thing is a constant training regimen and the result will already appear soon. And satisfied and joyful patients as a result of such a competent diagnosis will bring additional motivation to their beloved doctor in developing their skills!

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