Revitalization of the nervous system spiritual exercises

The effect of spiritual exercises on the nervous system.

On both sides of the vertebral column there are two nerve flows, and an empty canal passes through the spinal cord, called sushumna. At the heart of this channel is the kundalini, or serpent power.
When, due to pranayama, concentration and visceral therapy in Kiev, the kundalini force is awakened, it tries to make its way through the canal. Raising it from the lower nerve plexuses to the higher ones is accompanied by the opening of the layers of the mind, and the yogi gains a lot of strength and insight.
When the kundalini reaches the last, the very center of the brain - the sahasrar chakra (a thousand-petalled lotus), the soul of the yogi separates from the body and mind, is freed from all limitations of time and space. The yogi realizes his eternity and rejoices in the bliss of the superconscious state.
Thanks to pranayama, the spiritual practitioner opens a sushumna channel in the spinal column, which is closed in the lower part located at the sacral plexus. Plexuses, which have their centers in the spinal cord, can correspond to the chakras in the sushumna.

We recall that there are 2 actions of nerve currents: one is centripetal or sensitive, which carries sensation inwards to the brain, and the second - centrifugal, or motor, directed from the brain to the outside. The center, which directs the respiratory system, controls both nerve currents.
After 10 nadis (thin nerve tubes), nerve impulses flow, or prana. The main ones are ida, pingala and sushumna. In turn, sushumna, which is contained in the spinal column, is very important for yogis and plays a central role in pranayama. With the help of appropriate pranayama, concentration and acupressure Kiev, yogis deliberately pull off the prana from go and pingala and serve it to sushumna, which is thereby activated. When ida and pingala nadis lose their vitality due to the action of sushumna nadi, the yogi does not see the difference between day and night. When sushumna works, the yogi can cross the boundaries of time and space.
We must understand why pranayama is studied in order to make sushumna act. The brain receives all sensations through nerve fibers. Similarly, the entire message of the brain is transmitted through the nervous system to the peripheral parts of the body.