Active points in body

Different areas and individual segments of the surface of the body are connected with the corresponding internal organs and their motility. Such an interconnection is established empirically as a result of the developed theoretical topography of active points along conventionally adopted Osteopathy in Odessa lines and meridians.
This is also confirmed by the analysis of the clinical course of diseases, not only in the empirical Eastern, but also in modern European medicine.
It has been established, for example, that in case of a disease of, say, internal organs, certain symptoms occur in one place or another on the skin surface: chills, numbness, cooling, diminished or increased sweating, the appearance of pygmy spots, freckles, eczema, goose bumps, etc.
Thus, between the internal organs and the surface of the skin of the body is constantly carried out close direct and feedback.
In more detail about the terminology associated with the meridians and their various interrelations with each other and internal organs, the authors describe in special Chinese and Oriental literature.
But in spite of their real existence, they are difficult to imagine and feel.
In short, all known meridians are channels through which nine energies flow. In Eastern medicine, the energies necessary for a person are caused by a certain holistic force, with the help of which the main and auxiliary dynamic tides are fed into the indicated zones, which bring in a harmonious movement to the whole organism.

For each body there are special active points. Proper exposure to these points helps to keep the body in the best possible functionality, mobility and form.
For a particular segment in our body, there are also individual locations of active points. So, the competent definition of osteopathy Kharkov, the location of one or another active point determines the professionalism of this specialist and the adequacy of his treatment of this pathological segment.