Acupuncture in the treatment of diseases

In everyday life they say: "get to the point" or "hit the point." In this case, the point means something important. With reference
to the human body she
indicates a “vital place or an“ important organ. ”The location of these points cannot be indicated by specific landmarks, such as the eyes, the nose, and others.
Nevertheless, they press, stroke, massage with their hands these important places - "vital points" or carry out acupuncture Kiev or moxibustion, and thereby cure many symptoms of the disease.
The active point means "vital point". And irritation by acupuncture
or cauterization can cure
diseases. But such therapy should be carried out in context with the patient's body, without applying the learned patterns of exposure.
Cure disease is not exactly
exact expression. It is important to identify the root cause of the disease and see how it affects the patient and which creates pathological patterns.

Diseases have a variety of symptoms and causes.
Active irritation therapy
points not able to cure these symptoms. This speech will go on, but here I would like to touch on the difference between Eastern medicine and modern (European) medicine.
Recently, modern medicine has recognized the presence of mysterious points.
impact. But what explains the therapeutic effect of irritating the points that they represent in the human body, it is not quite clear. Without familiarization with the philosophy of Oriental medicine and Osteopathy Kharkov, when looking at nature, the mechanism of action of the “active point” cannot be understood. But as with orthodox medicine, any treatment of a disease must begin with a diagnostic to identify a dominant, which provides resources for painful symptoms and pathological patterns.