Diagnosis of articular diseases

According to statistical data, in 20 percent of patients tested in countries of Western Europe, arites, arthroses, and poliemilis are detected.
This group of diseases entails pronounced symptoms of fever. At the same time, peripheral blood is detected - moderate leukocytosis, a small part of hypergammaglobulin, ESR is often increased to 50 ... 60 mm / h.
X-ray examination determines bilateral sakroileitis (at the late stage - ankylosis), calcification of the anterior and lateral longitudinal ligaments of the spine until the formation of a "bamboo stick".
Arthropathy is an important part of the manifestation of collagenosis; they are caused in the vast majority of cases by the primary vasculitis of the synovial region; in the diagnostic study of kinesiology Odessa monoarthritis and other similar diseases are detected.
In rheumatic polymyalgia (rhizomelic pseudo-polyarthritis) there are strong permanent pains in the muscles of the shoulder and pelvic girdle, neck, which are sometimes mistakenly regarded as arthralgia; often morning stiffness, fever, increased ESR (more than 50 mm / h), anemia is detected. Rheumatic polymyalgia is a disease of the elderly (over 55 years old), characterized by symmetry and fixed lesions, frequent combination with temporal arteritis and a clear therapeutic effect of medium doses of steroids.
Pain is worse with concussions (riding in transport). It can be observed "acute paradoxical sciatica" - pain in the lower back increases after rest and decrease with movement. Already at an early stage, lumbar lordosis smoothing and limiting the amplitude of movements in the spine are objectively identified.

Positive symptoms of Kushelevsky and Makaron are noted, indicating sakroileitis, which is the most frequent and earliest manifestation of this disease. It also determines the soreness of the sternoclavicular joint.

There is some similarity and analogy of the course of diseases in our pets, as well as the ways of conducting diagnostics, prevention and treatment of animals Kiev.