Massage of the prostate

Sequence of massage of the prostate gland.

When the patient is on the back, - the prostate is located dorsally of the pubic bones (symphysis bones) and the bladder. Accordingly, the dysfunction of these structures has a pathological effect on the gland. A healthy prostate gland is two to four centimeters in the transverse direction and two and a half to four and a half centimeters in the longitudinal direction; Its structure is elastic throughout, the limits are correct. In the middle of the gland is defined a groove, extending in the longitudinal direction. The mucous membrane of the rectum above it is easily displaced. Unimpaired prostate gland in young children can hardly be palpated. To influence and improve her condition is possible when using a baby massage at home.

Massage manipulations of the prostate gland should be performed in a special position of the patient. Each part of the gland is massaged slowly slowly: they direct the finger to the upper corner of the right side of the gland and smoothly act on it, gently pressing on the gland, moving from the lateral areas to the middle ones. Then, in the same way, the left lobe of the gland is massaged, then several times pressed in the middle of the gland from top to bottom, corresponding to the isthmus, squeezing the secret of the prostate gland outward to the urethra.

 The position of the seminal vesicles is determined by digital rectal examination. In diagnosis, attention is paid not only to the magnitude, but also to the consistency, soreness, dislocation or non-displacement of the rectal mucosa, the presence or absence of dense regions, infiltration, fluctuations, and their boundaries. The study can be carried out at the appropriate special position, but the patient's squatting position is preferable when he sits down on the finger of the investigator. Seminal vesicles are palpated in the form of oblong layers.

Bulbourethral glands. Rectal finger research and kinesiology in Kiev can reveal diseases of bulbourethral glands. In case of inflammation, they can be palpated with the index finger inserted into the rectum and with the thumb of the same hand located on the skin of the anus. There are bulbourethral glands on either side of the midline in the thickness of the tissues in front of the anus.