The spiritual meaning of physical education

To explain the importance of spiritual exercises and osteopathy Kiev invented a lot of books. Actually all sports physiology aimed at their explanation. Exercises include the whole universe. There is no such law in the world, force or subject that would not fit in our heart and soul. Let's try to explain how all levels of existence, all the worlds, all the phases of existence surrounded by our thoughts. The importance of these words attributed to the different points of view in order to enable people to understand it with your mind, and take heart. Since we are all rational beings, we should not accept anything that does not conform to our intellect.
The literal meaning of the spiritual exercises - this is the end of knowledge, the end of our vanity. And the whole Chinese sports physiology, presents the work with yourself.
Why do these exercises are important in the life of every human being? The answer is that it is our natural vocation and purpose of our lives. If you deal with them constantly, you will have a lot to ease the pain of the sick person, and he will be healthy. They also express a mental attitude in the form of sounds, which, in turn, contribute to peace and harmony.
If the pain decreases from the misuse of these exercises and visceral chiropractic Kiev on Ogulovu, do not give them more peace and harmony, if they do the right thing? It is only necessary to pull yourself together! Permanent residence in the spiritual rest, also known as the Pranava, or that permeates life passes through the prana, that is breathing. Even the sound of the bells, the sound of the river, the wind whistling reminiscent of the harmony and humility.
All thoughts are with the language and our actions as the front and back sides of the same coin, and one without the other can not exist at all!