Manual therapy for the abdomen

Since the method of Visceral therapy at home in Kiev, as a separate direction in medicine did not exist, Professor V. Bashnyak, based on his own experience and the above studies, recommends the implementation of abdominal massage in the following sequence.

1. Stroking to relieve tension in the abdominal muscles and nervous tension to warm the skin.

2. Stimulation of blood outflow through the veins of the abdominal mesenteries in order to relieve venous congestion.

3. Subsequent massage of the gastrointestinal tract to relieve tension.

4. Direct movement of the internal organs of the abdominal cavity to their normal syntopy.

It should be noted that the stimulation of the outflow of blood through the veins is better to start from the sigmoid zone of the patient's intestine up and further to the area of ​​our navel. To do this, bend the right arm, deepen its iliac zone and, with a free, progressive movement, conduct suction manipulations in the direction of the patient's navel.

The next step for osteopathic treatment at home will be a movement that frees the patient's small intestine from venous congestion.
To do this, the bent right hand is deepened above the pubis and the blood is squeezed from the bottom up to the navel. Then the corresponding arm goes under the left rib and moves to the left to the umbilical zone, which contributes to the direction of the venous outflow of blood from the splenic zone of the large intestine.
Then you need to deepen the left hand already in the right costal area and, pressing in a certain sequence, to perform manipulations in a downward direction to the navel.