Resolution of internal conflicts

In theory and practice of existentialism main directions in solving internal conflicts is, firstly, the exception is not realistic expectations, and secondly, the realization that all that exists by itself - neither good nor bad. Everything depends only on the ratio of each person to certain events and things. No one in power to change the life of the patient, in addition to his one. Man must change his personal views in relation to reality, thus freeing itself from its internal conflict.
The duration of pressing with massage baby at home Kiev, according to Japanese healers, should be about 30 seconds and you must stop squeezing when the pain subsides, and resume it when the pain appears again (in the case of an attack of gallstones).
Making an impact on the edge, Chinese doctors do not neglect the hardness of the liver. And if in the treatment of pain in humans in the right pane, and the fingers of the healer can not penetrate the upper quadrant, then after pressing the permanent procedures in the area of hypochondria patient becomes easier.
In oriental medicine accepted that lymphatic drainage massage at home Kiev, controls the operation of the digestive system as a whole, including, of course, and stomach.
The ancient Chinese doctors spoke: "Energy and human health begins in the right way of life and ends in direct opposition to that." This suggests that it is considered the center of the digestive system, as well as the whole organism. According to Tibetan technique doctor puts his right hand on his stomach across the palm and on the exhale thumb, from the xiphoid process and the umbilicus to hold at the white line pressure. When єtom massage, performed 3-4 strong pass on the white line from the top down to the navel.