Contraindications to massage

Practically it is believed that the entire medical literature on therapeutic massage, contraindications to treatment sessions for the same massage. Then I only need to duplicate them.

Of state is an organism in which it is not necessary to do full body massage in Kiev:

  •      acute stage of sciatica, in which you can do only a "blockade", and after a sharp pain will pass - massage;
  •      skin diseases, psoriasis, sores, allergic disorders;
  •      high fever, nausea and vomiting;
  •      detection of bleeding;
  •      with vascular inflammation, lymphatic system;
  •      breast;
  •      giperterioz (hyperthyroidism);
  •      chilliness, apathy;
  •      Acute renal and hepatic impairment;
  •      mental illness;
  •      acute febrile violations;
  •      vascular sclerosis in the brain;
  •      atherosclerosis, peripheral vascular disease;
  •      ostemielit acute and chronic;
  •      malignant neoplasms, tumors (contra concern including Jumeiho therapy Kiev);
  •      exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  •      beremennst and lactation.

Children of all ages are considered contraindications to massage the same as in adults. But in children in infancy, of medical procedures considered essential share of their physical and spiritual education, and applied directly with gymnastic exercises and tempering procedures.

If their sessions find other contraindications to treatment procedure, it is required to pass additional diagnostics to detect violations and, if necessary, consult with highly specialized professionals.