Objective examination of the body

For example, for patients with tumors of the stomach are typical emaciated appearance, sallow skin; with active rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus characterized blush on his face, infantile body; cancer of the pancreatic head - bright saffron zheltuha- inform chiropractor Kiev. When coarctation of the thoracic aorta are marked hypertrophy of the muscles of the shoulder girdle and muscle wasting feet.

Says a lot about the position of the patient in bed. Painful sensations are often forced to take a forced situation: sitting up in bed with a support on hand - in heart and asthma; lying on back with legs pulled up to the stomach - with "acute abdomen"; lying on its side with the above legs and head thrown back - "posture setter dog" - with cerebrospinal meningitis. Stimulated Bozeman's position ("position Mohammedan") characteristic of the exudative pericarditis, restlessness - for renal colic.
In critically ill patients should be identified and noted in the medical record or the direction of the state of consciousness - consciousness is clear, easy to stun (stupor); deep stupor (stupor); complete loss of consciousness - coma - osteopathic treatment. Excitation can manifest itself in the form of violent delirium with hallucinations in alcoholic delirium (delirium tremens), sometimes bilateral lobar pneumonia, tifah, liver failure, as well as a quiet delirium (mumbling some words or sounds), which happens when brain hemorrhage. The smell of exhaled air helps patients with the diagnosis: for example, in diabetic coma noted the smell of acetone, with gangrene of the lung - a heavy smell of putrid, fecal odor characteristic of intestinal obstruction, the smell of ammonia -uremii. Sense of smell alcohol should alert paramedic: alcohol intoxication can completely mask the existing internal disease.
Do not forget about such a necessary procedure as acupuncture massage at home Kiev, but before the procedure, it is necessary to measure body temperature.