Criteria of pseudorheumatism

Criteria of diagnostics rheumatoid the artritnykh of diseases when carrying out Yumeykho-terapiya Kiev: 1) morning constraint; 2) joint pains; 3) swelling of one or several joints; 4) swelling of the following joint less than in 3 months after defeat previous; 5) symmetry of damage of joints; 6) rheumatoid small knots; 7) radiological data: osteoporosis, erosion; 8) rheumatoid factor; 9) friable clot of sinovialny liquid; ragotsita; 10) positive reaction of Graylinga Filchagin; 11) histologic picture of a sinovialny cover: hypertrophy ворсин; proliferation of sinoviotsit; rheumatoid small knots; fibrin deposits, necroses; 12) histologic picture of rheumatoid small knots: a makrofagalno-lymphoid granuloma with a necrosis in the center.

In the presence of 7 and more criteria speak about reliable or classical rheumatoid arthritis, in the presence of 5 — 6 criteria - about certain, and 3 — 4 criteria - about probable. If criteria 1, 2, 3 are noted during 3 weeks and more, tell about probable rheumatoid arthritis, if more than 6 weeks about the certain. The general activity of process is estimated by A. I. Nesterov and M. G. Astapenko's kliniko-laboratory criteria (1965).

Carrying out the general massage in Kiev it must be kept in mind that in some cases revmatoidopodobny" the arthritis of paraneoplastic character previous sometimes for some months and years of clinical demonstration of a tumor of a mammary gland, lung etc. can be observed. When rheumatoid arthritis begins with gektichesky fever, oznob, the profuznykh of sweats, a giperleykotsitoza (to 42 - 109/l), high SOE, a limfadenopatiya, sometimes mistakenly diagnose sepsis; artropagiya - an obligatory ¾lement to the diagnosis of different kollagenoz; these collagenases are connected generally with vaskulity a sinovialny cover; diagnostic, thus, without prevention massage of a back Kiev, will also be shown monoarthritis.