The skin and its protective properties

Given the importance of services therapeutic massage in Kiev as a means of health promotion and treatment of various diseases, we need to learn in the first place, with the body, which exerts its healing effect, this massage. This body is human skin.
Skin is a complex and until the end of the unknown part of the human body. For a long time believed that they perform simple and to the same passive role containment body, and no more. Thought so far from medicine men, and even some doctors. Maybe it was not one of the most venial errors. The twentieth century has made a number of amendments to the idea of the skin. Anyway, he put forward a more modern concept.
Scientists have found that the skin is endowed with wonderful and varied activity, it is no less important organ than any other. In its seven layers, as in the multi-storey building, located a huge number of different elements: cells, fibers, smooth muscle pigment, sebaceous and sweat glands, receptors, as well as an extensive network of blood and lymph vessels, which effectively acts on the massage at home in Kiev and so forth.
Weight skin is sufficiently large, it is on average 20% of the total weight of the human body. With leather body protects itself from external influences - mechanical, physical, chemical and microbial. It committed the most complex processes that complement and partly overlap with the work of some of the internal organs. Throughout its area of 2.5 m2, clean and healthy skin is involved in breathing, regulation of heat, metabolism, production of enzymes and mediators, cleansing the body of harmful toxins and excess water accumulation. It turns out that, in a certain sense, it functions as an auxiliary lungs, heart, liver and kidneys.
Who does not know, for example, cleansing, diaphoretic effect occurring alone or with medication for severe febrile illness. If the perspiration evaporates through the skin and displays 27% water.
Under normal conditions, the skin releases per day 650 g of water and about 10 grams of carbon dioxide due to sweating their number increases by several times. Maximum 1 hour can be released from 1 to 3.5 liters of sweat, which is equivalent to the heat impact 2500-8750 kJ (Haulica I., 1978; et al.). The great work of the glandular apparatus of the skin during sweating, truly beneficial. The skin serves as a blood pool, being like a second spleen body. Under certain conditions, dilated blood vessels of the skin are able to accommodate more than 1 liter of blood. That's a pretty significant figure, considering that the entire amount of the circulating blood is 5 liters. There is much to ponder doctors and opponents of Russian and Finnish saunas with the procedure yumeiho therapy Kiev, Zalmanov baths and common in Japan furovann with temperatures up to 45 °.
How important glands of external and internal secretion and the skin is closely linked to all the internal organs, connective tissue, pituitary, adrenal and other endocrine glands. As a source of numerous nerve and vascular responses, it also generates heat and ions.