Rehabilitation for injuries

Employability is damaged sternum recovered in 5-6 weeks. At the turn of the ribs must produce analgesia field fracture fixation chest circular tours adhesive tape and a soft bandage, affixed to the phase of maximum exhalation. At the bedside attach polusidja position. When plevropulmonalnom shock shows cervical vagosympathetic novocaine blockade on Wisniewski and cupping massage at home Kiev. When hemothorax blood is aspirated from the chest cavity 2-3 days after the injury. With an open pneumothorax exhausted air from the pleural cavity, sutured defect and spend the necessary resuscitation.

Thereafter the occlusal aseptic bandage is applied to the wound area and for several days continue to suck air from the pleural cavity using a continuous rubber tube inserted through the trocar into the chest cavity and hermetically connected to a suction device. Depending on the severity of the damage due to conduct sports massage at home, work capacity is restored within 2-6 weeks.

You can use the bus plaster, fixing the limb on the wedge pillow. Two weeks later, the tire is removed, the limb is left only on the wedge pillow, prescribe physical therapy to the full consolidation of bone fragments, then also remove the pillow.

With significant fallout segment of the intervertebral disc in the body of the spinal canal in the lumbar area occurs involuntary urination, defecation, and other pathologies. In the case of destruction of ligamentous system of our spine (eventually impairing its function) may be alien to our spine displaceability (abnormal mobility), ie the shift of the vertebrae. The same situation occurs in the process patologeskom intervertebral segments - diffuse attenuation functions of the disc. After removal of the corset in parallel with physical therapy perform massage Kiev.