Pulse as a reflection of the state of the body

The creator of pulse diagnostics is Bian Qiao. He taught that every organ in the body and every process that takes place in it has its reflection on the periphery, especially in the “windows of the body,” and its “concentration point” (V. G. Vogralik, 1957).
Doctors of the East during myofascial trigger massage in Kiev and during a long, centuries-old monitoring of the condition of patients determined that there is a close relationship between blood circulation, heartbeat and breathing. This relationship reflects the state of the functions of the human body as a whole. Therefore, when examining a patient, the data obtained were studied in aggregate. So when studying breathing, attention was paid to its frequency of one minute, the pattern of inspiration and exhalation, depth, etc.; when examining the heart, the following parameters were taken into account: the rhythm of the pulsation, the number of heart contractions in 1 minute, the number of heart contractions in one breath; in the study of blood vessels, much attention was paid to the state of the vascular wall, the nature of its pulsation, sensitivity under the fingers (strong, weak, hard, soft, rare, frequent, etc.). This made it possible to identify up to sixty different types of heart rate.
The science of the pulse is on a par with all the greatest inventions and discoveries of mankind. By means of a pulse, one can judge not only the state of the organism as a whole, but also each organ separately.
The place of study of the pulse is the radial artery in the wrist. Unlike Western medicine, which considers the radial artery as a single site for research - Eastern medicine and vertebrology in Kiev at home - divides it into three segments or into three positions on each wrist. Each position consists of two levels: superficial and deep. Therefore, on each wrist six different pulses are determined, of which three are superficial and three deep, that is, in total there are 12 pulse vibrations on both hands. In addition, each of them corresponds to a specific organ or functional system.

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